Darcy Saga Characters: The Gallery & How they came to be

Darcy Saga Characters: The Gallery & How they came to be

Another new addition to my Novel and Movie Image Gallery: the Darcy Saga Characters.

Once again turning to Google and especially Pinterest for the wealth of copyright-free portrait paintings of people from the past, I have carefully chosen someone for each character in my novels. Based on my internal vision, I searched until discovering the best example, and then, as necessary, utilized my moderate skills with photo manipulation and GIMP tools to tweak the portrait until as close to perfect as I can manage. In some instances I took portions of two or even three other painted portraits, and melded them together.

For many of the characters I added a background as well. I noticed that the vast majority of Georgian portraits were either painted against blah backgrounds. Also, over the decades the paintings lost color, tarnished with grime, cracked from age, and so on. In those cases the digital image shows the flaws. Again, thanks to programs like GIMP (my favorite) color can be added and most flaws erased. Or, if really bad, deleted altogether and replaced with something better!

MY version of Mr. Darcy~~

Hugh Clapperton
Commander Hugh Clapperton, painted 1817 by Sir Henry Raeburn.


Darcy on cover
Enhanced image of Com. Clapperton as Mr. Darcy from my novel cover.


Darcy old
Previous Mr. Darcy with hair stolen from Matthew Macfadyen and eyes given blue tint.


Current updated Mr. Darcy with better hair, improved graphics, and Pemberley background.

MY version of Elizabeth Darcy~~

Elizabeth Marchesca
Portrait of Elizabeth Campbell, Marchesa di Spineto, 1812 painting by Sir Henry Raeburn.



Slightly improved image as placed on my novel cover.



Current updated image of Elizabeth Darcy with color added, beautiful background, and so on.


Aren’t modern advancements awesome? LOL! Come on over to my novel gallery and see all the characters.

Sharon Lathan’s Novel Galleries: Darcy Saga Characters




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Stephanie L

Wow. That is a serious piece of work!! I carefully went through the whole lot. Amazing how my mental images of some were different than your intentions which now make me want to go back and read and see where I came up with that. LOL For some reason my brain has Sebastian as blonde. Who knows why? LOL Jharna is GORGEOUS! Love the background mods. Very lovely. Bravo bravo!

Stephanie L

RPJ/Simon Baker? *swoon* seriously…what’s Georgie doing even considering Caxton? LOL Okay, so SOMEWHERE I picked up on that and my brain made him blonde. Whew…I’m not completely nuts.

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