Loving Mr. Darcy Launch Fete

Loving Mr. Darcy Launch Fete

 Hello everyone! Are you as excited as I am? In two weeks, just 14 days from today, Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley will officially be released. Another red-letter day in my life as a published author. I am thrilled to be able to share my love for these incredible characters with all of you. My sincerest hope is that each person who reads my Saga will fall further in love with the ideals of romance and happily ever after.My virtual book tour began yesterday and for over a month I will be traveling around the globe from blog to blog talking about the Darcys and my latest novel. I hope you will jet along with me, taking part in the fun and chances to win a copy of the book. Here on The Darcy Saga I will be holding the Loving Mr. Darcy Launch Fete for three whole days: August 30, 31, and September 1.

Everyone is formally invited!!

It will be three days of fun and – I hope – group participation. The more the merrier as the saying goes. Plus, I will be giving away 2 signed copies of Loving Mr. Darcy. How cool is that? All you need to do is get involved. How, you ask? Glad you did! I promise it will be painless. All you have to do to prepare is read Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One. Can you handle that? *wink



Here is the agenda:

Sunday, Aug. 30
General discussion about my debut novel in the Darcy Saga series begins and will continue for all three days. Or beyond, if you wish, but the three days is for the giveaway. I will introduce a few topic points, but the chat is open for anything you want to ask as long as it focuses on the book itself. Curious about something? Wonder why I wrote a certain part? Interested in a historical fact? I will be there to answer questions and will encourage interaction.

Monday, Aug. 31
A scavenger hunt of events, items, or places. Just find it and tell me what chapter it is in! That’s all!

A fill-in-the-blanks quiz to test your memory.

A “Who said?” quiz. All in good fun! A test of how well you know the characters! Don’t fret, I am a kind tutor and will make it multiple choice.

Tuesday, Sept. 1
This is the day! Time to Party!! I will start the festivities with fireworks, parlor games, food, and beverages. Bring whatever goodies or amusements you want to add to the celebration. While we are munching and sipping our wassail we can talk about Loving Mr. Darcy. I won’t give any secrets away! But what are your anticipations or predictions? Who do you want to read about besides Lizzy and Darcy? Where do you want them to journey?

The reality is that my second novel may well end up in your hot hands before the 1st of September. If that happens, be sure to let me know! But we will keep the Loving Mr. Darcy Launch Fete spoiler free. Save your thoughts for Sept. 29 & 30 when I will be hosting a Loving Mr. Darcy general discussion after folks have had a chance to read the book.

Mark your calendars! I am really excited to share this momentous occasion with my readers and friends. No RSVP necessary. Just come on over. Regency attire optional.

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  1. Dear Blushing,

    Now – I am blushing. I own only two serious chick-novels to date, your’s and Sandra Brown. I also read, Nora Roberts and Mary Higgins Clark in the Romantic genre. James Patterson, William Golding, James Lee Burke, Stephen King, just to name a few others.

    My favorite book by Ray Bradbury is, Fahrenheit 451 written in 1953. I read it twice a year. It keeps me fairly grounded in the fact that we all have something to say, no matter what genre the story is written in. So, great job Sharon, you have a bright future, full-steam-ahead!
    Ah! The first mate is waving her sword my way. "Lunch you say!" Excuse me, while I head for the galley. I’ll drop anchor next time I am back this way. My best to Mr. Lathan.


  2. Richard, I am rolling on the floor! Thank goodness I didn’t have a liquid in my mouth when I read your comment! My hubby got a kick out of it too. Thanks for buying the book. I do hope you will continue to enjoy what is admittedly a serious chick-book! I appreciate the comments. *blushing*

  3. "Ahoy! There! said the man who stepped foward, caught with his breeches down. "I say, before you load your cannon and fire off a shot, listen to these last words – I have to say. So let it be said. The best of Sharon Lathan is yet to come."
    Your writing is superb and brilliant.(bought your book) Again, congratulations with continued success.

    Warmest Wishes,


  4. Hello Sharon,

    it´s good to see how happy everyone is, that September 1st is nearly here!
    I am really excited about it. I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to find the new passages.
    Yesterday evening I read a lot in your books, as always it brought joy, peace and a wonderful feeling of being home.
    Have a good weekend,

  5. Thanks for stopping by May and Kathy! Always wonderful to see you two, my Matthew Macfadyen compadres. 🙂 May, I hope you will do more than just think about us partying like 1999 – be sure to show up and add some Scottish craziness to the event. I’ll put the Bay City Rollers on just for you.

    JennD – Lovely to have you aboard! Thanks for reading, and re-reading, my novel. *big hug*

    Richard! How cool! Another male steps forward! Glad to see you here and I do hope you will stop back. We need a few more menfolk to liven the party. Breeches are optional 🙂 I appreciate your kind words. And you are correct: I do have passion.

    See you all in a few more days! WhooHoo!!

  6. I would like to congratulate you on your success. Writing a novel is not easy, but a passion with a purpose and that you have. As, I read the words so wonderfully written, I can not help, but to say that you have captured my attention. I like to read work from sci-fi to adventure, westerns, who done its and some romance and many more in between. Well done Sharon! Best wishes for your continued success.


    Richard T. Banegas

  7. Sharon, what fun! Hope everyone has a really good time and I will be thinking of you on August 30th!

    Love May xxxxx

  8. Thats the spirit girls!!

    Tough choice, Seli. I am thinking the sapphire and pearls would look best with your skin tones. 🙂

    Glad to know you are all so ready to party! I’ll do my best to be the hostess with the mostest!

    And, Jaclynn – first, welcome, and second, one NEVER needs an excuse to reread a good book!

    See you all at the bash in less than a week.

  9. Sounds like fun!! Ummm should I wear the pink lace outfit, with matching bonnet or my bewiching blue shaphire with pearls LOL

  10. I am really looking forward to this! It looks like so much fun! I am ready for a second round with The Darcy’s!!!

  11. Sharon, that sounds wonderful!
    You really thought a lot about a good party atmosphere. And it shows how much it all means to you.
    You definitely mean a lot to me and your other friends!
    Enjoy your big success!


  12. Woohoo!!! You really have created a great party atmosphere Sharon!!!! I can’t wait for all the exciting events to start!!!

    TSBO devotee

  13. AWESOME! This will give me an excuse to re-read the first novel!

    Cause you know I was just looking for some reasonable excuse- so my friends don’t state the obvious- which is "You’re reading that again?"

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