“Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy” to be at Target!

“Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy” to be at Target!

My editor emailed me today with this fabulous news! Target – as in the corporation of department stores that are everywhere in the US – wants my novel! Here is Deb’s exact message:

Target wants Mr. & Mrs. for their February planogram, which means the book has to close to the printer tomorrow! This is VERY EXCITING! Target takes very few books.

Wow! And, just so you know, Deb rarely uses exclamations points and I do not think she has ever used ALL CAPS!! I am seriously walking on air right now. I have dreamed of this ever since I saw Linda Berdoll and Amanda Grange at our local Target, staring at me as it were, and I would imagine my sequel sitting next to them. I would tease my daughter, who works as a Target cashier, to put in a good word for her dear-old-mom! But, this decision comes from the top. How cool is that?! And, this is without any of the official reviews or publicity even started! I am in shock and have no idea what it means in the grand scheme of things or in relation to my whole career, but for the moment I am merely going to bask…. and share it with all of you who have helped to make accomplishments like this happen. BIG HUGS!

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  1. now that is just COOL! I look forward to being able to buy it and read it again. I don’t like buying things over the internet if I don’t have too.

  2. Thanks to everyone! I so appreciate the kind words! I had no idea Target was international! Wow! That is very cool Vee. I’ll have to ask Deb if the novel will be all over. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed for Wal-Mart! LOL! Talk about greedy! Yes Julie, great minds do think alike. Fabulous to hear from you! Hi May and Jen! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sharon, how wonderful for you! I am so excited to know that I will soon be able to buy this at Target soon! It’s funny, as just this morning while my son was at school, I was at Target and while I was looking at the other sequels you mentioned you had seen there, I was thinking the same thing as you, how wonderful it would be to see your novel there amongst the others. Guess great minds think alike huh! Great news, congratulations my dear!

  4. Congratulations dear friend!!! This is such wonderful news!!!! I shall scour my Target shelves to see if we get it too. Fingers crossed.
    How cool would that be, then I’ll have to buy one of those copies as well.
    Your perseverance and patience has paid off yet again. It is indeed very encouraging to hear that Deb is so excited about the news!!!!!
    Wishing loads more of continuing success to a well deserved favourite author of mine.Lots of Love to you Sharon.
    PS enjoy the basking 😉
    TSBO devotee

  5. Woo Hoo!! Someone in the Target decision making office LOVES Jane Austen because I have found a couple of sequels and fills ins in my local Target – which is a small store compared to most Target stores.

    Wonderful news Sharon! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  6. Thank you Seli and Dawn! I am still walking on clouds! Life is feeling pretty good at the moment. Yeah! Thanks a bunch, Sharon

  7. Oh Happy Day Dear Sharon! I am so utterly happy for my friend! You are so worthy and I can hardly wait to see it on the shelves at Target!!!

  8. WOW!!!! How exciting this news is Sharon!


    Happy Day!!


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