News on the “Loving Mr. Darcy” launch front ….

News on the “Loving Mr. Darcy” launch front ….

Now that I am home and more or less feeling 100% well (danged foot!), I am turning my attention and efforts to the release of my second book in 27 DAYS AND COUNTING!!! In the weeks ahead there will be tons of activities and updates. I am still plotting and planning for The Darcy Saga “Loving Mr. Darcy” Launch Fete, so be sure to pop in frequently for news. For now, check out the “Launch Events” page under the Loving Mr. Darcy section. There I have the various guest blogs and interviews that are coming up for me. Many of these will involve book giveaways, but I will know more on that when the dates grow nearer.

A special note: I will be taking part in a group book signing in Sacramento on Sept. 12. If you live anywhere in that part of the world, mark your calendars! I would love to see you there!

Remember that in the publishing world the “official” release date is nebulous. Those of you who pre-ordered from any of the online booksellers may well receive your copy before the 1st. Same with copies showing up in stores. Once the sellers receive their ordered copies, they will put them on the shelf. Of course, this can go the other way if there are any delays in printing! Keep that in mind! So keep your eyes peeled and be sure to share with me as soon as you see my gorgeous novel popping up. I have yet to see the novel either. My copies are scheduled to arrive sometime in the next week. Naturally I will post photos! An FYI – you can continue to pre-order from online sellers up to the date of release, and I believe most bookstores will take your name and alert when the book arrives.

I have started an ad on Facebook, so if you see that rotate through, let me know! I am always curious how new folks find me. And to know if my money is being well spent. Ha! Thanks and welcome to those of you who have joined my Facebook Fan Page. I now have 78 fans! Very cool. The link is to the right under the Accessories section.

As for Launch Fete events here on the Darcy Saga – Do not expect the weeklong entertainment that I did with Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. The reason is simply that I do not have the time and it frankly exhausted me. Sorry. But, I will have some special blogs and fun quizzes for probably 2 or 3 days with signed book giveaways. More on that soon once I have it clear in my own head. Also, I am definitely planning to hold a Loving Mr. Darcy Discussion Day toward the end of September, or maybe early October. This will allot time to read the novel and then we can hold a one or two day interactive discussion about novel specifics. It will be a time to bring your thoughts, questions, concerns, likes, dislikes, etc. to the blog for a fun, interactive chat with me and the other readers. Keep that in mind as you read!

This is a very exciting, albeit crazy busy, month for me. It in no way feels redundant or boring because it is my second book! In fact, in that makes it both more exciting and scarier. I now know what to expect, both the positive and negative. Thanks to all of you who support me so wonderfully. Get ready for a fun month!

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  1. Oh my gosh Sharon I was sooooo excited when I read that you will be in Sacramento in September as I only live about 20 mins away! Please keep me informed of the details because I would LOVE to meet you and have you sign my copies of your WONDERFUL books :o)

  2. The countdown-clock is really cool. Less than a month to wait, I am really excited! I just pre-ordered my copy from amazon germany.

    Hope you have a great time and a lot of remembering moments during all the activities you do now to promote "Loving Mr. Darcy".

  3. another ps I took a photo of the computer screen that had all your details for the special order and a summary of the plot hehehehehehe

  4. Love the count down clock Sharon!!! It really adds to the excitment.
    I am currently enjoying the great pleasure of reading your wonderful Saga from the beginning, as I am hoping I can complete "Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy" in time to read my copy of "Loving Mr Darcy" when it arrives. I have mine on pre order too so it should come sooner than launch date. SO EXCITING.
    I adore the cover and can’t wait to see it first hand!
    A very exciting footnote for you Sharon, my darling daughter took me out for a thank you lunch and afterwards we went to Borders as we love to do. I always search for your book but alas it was not on the shelf, I then did a search on their computer and "Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy" comes up as a special order!!!! How cool is that?
    Many congratualtions on this newest milestone in your writing adventures. I look forward to reading all about the launch!
    Love TSBO devotee
    Vee xoxo
    ps funny because TSBO has stuck but I do apply it to the whole collection of course.

  5. Dear Sharon,
    all that you´ve written above is wonderful! If I should choose one word, I´d say: Brilliant!
    I hope that you can really enjoy the release of your second book. I am really looking forward to it, to find new passages and just read it once again, although I have never stopped reading my other copy.

    So, take care of yourself,
    lots of love,

  6. Congratulations Sharon, it is a very exciting time for you! I’ve just started reading my copy, although I’ve got an assignment due on Friday so I won’t have much reading time until the weekend. I must say thought, your use of language is so beautiful, the first few pages took me straight back to the last book. Can’t wait to read it all!

    Glad your Mum is doing better as well! See you around in blogland.

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