Jane in June at The Book Rat

Jane in June at The Book Rat

My new friend Misty is hosting a month-long Jane Austen extravaganza at her blog, The Book Rat. Several posts a day will be added for the entire 30 days of June including reviews, guest essays, loads of giveaways, poems, letters to Jane, etc. Over thirty different Jane-lovers have been invited to participate so the offerings will be diverse and fun.

Today, June 6, my post is showing up! I accumulated a bunch of facts about Jane, some well known and others more obscure, to put the focus squarely on the simple woman who wrote so brilliantly with no idea that her stories would be touching lives 200 years later to the point of devoting a month to her.

Jane Austen Facts by Sharon Lathan at The Book Rat

So stop by and read what I had to say, and then join in the rest of the fun. Let me know if you win one of the novels or prizes being given!!

And while I am on the subject of blogs: I realized recently that I never posted the blogs I wrote for the My Dearest Mr. Darcy virtual book tour in January here on the Darcy Saga. About a month after the releases of my first two novels I re-posted the dozens of guest blog essays and interviews here for the lasting enjoyment of my visitors who may have missed them. Why I forgot to do that for My Dearest Mr. Darcy is a mystery to me – busy writing new stuff, I suppose! Anyway, I will be doing that in spaced intervals throughout the month, so pop in now and again. Plus, it will fire up the passion in prep for the In The Arms of Mr. Darcy release that is less then 4 months away!!!

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  1. Sharon your essay was entertaining and enlightening as always thank you.. I find Jane’s life so sad, that I focus on the happiness her novels brings me. So i doubt that I will ever be a true Janeite!
    What a wonderful comment from KAY!!!
    I am always open to more interpretations of P&P bring them on, Matthew…. or whoever is willing to take on the task of playing the ever gorgeous Darcy!!! If we go by previous accounts we shall see another adaptation in about 2015- 2020 haha. In the meantime your beautful illustration of Darcy & Lizzy’s lives are perfect!
    TSBO devotee

  2. Hi Kay,

    Wow! Thank you so much for your fabulous praise. You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear positive feedback. I am thrilled that you have enjoyed my novels so much, and I appreciate that you understand and confirm the reality of a true marriage.

    I have said it a million times but will continue to say it: A marriage can be like I have written the Darcys! It breaks my heart that so many of the negative reviews point to this aspect of my novels as the main "flaw." It is tragic that the majority of people do not comprehend, and are actually furious, at the idea of a happy and sexually fulfilled marriage between Lizzy and Darcy. So I cannot thank you enough for speaking up, as far too many of my satisfied readers never do, to publicly proclaim that I have gotten it right!

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

    Come back often and join in the fun! And thanks for mentioning Dr. Darcy. I love that man and think he is so amazing. It warms my heart whenever anyone gives him his due. And of course HE loves the attention! 😉

    Hang in there, October is creeping up fast.

  3. What a lovely post, and I absolutely agree with every word Kay. I would love to see MM and KK back onscreen together, they were perfect as Lizzie and Darcy weren’t they. Perhaps RDJ as Wickham? Perhaps not, Sharon likes him too much! LOL!

  4. Dearest Sharon, I have read other spin-offs of Pride and Prejudice from other authors. YOUR DARCY SAGA IS TOTALLY THE BEST, I love all the wonderful details of the intimate Fantastic Sex between Darcy and Lizzy. This is what really goes on in the bedroom of a married couple really in LOVE in real life. Of course in Jane Austen’s day these books would have been ban. Your books have it all, SENSUALITY, TRUE LOVE, ADVENTURE, the true workings of the relationship between and man and woman really in love plus all the family details. I love Mr. Darcy’s Uncle, DR. George Darcy. Please continue the DARCY SAGA, and bring to life all the rest of the charactors. I would love to see Caroline Bingley really fall in love in a totally on-expected way, that totally changes her snobbery ways. I would love to see your books made into movies! With MATTHEW MACFAYEN and KIRA KNIGHTLY continuing as Mr. and Mrs. Darcy!!!! I am telling all the ladys I know, friends and family about your books. I am a mature married women ( maried 25 years) , I like that your books really tell what really goes on in and out of the bedroom of a couple really in love. Even back in those days!!!!. #1 FAN, GOD BLESS YOU …………….KAY IN N.C. USA.

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