Happy Valentine’s Day!


Curious as to what Darcy might be thinking on the Valentine’s Day before he proposed to Elizabeth Bennet? I have an idea! My entry into the Austen Authors P&P 200 is today and the title is “Darcy Comes to a Decision.” Here is the beginning bit but you will need to click over to Austen Authors to read the rest!


Darcy closed the door behind him and did something he rarely did: He collapsed against it and released a loud moan of relief.

“What a horrendous afternoon,” he muttered. He ran a hand through his hair before grasping the knot of his cravat and tugging. Futilely as it turned out. “Damn! He would choose today to bind me with some new fangled tying technique.”

As if my cravat is the deciding factor in whether a woman will find me appealing. Stupidity!

He pushed away from the door with a grunt and crossed directly to the sidebar. Something strong was needed to scorch the taste of tea and repugnance from the back of his throat.

“What a horrendous afternoon,” he repeated, this time with a growl. “What was I thinking?”

The question was rhetorical so he felt no need to answer himself. Thankfully. Have I so unraveled that I have now resorted to talking aloud? He clamped his lips shut before the answer slipped out audibly.


To be continued at Austen Authors……

While there be sure to check out my two posts about Valentine’s Day origins and the Saint(s) who gave the holiday it’s name. And now a few vintage Valentine cards, as I always love to share.




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  1. Dear Sharon,

    thank you for the Valentine´s Day cards. I really love them.
    And now it is rather late, but I have to read on Austen Authors tomorrow a lot…..
    Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  2. Hope you got spoiled on Valentines Day Sharon! I love the beautiful Valentine’s Day cards of old especially the first. Wonderful!
    TSBO devotee

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