My Dearest Mr. Darcy Launch Fete

My Dearest Mr. Darcy Launch Fete

 January 1, 2010 – just 4 days, give or take a few hours, from today – is when My Dearest Mr. Darcy will be officially available. Yippee! Crack the champagne!

In honor of the release of my third novel, I will be hosting another fun-filled Launch Fete here at The Darcy Saga blog. I figured folks will be otherwise occupied on New Year’s Day itself, so will be holding the extravaganza on January 2 & 3. I know that is a Saturday and Sunday, days notoriously slow on blogs all over the blog-o-sphere, but I am hoping that some of you aren’t too wiped out from prior festivities and are still in the mood to celebrate this momentous time with me. Pop in for the fun! And, of course, the entertaining bits will remain active for participation on through the week.

So, what does your clever authoress have up her sleeve?

Aside from the virtual champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries, party balloons and confetti streamers, I will be posting a series of Loving Mr. Darcy quizzes, an excerpt or two, reopening the discussions from the previous novels, and starting a discussion for what you anticipate in My Dearest Mr. Darcy. Very low-key and purely entertaining. All you have to do is show up! Go ahead and dig out your copy of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Loving Mr. Darcy to flip through and have handy. Get mentally prepared to participate with comments because…..



That’s right! I will be gifting a personally signed copy of my third novel to two lucky people. Just comment, answer a quiz, say howdy, or whatever strikes your fancy to be entered in the drawing. *Sadly I must limit the giveaway to US residents, as my budget can’t cover shipping overseas! So sorry! But please do not let that sway you from joining into the fun!!

I really hope to see a slew of you stopping by to join me in this wonderful day. I am so excited! I am very proud of my Saga and this novel. Nothing pleases me more than to know my story of love and happiness for the Darcys and their friends is bringing a measure of joy to my readers. I very much want to share this time with those of you who make it possible for me to continue.

Now, a few announcements:

I am seeing on some of the online sites, such as Amazon, that My Dearest Mr. Darcy is available. Other places still have it as “pre-order.” A few ladies have reported to me that they have received notices that their pre-ordered copy is to be shipped by Dec. 31! What this means is that the book could be popping up at any moment!! Although, to be honest, it most likely won’t be largely available until after Jan. 1, especially in brick-and-mortar bookstores. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know when you see it! I love receiving photos and reports!!

I have yet to receive my author’s copies, but be assured I will be sharing photos of a grinning, glowing me as soon as I get my hot hands on them!

Remember that I have a wonderful collection of photos over at my Image Gallery. Each novel has its own album with gorgeous pictures, many of a historic nature, that are designed to follow the stories and enhance the visual.

A bit of sad news is that Target has opted not to carry My Dearest Mr. Darcy at this time. The simple reality is that there are bigger names than mine with books coming out, so they take precedence. I totally understand this, but it is still a bummer. Now, my editor says they will continue to carry the first two novels, and Sourcebooks is renegotiating for My Dearest Mr. Darcy to be on Target’s February plan-o-gram, so keep your fingers crossed!

The only review I have received thus far is short but sweet, written by Bridget at Readaholic:

Elizabeth, Mistress of Pemberley, and her husband Darcy are so happy to be together. Their life as man and wife could not be happier. When they have their first child, they find that their love for each other grows even more. Taking trips and celebrating life together, these two have a precious love that readers everywhere will envy.I used to hate romance books. I thought that I just wasn’t a fan of the mooshy stuff, but come to find out, I hated them because I wanted a love like that and I was convinced that that was only possible in fiction. Then, I got together with my husband and I learned that true love isn’t fiction and that it is the best emotion in the universe. Now, with my blindness removed, I am able to fully enjoy books like this one.

Thanks Bridget! As more – hopefully – come in I will naturally be sharing them with you. My Virtual Book Tour officially kicks off on January 3 over at the Casablanca Authors Blog where I will be celebrating my newest release with my fellow Sourcebooks authors. I will be giving away a signed book there as well, so add that to your list of places to visit! In fact, I hope I will be seeing many of you following me around as I appear nearly every day at a website, blogging or answering interviews. At most of the websites there will be a copy of My Dearest Mr. Darcy as a giveaway, so mark these dates –

1/3  Casablanca Authors

1/4   Romance Reader at Heart’s Novel Thoughts

1/5  Historical Hussies

1/6  Sia McKye’s Thoughts Over Coffee

1/7 Fresh Fiction

1/11 My Reading Room

1/12  This Book For Free

1/14 Hist-Fic Chick

1/15  Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

1/18  My Book Addiction and More

1/20  Alaine, Queen of Happy Endings

1/21  Psychotic State

1/27  Anna’s Book Blog

1/28  Seductive Musings

1/29  The Lovestruck Novice

There you have it for now! The next weeks promise to be very busy ones for me. I love launch time!! And I very much want to delight in this – with all of you – since the next one won’t be until October 1, 2010 for the release of, are you ready?

Romancing Mr. Darcy

Like it? That is the current popular title choice by the Sourcebooks’ powers-that-be for the fourth installment in the Darcy Saga series. Things could change in the title department, but more on all that as time marches on. For now, let’s get ready to PARTY!!! See you all on January 2!!

19 Comments for My Dearest Mr. Darcy Launch Fete

  1. January 5th and Im still waiting on borders to switch the status from "on backorder" to "shipped"…..The status went from "pre-order" to "on backorder" on January 1st…I hope I get the book soon!!!! Im extremely eager to read "My Dearest Mr. Darcy"….The suspense is killing me!

