Celebration Day #5. My Favorite Quotes & more . . .

Celebration Day #5. My Favorite Quotes & more . . .

My week celebrating the publication of Darcy & Elizabeth: Hope of the Future has been super fun! Thanks to all for coming by. Tomorrow will be the last day to enter the GIVEAWAY for FIVE (5) copies of my novel. The deadline for the Rafflecopter form on the left sidebar is 11:45 pm, so be sure to enter! Winners will be announced on Monday.


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In the weeks ahead I will be hosted at several blogs, many with GIVEAWAYS in the offering. Naturally, I will share links and more information when the dates arrive, but here are the plans as I now have them set:

Thursday, August 24 at More Agreeably Engaged

Saturday, August 26 at My Love For Jane Austen

Monday, August 28 at Babblings of a Bookworm

Tuesday, August 29 at Diary of an Eccentric



As everyone who has read my novels knows, I am unabashedly sappy and romantic in how I write the relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy. I have been accused of being too flowery, saccharine sweet, using “purple prose” and similar criticisms, all of which I embrace and joyfully admit to. This is who I am as a writer and is what my most devoted readers like.

Therefore, I have no intention of changing! In my latest novel, since it is set during the more restrictive betrothal period, intimate moments are limited and the lovers have not quite reached the point of complete freedom in verbally expressing their feelings. Still, they manage to convey their sentiments a few times here and there. Following are some of my favorite quotes from the two hopeless romantics. Enjoy, and as always I would love to hear your thoughts!

Favorite Darcy & Elizabeth: Hope of the Future Quotes ~

“Do you not yet comprehend how deeply I love you?” This singular question, uttered with raw emotion, was alone adequate proof of how wrong I was to judge her feelings as being of a lesser intensity than mine. If I needed additional validation, her subsequent words—her endearment, her touch—were amply sufficient to lift the yoke from my shoulders. My dearest Elizabeth shall forever be my sufficiency. ~Mr. Darcy

She felt vibrantly alive—as if every moment of her life, prior to the day her betrothed kissed her for the first time had been drab and blurry. Now her vision was crisp, the colors vivid. In truth, all of her senses enhanced. A vital importance infused her being, an explicit reason to rise in the morning and anticipate the weeks, months, and years ahead with a previously unimaginable joy. ~Elizabeth Bennet

“I have no doubts we shall be marvelous together, in every way, and especially in our lovemaking, even from the very start. How could it not be perfect, beautiful, rapturous? Furthermore, when I stand before God and vow to love and cherish you forever, to be faithful only to you, I will mean it with all my soul. I will never, ever want anyone but you, Elizabeth. This you must believe.” ~Mr. Darcy

On the handful of occasions when he had relaxed his guard enough to touch her face, she readily recalled how his fingertips would sensuously brush over her skin from feature to feature, his passion-glazed eyes following and conveying without a single word his fervid attraction. His actions and expressions vivid in her mind, Lizzy lifted a hand to her face. Tracing a similar trail as he, she swept her fingers across her forehead, brows, nose, cheek, and then down to rest on her lips. Her mirrored image faded, shimmering into his form and his eyes hungrily, reverently staring back. ~Elizabeth Bennet

Years before meeting Elizabeth Bennet, one of the deepest desires of his heart was to stand in worship beside the woman he loved. It conjured images of more than Sunday services, such as the reading of banns, their wedding, and christening babies. Another item to check off his list of long-held dreams. At times, the promise of fulfilled dreams seemed like a dream itself. ~Mr. Darcy

“Some people are rather like a fine bottle of aged red wine. The cork must first be removed. The wine is then poured and allowed time to breathe. One must wait patiently for the aroma to rise and captivate those who wish to partake of its delights. The wine warms in the glass, aided by the touch of a hand, as the flavor softens and mellows. Slowly, gradually, the wine’s true essence is exposed.” She paused, adoring eyes locked onto Darcy’s. Concluding in a whisper, “Some people are structured so, and they are abundantly worth the wait.” ~Elizabeth Bennet

“The two shall become one flesh,” he read aloud, the words barely audible. Tears welled in his eyes, and further speaking was impossible. Gathering Elizabeth into his arms, he embraced her for a long while. He prayed the wild beating of his heart would convey his immense thankfulness for the gifts and her presence in his life. Though not yet wed to her, he already felt more complete than he ever had. ~Mr. Darcy

“Assess what you know to be true,” she said aloud to herself while trudging through a deserted field of yellowed, knee-high grasses. “William loves you. He is an honorable man, who is devoted to his family—a gentleman in the purest meaning of the word. He is kind and…he loves you.” ~Elizabeth Bennet

Placing their hands upon his chest, he bent for a chaste kiss on her lips. “I will be counting the days until I am again in your arms, Elizabeth,” he whispered against her mouth. Withdrawing, he peered earnestly into her eyes. “I am more bewitched by you than I was when I proposed. I love you, Elizabeth, with all my body, heart, and soul.” ~Mr. Darcy



Once again, a reminder of the fun “Name the Character Speaking?” quiz.
These are characters and quotes ONLY from Hope of the Future.
I know you Darcy Saga fanatics can figure it out!

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Oh goodness me, I have read the book but only know 7 of the answers ?. (Admittedly I struggle to remember my own name sometimes ??)
I’m now reading the rest of the saga and am half way through Loving Mr Darcy. I love your writing style and the romance between Darcy and Elizabeth. I have mentioned it before but Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy was the very first JAFF I read and started my obsession with this genre. So my gratitude is overflowing. Thank you again so much for writing such wonderful books. ?????

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