Loving Mr. Darcy Launch Fete Day # 3

Loving Mr. Darcy Launch Fete Day # 3

Today is THE DAY! Barring a weird catastrophe in warehouses across the US, Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley should be sitting on store shelves and available for purchase at online retailers. If you pre-ordered you will be receiving it soon if you haven’t already.Yippee!! Whoo Hoo!! Wowza!!

Are you ready to party? I sure am! This is a momentous day for me. I can now state that I am a multi-published author. Unreal. I am still pinching myself. While I am dealing with the shock of it all, I want to share the experience with my readers. You have helped make it happen for me. I do wish the party did not have to be a virtual one, but we can still have a great time. Yes? YES!!

I have brought the spiced punch, shrewsbury cake, and whipped syllabub pudding to begin the feast. Mrs. Langton is busy bossing the kitchen staff to produce additional delights. Georgiana has picked her liveliest tunes to play for us on the pianoforte while we break out the cards for whist and piquet. In between the dancing, shuffling cards, eating, and parlor games, let’s talk about Loving Mr. Darcy.

Remember that on September 29 & 30 I will be hosting an in depth discussion on my second novel, so let’s keep this chat spoiler free. For now tell me what your expectations for Loving Mr. Darcy are. What do you want to see happen? What do you predict will happen? Who do you want to read about besides Lizzy and Darcy? If you already have the book, tell me where you got it! What do you think of the cover? Did the back cover write-up intrigue you? Are you newly discovering my Saga? Anything that comes to mind is fair game! Let’s roll……

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  1. In response to Diane's question regarding the cover art (volume 1), the lady in question is Elizabeth Campbell, Marchesa (Marchioness) di Spineto, by Sir Henry Raeburn PRSA c.1812. The gentleman is Commander Hugh Clapperton by Sir Henry Raeburn PRSA c.1817.

  2. Diane, I wish I could answer your question about the painted man and woman. You are absolutely correct that they have been on other covers. In fact, if you search through the Regency novels on a shelf, you will see many of the same faces repeated! I think it comes down to there not being a plethora of Regency Era portraits that are copyright free, or not a specific person. I know when I was not pleased with the first image of Mr. Darcy that Sourcebooks came up with, my editor said it was difficult to find adequate appropriate paintings. They searched hard before finding the one who ended up on the first novel. Oddly they chose a different man for Loving Mr. Darcy! But at least he is masculine appearing and similar enough to the man on Mr. & Mrs. FD.

    Thanks to everyone for your best wishes. Good luck obtaining my book. It should get easier in the days ahead as the stores get all there recent shipments unpacked. Be sure to let me know!

  3. Hey, Sharon! 🙂

    Happy LOVING MR. DARCY Day! (and Darcy Saga Week) Congrats on being a multi-publisher author. I’m so happy for you, you most certainly deserved this and more. 🙂

    I wish I could say that I already have my copy of LMD, but unfortunately, it’s not available at my local Books-A-Million (or other bookstores in my area). I’ve searched and couldn’t find it. 🙁 Hopefully, it’s just delayed and will be on display soon. Nevertheless, like you, Sharon…I’m celebrating the release of you book even though I don’t have my copy yet, lol.

    Btw, love all the fun festivities here. Keep them coming, Sharon. You’re doing a great job hosting all these fun stuff. 🙂

    God Bless and take care!


  4. I have a question about the cover art. Who are the people in the painting? I was surprised to see both the male and female on other Pride and Prejudice related books. Are they the official Regency era couple? 😉

  5. Hi all! Yes, I know it is afternoon already, but my big day started with sitting in a doctor’s office! Real life never ends and kids continue to need their mommies, even when they are 16 years old! Or rather, as he corrected me, a "young man" needs mom for transportation. LOL!

    But I am glad to see you all have continued the party without me! Yep, I am dancing. Mentally I am dressed in a flowing chiffon gown in pale blue, ribbons of gold and burgundy in my curled hair and edging the gown. The music is rollicking! The minstrels are the finest in the shire, I assure you. The punch is delicious, maybe even spiked, I am thinking, by some scoundrel hoping the single ladies will get silly so he can steal kisses. Fresh gingerbread cookies shaped as men have just been brought up from the kitchen. Yum!

    I have received one report thus far from Deanna in Maryland who snuck our on her lunch hour to successfully find my book in B&N! Good job, Deanna! Hope you grabbed a sandwich while you were out there. Anyone else? Here in central CA we seem to be in the wasteland of deliveries delayed as not a single store in a 200 mile radius has LMD yet! I know because my hubby was calling ALL of them! The man is crazed, I tell ya.

    But, despite the fact that I have not yet seen my own book – grumble, grumble – I am going to celebrate nonetheless. This is the official date and I know the boxes are gradually lumbering across the country and will be on shelves very soon. If you find it, be sure to share with me!

    Thanks to all of you for the congratulations and kind words. I REALLY appreciate it and know that I would not be at this place if not for my loyal fans. This time is for you as much as for me.

    So…. As much as I love the accolades *blushing* we are here to PAR-TAY and talk about your LMD anticipations. Any thoughts? Hopes?

  6. WOW the day has arrived!!!! Congratulations dear friend!
    You deserve all the great reviews and happiness this event brings!
    Wishign you continuing success always.
    I am hanging out for my copy which should arrive real soon. The cover is so totally cool I can;t wait to see it first hand!
    TSBO devotee

  7. CONGRATULATIONS SHARON!!!!!!!!! You did it, you are a multi-publishied author!! I am at a loss for words today, I am SO very excited and proud for you! You have come so far, Sharon, from just a couple years ago when you started posting your beautifully moving saga and as your first readers we encouraged you to have it put into book form and now look at you! Two books published and more on the way. You are an amazing woman Sharon, not only have you written such a beautiful love story and had two books published and sitting on major bookstore shelves, but you have managed to handle a successful nursing career, and most importantly a beautiful family and household at the same time, truly astounding. You deserve to celebrate, dear friend, so please, sit back and enjoy the accolades today and for the rest of your launch fete!

    Love, and my very best wishes always,

    Julie C

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