My 2 Page Catalog Spread

My 2 Page Catalog Spread

I knew that Sourcebooks intended on listing The Darcy Saga in their upcoming catalog, but imagine my surprise to discover a full 2-page spread! In stunning, vivid color with excerpts and lovely descriptions, I am so impressed and thrilled. This is the trade catalog that is sent to all the buyers, library associations, etc. And my entry is on page 9! I do not think “regular” folk can purchase the catalog – although I intend to ask my editor if I can get a copy – but it can be viewed and/or downloaded. The main Sourcebooks website has the catalog for download, although I doubt anyone would be interested in downloading the entire 136 pages! But here is the link: Sourcebooks Catalogs

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  1. Sharon this is just so wonderful. You deserve this as you’ve written such beautiful stories. I can’t wait to read Loving Mr Darcy!

  2. This is so awesome! What a lovely spread! It is really well done and you should be excited! Enjoy the happy dance!

  3. Thanks everyone! It is a wonderful layout, I have to admit.

    I forgot to mention that looking through the entire catalog is worth while. Naturally my fellow Casablanca authors from our blog have pages in their too. But Sourcebooks has a number of interesting novels coming out this fall, some I was not aware of, that look pretty good. Just and FYI.

  4. Congratulations Sharon!

    That looks wonderful, perfect, amazing! You can be so proud about your books!
    Enjoy what you have already achieved!


  5. Hi Sharon! Congratulations on the spread in Sourcebooks catalog! They did an exceedingly good job on the display. It looks wonderful!!!!!!! I am sooooooooo happy for you. Take care and God Bless, my friend.


  6. Sharon, this is absolutely fantastic, congratulations!! I really like the description they gave for your books and the illustrations are beautiful, sure to attract many buyers. I too am so excited and thrilled for you!

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