Meet the Cast of The Passions of Dr. Darcy

Meet the Cast of The Passions of Dr. Darcy

Included in my upcoming novel, as in all the others I have written, is a Cast of Characters. Considering the vast number of people inhabiting Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and then the ones I created, having a reference to flip to was necessary for me from time to time, so I figured my readers would appreciate it too! In The Passions of Dr. Darcy nearly all the characters within the pages are new, many with odd, Indian names, so a Cast of Characters was absolutely essential.

For a sneak peak, visit the Cast of Characters page here on my website. There I have the entire list, as it appears in the novel, introducing the many wonderful people – some fictional and some not – who Dr. George Darcy will encounter, befriend, and love as the thirty-plus years of his story unfold.

Today, allow me to introduce just a few:

Dr. Searc McIntyre

Dr. Searc McIntyre – A Scottish physician some ten years older than George who arrives in Bombay with his wife Lileas, about the same time as George does. Their friendship is immediate and long lasting, withstanding years apart while George travels the breadth of India and Dr. McIntyre stays put in Bombay. I never could find a portrait that fit my vision of Searc McIntyre, but the one to the right is a fair representation.

Dr. Kshitij Ullas – George meets Dr. Ullas early in the novel, and while the scenario is interesting and their connection intriguing, neither man fully realizes the intense impact they will have upon each other. George’s relationship with Kshitij grows gradually, their mutual respect and deep love evolving over time. Breathing life into Dr. Ullas was a delight for me. In many ways he is the Indian equivalent of George: A man never satisfied to remain in one place for long, and a physician never content unless learning more of his craft.

Jharna Ullas

Jharna Ullas – Introduced as the wife of Dr. Ullas, those who have read my previous novels know that Jharna becomes far more than a friend to George. Yet, his friendship with Jharna is just as important as his intimate relationship with her. Jharna is central to the story in many, many ways. Images of beautiful Indian women are abundant, but the one here is perhaps my favorite, probably because of the amused expression on her face and kindness of her eyes.

Nimesh and Sasi Ullas – The two boys born to Kshitij and Jharna Ullas meet George when they are little more than toddlers. In no time at all they adopt the humorous Englishman as their chacha, a Hindi term roughly translated as “uncle,” and their relationship only deepens as the years pass. The brothers have unique personalities, and grow into unique adults following varied pathways. The pictures below are my favorites, both absolutely adorable representations of how they are when George first meets them.

Nimesh Ullas
Sasi Ullas

Anoop Shukla – This character was a big surprise to me! Suddenly he simply… appeared. I honestly can’t remember why or how, but there he was and even though it should have been odd to create a manservant/companion for the independent George Darcy, Anoop belonged and felt utterly right. I actually had to go back and rewrite several chapters to fit him in. I never regretted it. I only wish I had met Anoop earlier so he could have been in the Darcy Saga novels as he should have been.

Dr. Raul Penaflor Aleman de Vigo – Finally it is revealed how George meets Raja! In Calcutta, the older, experienced physician observes a young, newly recruited doctor from Spain, and….. well, read the book and find out more!

Dr. Raul Penaflor










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I had to ask my Scottish husband if he had come across the name Searc as I hadn’t. Looking forward to reading the book

Ninja Elizabeth

well then, you have to write another Darcy novel, and explain why Anoop didn’t arrive with George and where he’s been and then fit him in! 😆

I can’t wait to read about George.

Ninja Elizabeth

😆 that is a good explaination! really, it is!

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