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Krista Bagley from Utah wrote on December 3, 2012:
Thanks so much for letting me sign and be a part of your wonderful blog! Thanks for keeping the Jane coming, its nice to share the love of Jane with others. This is coming too you all the way from Utah!! In the true spirit of a Janeite I often wonder what Jane would say, so I thought I would ramble off something. "Why would one make so much fuss over me." LOL I don't know I just thought Jane might say that. I know I'm weird. Thanks so much
Krista B.
Cindy wrote on November 28, 2012:
Hello Sharon, I just finished your latest book and was astounded at how much I loved it even though it was not about Lizzie and Darcy. The way you've made me fall in love with every single one of your characters continually amazes me and I look forward to your upcoming book as well as future books to come! Thank you for an amazing series and I hope you will never stop! 🙂

Thank you Cindy! I am always happy to hear this report, although I wish everyone would take a chance on the other characters besides Darcy and Lizzy. Georgiana's love story is very special to me. I am delighted you enjoyed it so thoroughly and very much appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Next up: Dr. George Darcy!
Hugs, Sharon
Kim from Michigan wrote on November 16, 2012:
I am reading the Darcy Saga for the second time and I love it as much as the first time I read it.
Please finish writing the next book. I can't wait!
Mandy from Pittsburgh, PA wrote on October 29, 2012:
I want to thank you for these wonder stories. I am the biggest fan of Pride and Prejudice and was always sad there was never a continuation of the story. A friend of mine who I share different novels with, recommended Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. I read the story and was hooked. I am now the owner of all of the novels except one. These novels have become part of my collection that I will one day pass on to my future daughter. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world through these novels.
Zoe from Hampshire, England wrote on October 17, 2012:
Hiya Sharon

OMG your books are amazing. I have just finished reading "The Trouble with Mr Darcy". but I was just wondering if there was going to be another book about Fitzwilliam and Lizzy Darcy. I know that there are some more I could read but I like to think ahead.
Thanks for the lovely books xx

Hello Zoe,
Thanks for signing my guestbook! Yes, I am working on another book focusing on Darcy and Lizzy. I am not sure when I will finish it! But I do hope to keep the Saga going 🙂
Nancy Williams from Perkasie, Pennsylvania wrote on October 12, 2012:
I love reading your books, I have finished all of them. I just noticed "In the Ams of Mr. Darcy" page 285, "The chamber across the reive was larger and far more interesting. Here the walls and celing were impossible to see, the breadth of the cave known to be over two hundred feet although one only had the impression of vast space." I think since they are supposed to be in England, should you have use meters?

Hello Nancy,
Thanks for signing my guestbook! I am very glad you enjoyed my novels 🙂 As for your question: No, I could not use the metric system even if I wanted to - and as an American it would have been uncomfortable for me - because that system of measurement was not standard in England until 1965! It was discussed as early as 1818 (so still a bit later than my Saga) but not used in any way. Hope that explains a bit of history there!
Sincerely, Sharon
Helen Keddie from Macomb, Michigan wrote on October 4, 2012:
Dear Mrs. Lathan,

After watching Pride & Prejudice, I too longed for more of the story. Thank you for writing it! I am now on Volume Five. If you have any influence over the matter, I would love to see more films using "the same cast of actors" as they were all brilliant. Keira Knightly is a wonderful actress.

(I wish you would of made Darcy's eyes blue on your book covers.) Just saying. In Book Four, I think you could have wrote more about Jane & Charles & the birth of their child as well as the marriage of Mary. The story kind of jumped around a little. Just a little constructive criticism - I hope you don't mind. Thanks again!!

Hello Helen,
Thanks for signing my guestbook! I am very happy to hear you loved my novels. That is always fine news to receive! I would love to see another movie made, although I have NO influence in the matter, and am happy to report that coming soon is Joe Wright's version of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina starring Keira and Matthew both! As for the blue eyes on the cover: I did ask but authors have next to zero input on book covers, sadly, and my request was ignored. As for the story: I felt the need to pick up the pace after the slow progression of the first three. After already covering one birth in fine detail, another seemed like too much! Choices have to be made based on inspiration, and I simply was not inspired to cover those events at the detriment of others, such as Georgiana's debut, etc.
Sincerely, Sharon
K M Shropshire from Missouri, USA wrote on August 2, 2012:
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed volume one! I alternated between smiling and my eyes misting over. You captured the spirit of Lizzie and soul of romance of Mr. Darcy.

And if I may be so bold -- I'd love to see you take a stab at a sequel to Elizabeth Gaskill's 'North & South'! I was enraptured by the BBC presentation and found a hero in John Thornton to match Mr. Darcy.

Best wishes for your continued success!

Thank you so much, KM! I am very happy you enjoyed the first and hope you love the others as much if not more. 🙂 I adore North & South! Thanks for the suggestion but I think taking on one sequel to a beloved author is enough for one lifetime. LOL! Sharon
Dimitra Zographos from Melbourne, Australia wrote on July 13, 2012:
Sharon, thank you for brining so much pleasure in our lives in the books you have written on Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy. I have every one of your books and have bought the complete set for my closest friends. May God inspire you to write forever and hope that all your books will be turned into a movie or even better a mini-series. I'm happy to start a world-wide vote to make this happen. Can you please tell us if you have plans on writing another book about the Darcy's in the near future. I cannot wait for the next book. There is so much you can tell us about their lives and you write so beautifully, I am sure I am not your only fan who cannot wait for the next several books. You are the best.

