Website Scavenger Hunt

Website Scavenger Hunt

Last Friday I posted a blog giving updated info about the pages and content on my website. As those who have been visiting me for a while know that I am constantly re-organizing and re-vamping my website, all for the express purpose of giving more for my readers to enjoy in an easier, faster way. I haven’t done any major changes lately, so between the explanatory post last week – READ HERE – and familiarity, this scavenger hunt should be a piece of cake!

To add to the challenge, there is a prize. Those who participate by going on the hunt and giving answers in the comment section will be entered in a drawing. The Prize: an eBook copy of any one of my novels, winner’s choice!


Go on your hunt and have fun. Oh, getting sidetracked IS allowed!

1) I share a Scripture that figures heavily as my inspiration/motto. What book of the Bible is it from? And with that Scripture is my logo image, also seen at several other places on the website. What is my logo?

2) I have my copyright noted on the website. Where is it located? What are my copyright dates?

3) Where is the image link to my super-cool Zazzle Store?

4) What is a “dustman”? The definition is on what page? What is the entry just above it?

5) During my first blog tour I answered dozens of interview questions, eventually putting them onto a page. Look for that page and find the answer to this question: “Do I write like Jane Austen?”

6) What is the name of the Pemberley gamekeeper? What is the name of Lord and Lady Matlock’s estate? Where did you find this information?

7) In My Dearest Mr. Darcy I wrote of the stunning sunsets and sunrises in Greater Norfolk. Where would you go to see visuals of these? How many images of Norfolk/Cramer/Caister/etc. sunrises and sunsets do I have?

8) Jane Austen was one of eight children. What were their names? Where did you find this?

9) How many links to online sellers of my novels do I give?

10) What was the name of the first “novella” I wrote and posted onto an online JAFF site? On the same page you can find out where we moved to when my husband retired in 2013.




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Since you said to post the answers in the comment, here goes:

1) Genesis. Two heart-shaped rings intertwined with each other

2) The left most side of the footer

3) On the blog sidebar

4) The lucky guy who came around to collect the refuse from the fires burned for warmth and cooking. He would haul the ashes and cinders away to be used for bricks and manure, after he sifted for accidentally discarded valuables! Regency Glossary. Duke

5) In a word: No. My opinion is that no one can ever write like another author, let alone Jane Austen. Every artist is unique in how they create their art. I could try to perfectly capture Austen’s style, voice, and nuance, but I would fail. Worse yet, in trying to do so, the writing would be forced and unnatural; it would sound false and not flow. I must write in the manner pleasing and natural for me. Additionally, I am writing for a modern audience who may not grasp an older style of literature, but still love the story from the movies or simply love a nice Regency historical romance. I want to appeal to everyone, and present a story enjoyable to read.

6) Mr. Burr. Rivallain in Derbyshire, England. Cast of Darcy Saga Character page

7) Novels & Regency Image Gallery page. 8

8) James, Edward, Henry, Cassandra, Francis, Jane, George and Charles. In Library at Pemberley page and under Jane Austen biography section

9) 9

10) The Wedding Night. Kentucky

I hope I get them right! Thanks for organising this fun diversion, Sharon.


Thank you, Sharon. I love the hunt on your website. Makes me get to know about you more.


Sharon, I adore scavenger hunts but since I have purchased Kindle books for everything you have written I will participate but will defer winning to another time. However, I will avoid your Zazzle store like the plague. Too tempting.

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