Guess these Objects…. if you can…

Guess these Objects…. if you can…

Another installment of a fun guessing game. These are various items that existed in the Regency Era that may or may not exist today, or if they do now look quite different. Can you guess what these are?


A.  Helpful place to place a bum. This 1815 specimen proves that ingenuity and wisdom, or maybe simple containment needs, were applicable to all citizens.


B.  Yep, men were dandies! This ornamental pretty hung at the opposite end of that pretty and functional pocketwatch. What was it called?


C.  This essential gentleman’s accoutrement had several names. Can you name THREE?


bottle baby

D.  This example is made from horn in three pieces that screwed together. Quite pretty, not that the user would have cared as long as it functioned. Can you guess?





E. Modest for the ladies was a virtue to be sure. Yet, sometimes one wanted a mere hint of modesty with a touch of daring remaining. These were perfect for the task!



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  1. I should also add that the last is throwing everyone! A fischu, technically, was a simple square of cloth not much different than a scarf, that wrapped around the neck and tucked into the bodice. E is fitted and sewn with a collar. Basically like a “dickie” but for women. Hmm….. 😉

  2. These were tougher than I thought! I knew D would throw people. *evil laugh* I’ll post the answers in a few more days. I wanna give folks a chance to guess!

    As a hint for D – It looks NOTHING like the ones we use today. No rubber, plastic, or latex yet invented.

  3. I’m flat out guessing on a couple of these…LOL
    A. Baby Highchair
    B. Absolutely no idea (although it looks like a weight LOL)
    C. Beaver Hat, Top Hat, Stove pipe
    D. Is it a magnifier?
    E. Fichu

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