Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy update

Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy update

 As I have said before, the first book is out and more or less setting its own pace and following its intended path with little assistance from me or even the Sourcebooks marketing team. Now it is in the hands of the readers who will hopefully love it and share their enthusiasm with friends, coworkers, review places, etc. Apparently this process is trucking along fairly well! My editor does keep me up-to-date every couple of weeks on how the sales are going and the news is excellent. I hesitate to divulge numbers, but the figure places me in the top 97% of ALL book sales on average! I am finally beginning to grasp the definition of “successful” as defined by the publishing industry, a fact my patient editor has been drumming into my thick head for weeks now. Bless her.Target has decided to keep “Fitz” – as the Sourcebooks crew calls the novel – in their stores through August. This is fantastic!! The enthusiasm is amazing and hopefully bodes well for Loving Mr. Darcy being taken on as well. Keep your fingers crossed.

Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is officially part of the Barnes & Noble Mother’s Day Jane Austen promotional. Last week I traveled to the Big City to take pictures but was unable to do so as my book was sold out! The display was there bold as can be on its own table, but the spot where my book was supposed to be was empty. The sales gal looked it up to verify for me and said more were on the way. Let me know if any of you see it in your B&N.

Strange Borders situation: I discovered just today that for some bizarre reason the barcode sticker is printing up under Georgette Heyer and romance! Now why the person who stocks the shelves would not notice the discrepancy is beyond my comprehension and I don’t want to be mean by saying something flip about stupidity amongst the Borders workers – but you get the gist! To make matters worse, when I pointed this out to the “manager” who did not look a day over 18, he told me it was a problem on the corporate level and I could call the corporate office to get it fixed! He kindly gave me the 800 number, but, seriously?!!! I share this because if you are in the same boat as many of my friends who have gone into our local Borders to buy my book and can’t find it – check the romance shelf under “H” and you may see me there! Hopefully none of the other chain stores are so pathetic.

I will be having my first and probably only book signing while in Washington DC for the National Romance Writers Conference! How cool is that? Thankfully I will be at a table with several of my fellow Sourcebooks authors so I won’t be too nervous. I am pretty excited, I have to confess – now I just have to fret over feeling stupid if no one wants a signed copy of the book!

OK, geeky moment: While I was at the Sacramento RWA meeting I was chatting with a group of ladies over lunch. When I told them what I had written, one of the women asked me if I was talking about “Fitz.” Naturally this took me aback as no one calls it that but the various Sourcebooks folks. They persist no matter how often I remind them that Darcy HATES that nickname! Anyway, when I expressed my surprise and questioned how she knew that moniker, she told me that at the Berkeley RWA meeting – the same one that Deb was the guest speaker at in February when my hubby and I drove up to see her – Deb kept going on and on about “Fitz”! It was quite a surprise and I admit it warmed the cockles of my heart. Aside from the relief and joy in knowing the book is doing well, there is the reality of what this means to my career as a novelist and the future of The Darcy Saga. I have already hinted at it, but here are the facts now announced officially…..

I have signed contracts for two more books beyond the first 3! Unlike before and atypical of the process, Dominque Raccah, the owner and publisher of Sourcebooks, gave the green light to sign me for 2 more AND issue the larger advance upfront, before I even present the manuscript! I will talk more about specifics regarding content and dates in follow up posts, but for now you can rest assured that The Darcy Saga will continue until at least January of 2011.

Well, I think that is it as far as Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy goes. Thanks for the words of praise and for buying. Next up, Loving Mr. Darcy news.

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  1. Yeah!
    Just hearing that more William & Elizabeth will be coming … Makes me wanna’ just
    I don’t know…maybe read your book for the THIRD time! Can’t wait.
    Love IT!

  2. YEAH!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! See What Prayer Does!!! You are right were HE wants you to be…. And you were worried! do you really believe that he gave you this gift, and that you would not be able to use it? Surprise!!! Bless you! suem

  3. Yes indeed Kathy, you have always said it! It is wonderful to hear the book is sold out, but then I fret over how quickly it wil be restocked for the next rush of buyers! LOL!

    Elizabeth, the conference is from July 15-19. I am so excited! I would love to see you, or anyone else in the area. Of course I will be quite busy, but something could be arranged. Anyone interested in checking out about the RWA conference, here is their website:

    Hi Hava! Thanks so much for stopping by. Maybe someday I’ll be in your neck of the woods. 🙂

  4. This is soo exciting Sharon! What a trip for you I’m sure! I wish I was closer to Washington DC, I would love to come. But oh how exciting, we can be looking forward to many more years of Darcy and Elizabeth – can’t wait!

  5. When is the conference in DC? I would be interested in heading over there from Baltimore!! That could be a fun trip! Best wishes and continued success with all of this!! Congrats on it all!! You truly deserve it!!

  6. I told you, I told you!!! "Sell outs" everywhere!

    Continued success, Sharon and have a great time in Washington D.C.!!

    Kathy SF

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