Fun in Chicago & the RT Convention

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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[…] so far) time I attended this convention, and the first time I toured the Sourcebooks headquarters. Fun in Chicago & the RT Convention is my report on the adventures. Part of my day at Sourcebooks included an extensive interview for […]

Sharon Lathan

You would not be tongue tied, Susanne. We would have a wonderful time hanging out! I will hope it happens someday. It would be fabulous to meet you.


Dear Sharon,
today I found the time to read everything about your time in Chicago.
You are truly a gifted writer; I love how you describe the places you visit, the people you meet there and all the joy and fun you have there.
I can imagine how much fun it is to meet your friends there. In a few years you made your way: you are now an approved bestselling author. I really hope that I can attend such a fabulous event like in Chicago one day.
And if I meet you, I probably will be tongue.tied!
You are always close to me.
Lots of love,


What a superb time you had Sharon! Loved the photos!
May xx

Sharon Lathan

Thanks May!


ps you look beautiful as always Sharon xxx

Sharon Lathan

Ah, thanks Vee.


Fabulous Sharon! What a wonderful event!
Thank you for the amazing run through of your enjoyable week, I feel as though I was kinda their, although really being there would have been such a treat!
Your Steve is an amazing person/hubby, how delightful to share this experience with your number one fan 🙂
I love all the pics and the jellybean is fantastic!
Love the pic of all of you Austen Author geniuses together, what a talented bunch! Thanks for all the awesome novels I am ever adding to my bulging bookshelf! I will defintely check out the Sourcebooks link.
Glad you had a wonderful and safe trip. Now off to look at more of your pics 😉
TSBO devotee

Sharon Lathan

We had so much fun, Vee. It is so wonderful to gather with people you “know” online and then find out that you really enjoy spending time with them. I feel so blessed!

My hubby is a great guy. I am lucky to have him and very glad he comes with me.


Oh Rats!!! I wish I could have gone. We just got back from Chicago (suburbs) today. I will try to make the next one you attend in the midwest. St. Louis? Indy? Iowa City (famous mecca for writers at the U. of Iowa)? Milwaukee? Orlando, Fl? Vegas? I think we **may** go to wine country in CA in September/October. Maybe there will be something there, then? 😀

I’m glad you had such a positive response. I’m definitely ready for the next one. Can’t you give us another tease, please!?

Sharon Lathan

I’m in CA, Roz, but a ways away from the wine country. You will love the area. I hope to make the JASNA AGM in Minneapolis in 2013. Maybe we will connect at some place!

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