Dimitra, Thank you so much! I love hearing such positive feedback {hugs} And thanks for sharing the word with your friends. That is awesome! I do have ideas for more of the Darcys. At the moment I am contemplating several options. I should know a bit more in a couple months. Love, Sharon
Connie Fischer from U.S. wrote on June 19, 2012:
I just wanted to "pop" by and tell you how much I enjoy your novels and your gorgeous - just delicious - website! All of the wonderful pictures just make me want to grab up a book of yours, find a cool tree to sit under and read! Thanks so much for providing your readers with such wonderful treasures!


Thanks Connie! I hope you find that cool tree. If you lived where I do that would not be possible. LOL! I am happy you enjoyed the pictures. Love, Sharon
Katie Macdonald-Galli wrote on May 14, 2012:
Your life story is stunning and tremendously inspiring. How I would like to be able to join you for tea near the beach for a time to hear more of how your life has unfolded into this great adventure of writing!

Katie, Tea on the beach sounds marvelous! Or just a beach would be nice. Thanks for sharing your appreciation of my novels - THAT is inspiring to me! Love, Sharon
Aylwen Gardiner-Garden from Canberra, the capital city of Australia wrote on May 9, 2012:
Fantastic reading about the 200 P&P project! We, too, are going to celebrate 200 years of Pride & Prejudice at Jane Austen Festival Australia from 18-21 April 2013.

Wish I could be in OZ Aylwen. Have fun! I'll be looking for pictures. Sharon
Magnolia Jane from USA wrote on May 3, 2012:
Please write another Darcy and Elizabeth book! I absolutely love all of the other books from the Darcy saga and as much as I loved the Christmas novella and Miss Darcy Falls In Love, I wish there were more about Darcy and Elizabeth and their children in Derbyshire. Please write more! I promise I will buy them! 🙂 You're my favorite Pride and Prejudice (continued) writer!

Jane, Thank you! I will never say good-bye to the Darcys completely. I hope to revisit their lives soon. Stay with me! But hopefully whatever I write will be as enjoyed and appreciated. I intend to do my best to provide awesome stories! Love, Sharon
Genea from Stony Creek, VA wrote on April 30, 2012:
OK, went to the book store with my mom who recently moved to Virginia from Chicago, My mom is an avid book reader so going into the store with her is crazy, ridiculously long...LOL But I went and looked aound and saw your novels. I too, saw the movie back in 2005 with Matthew and Kierra and fell in love. I went out and read all of Jane Austen's novels and have been infatuated ever since. Read your first novel in the course of two days. Couldn't put it down. What a wonderful writer you are. All the things I could have imagined that took place in the continuum of the story.. my dear Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Thank you for writing what our hearts desired to read... getting ready to start your next novel. I'm so glad I went to the store with my mom... you have helped me to stay lost in the beauty of this world.... and this is what helps me to make my marriage last, by staying in love.....

Genea, I am glad you went into that store with mom too! I hope you have enjoyed all of my novels as much as the first. Thanks for letting me know! It helps tremendously to hear from satisfied fans. Love, Sharon
Stephanie Jones from Virginia wrote on April 16, 2012:
Hey Miss Sharon,
I love your books! I first saw them at Target. I ended up reading them out of order because I bought the last one first, but I could still follow the story being a big Austen fan myself. I also like you fell in love with the movie in 2005 and now it is still my favorite movie! Anyways thank you for being such a brilliant writer and continuing the my favorite story!! 🙂

Stephanie, Aw, I'm blushing! Thanks so much for contacting me in this way. The positive feedback is wonderful and so inspiring. Love, Sharon
Liz from Noblesville, Indiana wrote on April 10, 2012:
Ms. Lathan,

Your books are extemely entertaining. Just the future I would hope such a tempetuous pair would have.

With Georgiana's story published and Dr. Darcy's story next, will you be writing Kitty Bennet's story in the future? I ask only because of the hints given in The Trouble with Mr. Darcy.

I sincerely adore your books!

Entertaining is good! We need to be happily entertained in today's world, I think. 🙂 Indeed I have wanted to expand on Kitty's story. Not sure when I shall manage that, but I haven't given up on the idea entirely. It is all about the time! Thanks for writing to me, Liz. I really appreciate the positive feedback. Love, Sharon
Crystal McKeown from Chicago wrote on April 10, 2012:
I love your books. I first got into reading them when I happened to see them at Target. I read them out of order because I accidentally picked the 3rd book in the series. However it did not matter because your books are so good that I did not feel lost at all.
Morgan Secor wrote on April 1, 2012:
I love you Sharon you are a very gifted writer! Darcy and Lizzies story is one of my favorites and I constantly watch the movie wishing that it would go on to illustrate what you have created in your books! I havent gotten a chance to read any of the others yet but soon will, because they seem wonderful as well! Thank you so much!
Christine Rigby from Australia wrote on March 28, 2012:
Hi Sharon

Greetings from not so sunny Sydney Australia

I have finally given in and read Miss Darcy Falls in Love - I have to say what a charming book.
While I am addicted to Lizzy and Darcys love story (the major reason for my hold out) I was enchanted, Georgianna and her story was very difficult to put down and I guess thats why I adore your writing style - you make the charactors breathe and seem alive .
So full of angst and and missteps - just like her.
But Gergianna deserves her prize and it was so beautiful - Kiki
Sue Dunning from England wrote on March 18, 2012:
Hi Sharon, I love your books, Darcy and Elizabeth have continued with their relationship, exactly as I had imagined. Are you writing more about them in particular, in the future? Or are you now concentrating solely on the other members of the Darcy family??