P&P Character Quiz… HARDER!

P&P Character Quiz… HARDER!

Last time I posted a Pride & Prejudice character quiz, the responses were overwhelming numerous, but also with friendly “complaints” at how easy it was. To be honest, I think all of you know Pride and Prejudice so well that stumping you is next to impossible! I would probably have better luck turning to Mansfield Park or Emma. But, I am going to give it a go.

1.  I never appear in Miss Austen’s novel, but I am referred to several times. Noted to be acquainted with Mr. Wickham, I aid him in a nefarious task that fails. Later, my renewed involvement with Wickham was put to the test, but money trumps loyalty.

2. Jane Bennet may have danced two sets with Mr. Bingley, but he danced with me too! Like Jane I too lack a large dowry. Luckily I am good-humored and lively in conversation, unless, that is, I am in the room with that scary Lady de Bourgh. Then my tongue is tied and I know not where to look!

3. Bringing the militia under my command into Meryton has proven very beneficial for me. I married my dear wife while there, and befriends a number of delightful citizens. One young lady, much adored by my wife, became our guest when transferred to Brighton. Unfortunately that decision did not turn out so well…

4. I live to eat, drink, and play at cards. Engaging in activity too strenuous is not my choice, although sitting still to read a book is astonishing to me! I am a man of fashion more than fortune, but luckily my wife has wealth enough to maintain our high standard of living in London.

5. I am spoken of more often than given the chance to speak for myself. In fact, on the handful of occasions when I am present, I say little and none of my words are recorded. Most everyone misdescribes me or presumes my character in error. Miss Elizabeth sees the truth instantly!

Did I make you think? Jot your answers in the comment section!


15 Comments for P&P Character Quiz… HARDER!

  1. 1 – Mrs Younge
    2 – Maria Lucas
    3 – Colonel Forster
    4 – Mr Hurst
    5 – Anne de Bourgh (could be Georgiana, but I’m going contrary to everyone else above!)

    And if you went with Northanger Abbey or even Persuasion, I would be adrift.

  2. You’re right – perhaps you could stump us with a different novel. If you use NA, for example, I’d be lost!

  3. I’m split on a couple of these but I’m going to go with:

    1. Mrs. Younge
    2. Maria Lucas
    3. Col. Forester
    4. Mr. Hurst
    5. Georgiana Darcy

  4. 1 Mrs Younge
    2 Maria Lucas
    3 Col Forster
    4 Mr Hurst
    5 i was baffled by this one I’ll admit 🙂 I think I’ve watched and read one too many adaptations 😉

  5. 1. Mrs Younge
    2. Charlotte Lucas
    3. Colonel Forster
    4. Mr Hurst
    5. Georgiana Darcy

  6. Mrs Younge
    Charlotte Lucas
    Colonel Forsyer
    Mr Hurst
    And Georgina Darcy

    That was fun . Thank you.

  7. Mrs. Younge
    Probably Maria Lucas, but Elizabeth Bennet or Charlotte Lucas fill some of the criteria
    Colonel Forster
    Mr. Hurst
    Georgianna Darcy’

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