Hope of the Future DAILY SNIPPET with Giveaway

Hope of the Future DAILY SNIPPET with Giveaway

As promised, I am posting small excerpts from Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future every morning over on my Facebook Page.

Starting this past Sunday, June 25, and on through until the novel is released sometime in late July or early August, every day at 7am EST a new snippet will post. Please comment on the snippet, of course! I love to hear your thoughts, speculations on what is happening in the scene, and so on. To read already posted snippets, scroll down the timeline or better yet, search Facebook for this hashtag:  #HOTFdailysnippet

For the GIVEAWAY I will keep track of everyone who “shares” the DAILY SNIPPET to their Facebook with news of my upcoming release.

NOTE: Some Facebook profile privacy setting do not allow me to see who shares, so be sure to either tag me or inform of the share within the comment section if you want to be entered into the drawing. I will pick FIVE (5) WINNERS for an eBook. Sweet!


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  1. Love that snippet! A jealous Elizabeth makes it more fun. So excited that your second prequel is finally coming out!

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