Hero Inspiration

Hero Inspiration

Is there a red-blooded woman out there who does not appreciate a fine looking man? I rather doubt it! Of course, I have the excuse of being a romance novelist – *wink, wink – Hence I can add to my Pinterest Board for “Hero Inspiration” without feeling too guilty. LOL!

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The truth is, a handful of the hunky men pinned to the Board are inspirations for various characters.

Nacho Figueras
Argentine Polo Player Nacho Figueras

Argentine Polo Player Nacho Figueras. I saw this pic in a magazine years ago, having no idea who the man was. I was in the beginning pages of writing Miss Darcy Falls in Love, and the instant I turned the page I knew he was a perfect Baron Caxton.

David Gandy
Model David Gandy

Several months later I stumbled across the image to the right. Model David Gandy does not look exactly like Figueras, but there is a similar smoldering intensity that fit the magnetic Baron. Between the two, it was quite easy to visualize Baron Caxton, as I am sure you will comprehend if you have read Georgiana’s novel!

Now, while gazing at these two fine specimens, one may conclude that Miss Darcy got the short end of the stick with Sebastian Butler. Wrong! My initial vision for Mr. Butler was fueled by the luscious Rupert Penry-Jones, who played Captain Wentworth in the 2007 version of Persuasion.

As I wrote his character, however, my vision shifted somewhat. Sebastian is, in my mind, tall and blonde (as Rupert is), but with a sparkle and boyish charm that I instantly felt when first seeing Simon Baker in the movie Something New. Caxton and Sebastian are two very different men, in looks and personality, but I adore Simon Baker, and hope you agree that he is missing nothing in the sexy and handsome department!

Rupert PenryJones
Rupert Penry-Jones as Capt. Wentworth
Simon Baker
Wet Simon Baker… yum!

Matthew Macfadyen

Of course, for my ultimate hero inspiration (You know who it is! ) HE needed a Pinterest Board all his own. Two, in fact.

One board focuses on Pride and Prejudice 2005, so the pics are all of Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy, along with other pics from the movie, behind the scenes, and interviews. The second board is ALL for Matthew Macfadyen, in anything and taken anywhere! Over 200 pins (including videos) at the moment. Wow!



Now, hop on over there and enjoy. Just try not to leave drool on the computer keyboard, okay?




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Julie Gumataotao

I’m still swooning over Mr. Darcy(Matthew Macfadyen). Amazingly how perfectly he fits as our Mr. Darcy!!!!Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

Brenda Webb

I promise that I wiped the droll off before I left! heh heh

Brenda Webb

I can’t type! I meant drool! 😉

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