My article in Lifestyle Magazine!

My article in Lifestyle Magazine!

Months ago I was interviewed for an article in a lovely local magazine called Lifestyle. This free publication is distributed to nearly every household in the Visalia, CA area. It was an honor to be approached and to chat with Diane Slocum about my journey and the Darcy Saga. I am thrilled to report that the article is fabulous, so well written without a single error, and now available online! 3 whole pages with glossy colored photos and a terrific write up. Follow the link below and scroll to page 36 to begin…….





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Really nice article and great picture Sharon! Congrats! I too wish I can get a copy.


Excellent can’t wait to see the scrapbooking!
TSBO devotee

Sharon Lathan

Thank you so much, my dear friends! I could not have done any of it without such loyal lovers of Darcy and friends like you two. I truly appreciate the support.

I am very happy with this article! It is written so nicely and in a beautiful glossy format. I have decided it is time to start a serious scrapbook! Next project on my agenda, although I will enlist Emily’s help since she is really good at fancy scrapbooking. Once done I will share photos 🙂


What a beautifully set out magazine and how absolutely awesome that you feature in it !!!! Congratulations Sharon, the piece is wonderful! Piccies of your gorgeous books too and a very sweet and beautiful pic of you too!!! Love it!

Wish I could get a copy! I am sure there will be lots of JA fans that will be inspired to read your novels after the wonderfully presented article!

I couldn’t agree more with Susanne too. Great work dear friend such a delight to us all that your dream has come so far! Wishing you continuing success and happiness in the journey to follow. xoxo

TSBO devotee


Dear Sharon,

what an amazing article!
You are right, it is very, very good.Today, as I am reading it, it is June, 25th, what a nice coincidence.

In only 3 years you wrote 3 books and published all of them very successfully and 2 more are coming so soon.
For me this is the American Dream!

I will be eternally thankful that I found you on the internet.

Thank you and God bless,


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