Pride & Prejudice 2005 Interview

Pride & Prejudice 2005 Interview

Today marks the completion of my 3 part interview with Jeane over at the incredible Pride and Prejudice 2005 Blog. This was so much fun! I am rather sad to see it end. But, of course, nothing on the internet ever truly disappears. LOL! This last bit focuses on me personally, my impressions of the movie itself, why and how it touched me, and I do talk about the endless Colin vs. Matthew debate!This will be the last chance to win a personalized and signed copy of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy! All you have to do is comment, anything you wish as long as it is polite, a question is fine, whatever – and your name will be entered. Not too many people have taken advantage of this contest – so come on over and share your love for the Darcys and me!! Details are on the website. I will announce the winner on March 6 both here and at the P&P 2005 Blog.

Part 1 – The Darcy Saga
Part 2 – Publishing Journey
Part 3 – My Inspiration

A million thanks are not enough to express my appreciation to Jeane for her generousness. Hopefully some day I can repay the favor.



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Thanks Jeane I love talking about P&P as you have probably guessed (hehe) and I would love to join your forum. At the moment I am in the midst of finalising arrangements for my sons wedding in three weeks so there is much to do!
I really look forward to joining you for some fun discussions after that for sure!
TSBO devotee


Thanks a lot Vee for the nice comments on Sharon’s interview my P&P Blog as well as here. I can’t thank you enough. You are awesome. I really appreciate your kind words. I don’t know if you have joined my P&P ‘o5 forum yet, but if you haven’t and you’re interested, I am personally inviting you to you to join me and the other P&P fans over there (Sharon’s a member there, btw). I’d love to see you there and read more of your thoughts on the P&P movie. I love reading your comments here @ Sharon’s Blog. You truly are a devoted (and loyal) TSBO fan. I’m sure Sharon loves and appreciates you. 🙂

Speaking of Sharon…You’re very welcome, Sharon, my friend. Glad I could help you (the best way I could) to promote your awesome novels…as I’m a big fan of them and looking forward to the next vol. release in September and the other in 2010…and hopefully, many more of your future book releases. So glad and happy for you. You truly deserves nothing but the best. As always, I wish all the very best of luck and many more successes ahead of you.

May God cont. to bless you (and your family) always!

Take care!

much love,


I think this would have to be my fav interview Sharon!
Jeane asks you just the right questions to get into the heart and soul of your thought process.
The debate over a favourite adaptation is and will always be prevelant. I LOVE them all as you well know and for very different reasons. And I hope to see a few more in my life time! Don;t even get me started on all of them!

If Matthew and Keira had the chance to make a 6 hour long version covering every part of the wonderful P&P novel that would be ideal. My only regret is that there are too many gaps in the movie which my mind filled in because I know the story so well, but I am so glad it captured your attention Sharon, because otherwise we would have missed out on this brilliant Saga it inspried you to write! You created such a depth in Darcy’s character that has never been seen in any adaptation and I totally LOVE.

I love your assessment of Matthews portrayal in the 2005 P&P it is spot on!
TSBO devotee

Melanie F.

Hmm… you make your point very well concerning the 1995/2005 versions. I can definitely see where you’re coming from, and I almost agree with you. To be honest, I haven’t yet decided which I like better. I think I’ll just stick with being highly in love with them both! You should really read "Persuasion". Although P&P is my favorite movie, "Persuasion" is my favorite Austen book. The movie was cool too. That’s another thing I’ve never been able to decide, Wentworth or Darcy?? They’re both amazing!!

Ninja Elizabeth

I get all warm and fuzzy every time I see the book on the shelf… to see your dream come to life… I bought it and read the first few pages again… I will start it up again once I finish Atonement, for the second time, The Duchess, and Jane Eyre.

Heather L

3am oh, my!! You are one very busy lady!! I went to my favorite little shpping place here in town and you have already been bought up from there once again! I had to get a few things..diapers and wipes and the book that I have been longing for….when the gal asked if I had found everything I was looking for, she could see I was highly upset when I said "NO all I got were these diapers, you didn’t have the book I wanted!!"…then she quickly pointed out a beautiful girl who knew all about the book…even though I left unhappy not having the main item I had set out for….seeing that beautiful girl made my evening a little brighter!!

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