Kentucky Living Magazine goes Jane Austen

Kentucky Living Magazine goes Jane Austen

I have to share this coolness with all of you! It is double… no… TRIPLE cool because not only does it involve me, but also the Greater Louisville Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA-GL) — which I am proud to be a part of — and also my fabulous husband and photographer extraordinaire, Steve Lathan. Whoot!

KY Living toc

For the May 2015 issue of Kentucky Living, an article by Kathy Witt — an award-winning lifestyle and travel writer, and the author of several books including The Secret of the Belles — highlighted our JASNA region along with other local area literary features. Jane Austen lead the charge, as we know she should, with the article enhanced by photographs taken by my husband at the 2014 Jane Austen Festival in Louisville.

In case anyone does not know, my sweet hubby is an amazing photographer. He has studied the craft for over 40 years, and now that he is retired he is able to focus on his passion for more than family outings, my portfolio images, and the many landscapes hanging on the walls of our house. Seeing his photographs in a magazine for the first time is thrilling. He has a website that is being added to constantly, with stunning landscapes and more that are available for purchase. Check it out! Steve Lathan at Luv The Light Photos –

Kentucky Living is a monthly print and online magazine published by the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives. It is the largest circulating publication in Kentucky! So it goes ALL over the state, and with this issue hitting the streets the week of the Kentucky Derby, who knows how far it went!

It was an honor to be included. Hopefully my small contribution aided my JASNA region and Austen Authors.

KY Living promo

Below are screenshots of pages 34 and 35 from the article. Page 36 is mostly about the two other literary subjects, so I did not include it here.

Tune in to Austen Authors next Monday, May 18, where I will be blogging on the upcoming JASNA conference (the Annual General Meeting, or AGM), which takes place in October and is being hosted by the Greater Louisville region.








KY Living pg34
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KY Living pg35
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I hope you blog the date that registration for the JASNA AGM opens – I’m going crazy with worry I’ll miss out! I’ve always wanted to go the the annual JA events in the summer there, but figure as a Canadian living within 500 miles of the Arctic Circle I am not up to the heat of a Kentucky summer, so the October AGM is finally my chance to see all the magic that Louisville pulls out of its Regency bonnet every year.

Brenda Webb

Great article Sharon and great photos from Steve! Who knew he was so talented with a camera. 😉

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