  2. Hi Shannon! It is exciting! Thanks for sharing in the fun with me. I am hoping to keep the ball rolling. It is looking good, especially since my editor is already raving about Darcy #4, which she is editing now. *happy dance*

    Hi LaDonna. I sure hope it doesn’t take too long for you to get your copy. How weird that a pre-order would be backordered. That makes no sense at all! I would be seriously annoyed. Let me know when you get it.

  3. I cant wait to receive the third installment of the Darcy Saga!!!! Unfortunately I will have to wait, my pre-order copy is on back order 🙁

  4. Vee, I am so glad yours is soon to arrive. I know it takes a bit longer, although the Australia site listed it as available. Guess they still have to get it shipped from the States. Try to be patient, my friend! Hopefully your patience is better than mine! LOL

    Ha, Ninja! Too funny. I like the new title very much, but have learned to not get too excited about such things! Don’t worry about the quizzes. They are easy and fun. And don’t be silly – that signed book is for you! And happy birthday!

    Hi Tabby! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear from you again this coming week!

    Of course you can say how much you love my books, Amanda! We author are serious egomaniacs who thrive on praise! LOL! I think love is a healthy obsession, so enjoy to the fullest! I truly do appreciate your kind words. I hope to see you here next week for the fun and games.

    Yeah Jocelyn! I hope you get it sooner. UPS is usually faster than 6 days, even with the holiday. See you next week!

    Happy new year Vee! And to everyone else!!

  5. Woohoo just ticked over to the New Year In OZ …HAPPY NEW YEAR SHARON!!!! and all our friends here at Darcy Saga. May your year be blessed with everything that is good.

    Congratulations now all three books are officially available YAY!!!!
    God Bless
    TSBO devotee

  6. Congratulations Sharon! My copy of My Dearest Mr. Darcy was sent out yesterday. Yippee!!! sent it UPS ground (why?) and it says it should be here on Jan 4th. Just a few more days and I can’t wait!

    I hope everyone has a Happy New Years!


  7. Can I just say how much I LOVE your books, Sharon? =) I mean really, it’s almost becoming an obsession! After loving the Pride and Prejudice book and movie (I love the 2005 version, too!) so much, I honestly never thought I would enjoy P&P fan fiction… But I was proved SO wrong after picking up Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy on a whim a few months ago!

    I’m totally in love with this series, and I was positively THRILLED to see that the third book is coming out in just a matter of days! =D (I really don’t think I could wait much longer!) And to find out that a fourth and fifth book are in the works!! I was practically bouncing in my chair with excitement when I read that! 😉 I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Darcy and Elizabeth!! =) I’ll be hitting my local Barnes and Noble armed with my Christmas gift cards as soon as it opens on Jan 1! ;D Have a fantastic New Years!!

  8. Congratulations! Sharon. I’m so happy for you, and pleased to read "My Dearest" soon 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours.

  9. @_@ "The Trouble with Mr Darcy" makes it sound like some teeny-bopper novel.. I like Romancing… Hope that stays.

    I’ll probably be here for the fete… but I’m horrid at quizzes! (if I do know the answers, I’ll leave the autographed copy for those who can’t ‘stalk you via twitter at Disneyland’ XD )

  10. Hi Sharon Woohoo three days away!!! I also received word from Amazon that my book will be posted shortly. Although shortly to Australia means about two to three weeks. I don’t mind though I will be patient and cannot wait to receive in my hot little hand in the New Year!
    Target will most likely pick it up in Feb as you mention Sharon so don’t despair and if they don’t its their loss. They’d be missing out on a special book by an extra special author.
    Of course this time of year is hectic but I will try my darndest to peak in during the exciting activities you planned.
    Congratulations on a third published novel (with loads more to come for sure)!!!! You must be thrilled to bits. I know I am for you dear friend!!!!
    TSBO devotee

  11. Hi ladies! I do hope to see a whole load of folks popping up next week!

    Esther, I gave a bunch of ideas for the title. They were thinking of "The Trouble With Mr. Darcy" which I HATED!! Just not right. Talk about giving the idea that there are problems. *shudder* Anyway, romance is very much a theme, as always. But in book #4 the romance is with everyone as well as our favorite couple. I like the title and am hoping nothing changes.

    Hi Felecia! Nice to see you! No fears on our couple. They may have issues from time to time, but never anything too serious or long lasting.

    Howdy Martina! Thanks for the well wishes. Try to come by, but even if you can’t on the 2nd or 3rd, don’t fear! The fun will be going on all week!

  12. Hi Sharon!

    That all sounds really great! That’s what I call a good start into the new year!

    Hope you’ll have a lot of success with your book and that it sells well! I surely will buy it!

    I’m not sure if I can come to the launch fete, but I’ll try to do so! Anyway, I wish you all a lot of fun on the 2.+3. of January 2010.

  13. SOO excited! Wish I’d had it on Christmas when I was stuck in the airport, but I know it’ll be worth the wait–just in time for my bday on the 8th!!

    As for the 4th title- whew! I hope having ‘Romance’ in the title just means that there will just be more lovin’ between Darcy and Lizzy– I would hate for their to be marital troubles!

    Anywho- can’t wait for Loving Mr. Darcy!!

  14. Good evening Sharon,

    that sounds all too fabulous!
    I will join your launch fete as I enjoyed the last one very much!

    The title for book 4 is so sweet. Love and romance, Lizzy and Darcy!!

    Your New Year starts in the best possible way.

    Lots of love,

  15. Hi Sharon!

    I like the title of your fourth book! I’m glad you came up with one so appropriate. Yes, yes, the "powers that be" could change it. We shall just have to wait and see.

    Good luck on your "My Dearest Mr. Darcy" launch fete! Soooooooo exciting!!!!!!!

    Too bad Target opted not to carry this one for your launch.

    Take care and God Bless.


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