My new writer’s office

My new writer’s office

For several months now I have been eyeballing the extra room in our house to be an office for me. The history of this one room is convoluted and messy! Once upon a time it was my son’s bedroom painted navy blue with jungle animal wallpaper border. Then when my eldest daughter moved out and he moved into her larger bedroom (necessitating the paisley flowers of her room be revamped with a wall mural of a nature scene) the room housed our brand new iMac as the kids’ exclusive computer, and served double-duty as my sewing room (rarely) and general catch-all/storage room (frequently!)

Several years and 2 iMacs later, I decided the jungle print had to go and redecorated yet again. It was 2004 and the room served as the PC and Xbox gaming room since the now-high school daughter had a laptop and my son was far more interested in playing WOW than doing homework! It also was now the cat’s watercloset and so stuffed with junk that a serious re-do was desperately needed. Plus, and more importantly IMO, I needed a place to keep all my Lord of the Rings memorabilia!  

So with a new, enormous desk assembled, several gallons of sunny yellow paint applied, my son’s collection of LOTR “guys” carefully displayed on the shelves along with my precious statues, and the 12’ x 6’ vinyl LOTR banner draped over two walls our multi-purpose computer room was unveiled. I couldn’t readily locate a good photo, but above is my son when he was 12 and you can see the pretty walls and some of the LOTR stuff in the background.

Skip forward five years and the clutter/filth that reigns in my childrens’ rooms had grown along with their stature and now invaded all four of the rooms on that side of the house. Even the cat was beginning to complain! In the hope that my pristine presence amid their chaos may rub off (doubtful), and because I really needed a private space to retreat to and keep all my author-related materials together, a renovation was again undertaken.

If left up to me I would have merely done a thorough cleaning, packed away the bulk of my LOTR stuff, and moved my desk in. In fact, that is what I was in the midst of when the news of my mom’s passing reached us. My hubby, bless his sweet heart, decided that keeping my mind and body engaged in heavy labor would prevent me completely falling apart. Plus, and I think the larger incentive, was to get rid of the sunny yellow that he always hated! To that end he led the charge, dragging me to Lowes and Walmart for paint, supplies, and wallpaper. For three days we painted, cleaned, and rearranged. It turned out beautiful and I love having a place that is entirely mine.


What do you think? Nice, huh? I won’t go so far as to recommend non-stop, back-breaking work as a curative for grief, but I can say that in these past two weeks I accomplished more around the house than I have in the past 6 months! And it was definitely worth it as my new, official office is wonderful! I still share it with the cat – or rather he allows the rest of us to muck up his space – but we cohabit peacefully so all is well there. Will the calming blue and secluded atmosphere enhance my writing productivity? Time will tell. But at least this one room will stay clean. That I can promise!

9 Comments for My new writer’s office

  1. Dear Sharon,

    your new office looks great!
    The perfect place for your work! It looks so cosy and inviting!
    Well done by you.


  2. Love your new office Sharon. It looks warm and invitng just like you and your personality. Hope you have many many fun times in there. xoxoxo
    TSBO devotee

  3. Steve you are too much!! You know that you own her heart exclusively!!

    I guess now I have to cancell that order for me and Sharon LOL. I think my husband would agree with you…

    Oh well girls can always….. ummmm …. oh never mind

    (Just kidding)

  4. Steve, you wouldn’t dare do that to poor Matthew, would you? Do I detect a little Green Eyes here? LOL If you did, I don’t think many of us followers would think nice thoughts of you. (Kidding) However, I agree with Sharon, a life size Matthew would be much too distracting.

    Take care and God Bless.


  5. I know he’s your girls’ heart throb and that’s fine but a real life stand up of him and I’d have to run it through a tree shredder… and donate it to landfill..

  6. Hey Seli, If you have one of those life-sized cardboard cut outs of Matthew, send it my way!! Although on second thought it might be more distracting than inspiring. LOL! I’ll stick with the laptop wallpaper that Esther mentioned. 🙂

    OK, back to writing – in my new room!

  7. Hi Sharon!

    I love your new office! I especially LOVE the "wallpaper" on your computer! Thank you for the nice narrative and description. I still think you have a lovely voice. It’s nice to have your own private retreat place. You did a great job with the renovation. Enjoy!

    Take care and God Bless.


  8. Your office looks great! However there is one thing missing….. a LIFESIZE STAND UP POSTER OF MATTHEW!! to give you inspiration!! LOL

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