Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Some minor bits to share regarding Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. These are things that I have found interesting and may be beneficial to some of you, or merely musings and information that I want to talk about! First off, my dear friend Seli reported to me that she saw Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy in her public library in Florida! Very cool news! I knew that the Sourcebooks’ marketing team was pushing for this but as you can imagine, not every book makes its way into the public library system. I performed a Google search on the subject and found a huge list of libraries across the country that now lists my book in their stock. Among the ones I unearthed: Provo, Missoula, Skokie, Yorba Linda, Naperville, Tacoma, Charlevoix, and Multnomah just to name a few. The March 15 issue of the Library Journal ran an article titled “A Lush Spring” in which dozens of new books entered into the system was noted, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy down the page under Pop Fiction. It is fantastic to be in the library system and it is a wonderful way for readers to enjoy the book if purchasing is not an option.

Marta Hoelscher, author and blog owner of Marta’s Meanderings, wrote an article sharing her review of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy for Ezine Articles: an online magazine for publishers and authors. This is an amazing benefit as Ezine is read by thousands of people each day – and additionally it is a really nice thing for Marta to do! All because she loved my book! She has added her review to Amazon, GoodReads, several other sellers, and now this. I am delighted and so honored. Thanks, Marta, for sharing your thoughts with the potential readers of the world, and I am so happy that my book marks your entry into the Ezine world!

Link: Ezine Article Review of Mr. & Mrs. FD


Marta also added her review to the Powell’s Books purchasing entry for my novel with a 5-star rating. Her comment entered her into a drawing (she won a gift certificate) and Mr. and Mrs. FD was spotlighted on the March 31 Daily Dose! Thanks again Marta, and congratulations on your win. It is nice to see a good review and rating for a change instead of the pathetic 3-star rank at Amazon with overwhelming low ratings and labels like ‘trash’ and ‘bodice ripper’ and ‘boring’ and ‘plotless’ being the norm. Grrr…

I want to extend a hearty Darcy Saga greeting to Lonna, Loretta, and Luisa who recently introduced themselves in the Guestbook. Salutations, ladies, and thank you so much for the magnificent words of praise. It is always a joy to ‘meet’ new readers/fan, to know that my tale has brought a bit of happiness, but also because I KNOW that positivism helps potential readers make a decision to buy my book. I truly cannot stress enough how important it is to share your honest appreciation and joy so that it isn’t only the critics and haters of romantic happily-ever-after who have the voice. I know I am a bit of a broken record on this topic, but it is a vitally important one near to my heart these days. So keep the love flowing and don’t be shy! I love hearing from satisfied readers.

Don’t forget the new forum – anything you want to talk about, a quick question, musings, whatever – it is welcome. I have opened up a thread to discuss Matthew Macfadyen’s “Little Dorrit” airing right now on PBS. Impressions are welcomed!

 A reminder about Storycasting. I know more of you have your dream cast for my novel’s characters! I want to hear from you and make it fun!! So far a popular alternate choice for Lizzy is Anne Hathaway with Richard Armitage for Darcy. One of my favorite choices for Col. Fitzwilliam is Ewan Macgregor. For Georgiana (especially when I think of her older as in the novel I am writing centered on her), Amy Adams was suggested and I think that is perfect! Helen Mirren has been put forth as Lady Matlock, and that is an excellent choice as well. VeeS is tipping the scales to an all Aussie cast! LOL! But, that is OK because lets face it, Hugh Jackman? Yeah, he can be anyone he wants to be in the movie if I get to meet him. *sigh* As you can see it is merely a dream and all in good fun. Pop over and join in. And of course there are many other casting possibilities for other books as so on.

I am continuing to have a great time on Facebook! I have a wonderful PAGE that you can add on if you are a Facebook fanatic like me. It is another way to get quick updates as I try to post the big news over there are well as here. This website is for the comprehensive information whereas the Facebook fan page is for quick blurbs.

If you are a Twitter person, the Sourcebooks Casablanca publicist – the adorable and talented Danielle Jackson – has started a page for promoting our line. Another place for rapid news about my novels, but also the other romance/literature novelists at Sourcebooks, most of which I have read and can recommend.

Something to look forward to: In the upcoming weeks I will be posting the blog essays I wrote for the virtual book tour that spanned a couple of dozen websites. If I may be so boldly arrogant for a second – I wrote some good stuff! I want to share them here on The Darcy Saga blog for those who may have missed it the first time around and to keep them for posterity sake. I also plan to go through the numerous interview questions I answered, organize the best of the best, and create a FAQ-type page. That may take a bit of time so I will announce it when I get it all together.

I think that is it for now. I have additional information I will soon be sharing about the next novels, how the editing is going, and my future endeavors. Bear with me!

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  1. Wow you have alot going on!! I cant wait to read what you are putting together LOL. On another note I was thinking for the movie they of course, are going to do on your book… that Adrian Paul (better known as Duncan MacLeod from the HIghlander series) might be my pick for Darcy UMMMM perhaps LOL I have not decided on Ellizabeth yet….I could stay with Keira… Anne Hathaway is beautiful. I saw the movie Becoming Jane and she was great in it.

  2. Wow your novel in the library! That is awesome!
    Congratulations Sharon ! More readers to enjoy your beautiful novel thats so cool!
    TSBO devotee

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