Inspiring Happily Ever After

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Sharon Lathan

Hi Jenny and Liza. Thanks for stopping by and chiming in. I will keep on doing my best to add a bit a happiness and romance to the world. And I am fairly sure my wonderful hubby will keep me inspired. Most days, anyway! 😉

Lisa Zechman

Sharon I am so with you on all of these accounts. I am so excited to see you are putting out books four and five. I am ashamed not to have known sooner. Your a wonderful author and I simply cannot wait for these to become available. Good Luck and may your own Mr. Darcy inspire so many more delightful stories to be enjoyed by your adoring fans.


AMEN SISTER!!!! Thank you!!!! I just love this blog thing!!! It is so crazy how ya’ll end up talking about what I am thinking!!! I just love it!!! I hope ya’ll are all having a great day!! Tommorrow is Dec. 1!!!!!! Just one more month!!;-)

Sharon Lathan

Seli and Vee, You two are the best! Thanks so much for always stopping by and commenting. I am thankful for many blessings, but one of the top ones is my wonderful friendship with you two and the many other ladies who I have "met" via my saga. I am one lucky girl!


"Why not?" indeed. For most of us reading a beautifully written romance is an escape from the reality of a hectic and possibly dull life.
Sharon you are very blessed in having a remarkably romantic husband in Steve. I know there are many people lucky enough to be in such a wonderful relationship. But for those of us that are not it is something to aspire to. I derive so much inspiration and faith from your characters. When life gets dull reading your words brings in a new sense of being. A freshness that allows my life to sparkle again!
We are very fortunate that you have the talent to share with us what a wonderful romantic life with your soulmate can be. Thank you.
TSBO devotee


Wow Sharon that was so wonderful. I cant wait to read the poem in your 4th book.

I am thankful for having been given the gift of another morning to share with my husband and son. They make my life complete.

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