I have the best friends! Private Lives Gift from London.

I have the best friends! Private Lives Gift from London.

Just look at this picture—-

Yes! The playbill from Private Lives, now playing at the Vaudeville Theatre in London, brought as a gift to me from my friend Maggie who just saw the play – twice! – AND met Matthew! breathe, Maggie, breathe A gasping and shaking Maggie texted me moments after the enchanted moment, incurring goodness only knows what media fees, to share the glow. I KNOW! It was fantastic!! I have now seen the pictures to prove it, heard the entire tale, and touched the playbill that he signed for Maggie. He said it was “lovely” that she and her husband had flown all the way to London to see the play. Ha!! And indeed she assures that he is even more gorgeous in person and that photos do not do him justice. And the play is wonderful as all the reviews are saying. Which brings me to this tasty tidbit of just-released news:

Private Lives with Kim Catrall and Matthew Macfadyen will be coming to Broadway! Dates are not set, and it will be after Ms. Catrall appears in another play, but seems assured for after the New Year. Anyone fancy a trip to New York?

As you can also see, Maggie went shopping at Harrods (unfortunately Matthew’s voice over commercial was not playing on the overhead) and she bought me some lavender body lotion. Lavender = Lizzy, get it? So sweet. As I said, I have the best, most wonderful friends.

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  1. I am sure he will be beat red, May, but we will be kind. 🙂

    I will keep you posted, Seli, you can be sure of that!!

  2. At least another 6 people are interested in joining the group Sharon, do you think Matthew will be overwhelmed by all these fragrant ladies crowding around him? I think he will love it!

    May xx

  3. I’ll be dragging you along, Kathy, you can be sure of it! Maggie will be game for another viewing, I am sure. We can meet up in your neck of the woods and fly together! Then we can meet up with May, who will have no problem jetting over from Scotland, right May? Pick up Susanne before you leave. Seli will fly up from Florida, and Vee has time to plan a trip from OZ. Anyone else? You all are welcome! Maybe if we are in league we can bolster each others confidence and actually manage to carry on a coherent conversation when we meet Matthew. And did I say "when" not "if"? You betcha!!

  4. Hello Sharon!

    That is really fantastic! The playbill and the lavender body lotion, sigh.
    You have to go to New York if it is possible for you.

    On Monday "Pride and Prejudice" is on TV again and I will watch it again, although I have seen the Dvd countless times. But I need Lizzy and Darcy and so they will join me at Easter once again.


  5. Smelling salts for sure!! Oh Sharon how exciting – you are going to have to frame that and put it in your office to look at it all the time – what a wonderful gift!!

    You know New York (Broadway) OHH sounds like we are all going to need smelling salts if we go!!!

    Lets go!! LOL

  6. Vee, you never know what happens, Matthew did say that he would like to do film work in Australia, so fingers crossed you will get to see him if he makes his way there!

    Maggie, I was just thinking about what you said about Matthew’s ability to totally immerse himself in the characters he plays, didn’t Keira say just this when he auditioned for P&P?. He came in as Matthew and lo and behold he turned into Darcy before her eyes. She was so dumbstruck she forgot her lines! Mind you, it WAS the rain scene and at the audition he invented the "near kiss" which would make anyone lose their train of thought!

    Pass the smelling salts!

  7. Way to go ladies!!!!

    Maggie what an awesome experience. Thanks for letting Sharon share your excitement with all of us. I am totally jealous that UK gets to see Matthew on stage and now Broadway!!!! Totally jealous 🙂

    I agree with Kathy SF Maggie share the love hehehe. Tell us everything…….;)

    And May when you put it that way "Mr Darcy and that voice" melting………. Totally jealous!!!! But also extremely overjoyed for all of you that will get to see the play and gorgeous Matthew. Please give us all loads of details. Oh and tell Matthew Australia should be his next destination. Thanks 😉
    TSBO devotee

  8. Sharon, what a lovely gesture from your friend Maggie! It sounds as though she had a wonderful time meeting the devine Mr Macfadyen. And Maggie, I know, you try and be as normal as possible when the moment comes to meet Matthew, and then when the event is over you finally breathe (or try to). I will see the show mid April – can’t wait!

    New York beckons! If you make it Sharon, how momentous! Coming face to face with Mr Darcy and that voice!

    May xx

  9. Ahhh Sharon, you are so cute! I count myself very blessed to have you as my dear friend!! I’ll email the pictures to you. 🙂 The play was amazing. The cast was amazing. The thing that amazed me about Matthew is that he can be so immersed in his character, performing flawlessly both times I saw the play, and then when he walks out the stage door it’s almost as if he is a different person. He was completely Elyot Chase onstage and 25 minutes later, he was Matthew, going out for a bite to eat between shows.

    Although the play was written 80 years ago, I feel it is still hilarious today….maybe not totally PC, but that appealed to me. It is laugh out loud funny. It is full of Quotable lines. I will definitely be saving my pennies for a plane ticket to New York to see it (and Matthew) again.

    Thanks for sharing my excitement Sharon…..I just needed to share my great news with someone who would understand why I was freaking out. 🙂 Love you lady!!!

  10. That is so neat, Sharon! Hope your friend Maggie can share her thoughts and maybe a review or two and maybe even a piccie here? New York for the New Year!!!

    Any takers….hmmmm? Hope so!


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