Brenda Webb, An interview with my Pal

Brenda Webb, An interview with my Pal

It is a tremendous pleasure to welcome my pal and fellow Austen Author Brenda J Webb. Brenda came into my life at a time I was feeling especially alone and betrayed. She gave her friendship selflessly, her honesty and sincere support a soothing balm when I desperately needed it. Now we are working together on Austen Authors, and it is MAH-velous!


Brenda WebbBefore my obsession with all things Jane Austen, I worked as an administrative assistant to the president of a CPA firm. Since leaving that industry, I enjoy spending time with my family and indulging my love of storytelling.

Born on a farm in Cullman, Alabama, I proudly admit to being a country girl, and after years of living in the city, I have finally achieved my dream of moving back to the country. My husband and I now reside on a three acre mini-farm, sporting chickens and numerous rescued dogs and cats.

Always a voracious reader, I rediscovered Jane Austen books after watching the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie. Searching for everything relating to Miss Austen, I eventually stumbled into the world of Jane Austen fan fiction. After reading other people’s stories, I decided to try my hand at writing a tale that kept coming to mind. I began posting that story online, and by November of 2010, started my own forum, Several of my friends insisted that I publish my story and in April 2011, Fitzwilliam Darcy an Honourable Man became available on

It was followed by Mr. Darcy’s Forbidden Love in December 2012, and Darcy and Elizabeth, A Most Unlikely Couple in November 2014.

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~ An Interview with Brenda Webb ~

Q – What were you like as a youngster? Tell us about where you grew up. Share a favorite childhood memory. Which high school group did you fit in to?
A –
Actually, I was a very shy but responsible child. My older sister was carefree and my younger brother was spoiled, so I was the one my parents counted on to handle everything while they worked.

I was born on a farm, but we moved to a very small town, reminiscent of Mayberry, when I began first grade. It was an idyllic time to be a child, and my friends and I spent the entire day roaming all over town and the outlying countryside. As long as we got home by dark, we were not in trouble. That was a time when doors were never locked, people were basically good and everyone looked out for their neighbors.

In high school I was in the middle/average student. At that point, I began to enjoy getting good grades and was often criticized for being too studious. Rather than try to fit in with the ‘popular’ crowd, I usually sought out the least popular person in my classes and befriended them.

You are forced to live on a desert island for six months. Food and bare survival equipment will be provided but that is all. You can take one person and five items to relieve the boredom and enhance the experience. Who is the person and what are the items? Why?
My husband. We are like two sides of the same coin and I would miss him. For the items, I am tempted to name five books because I love to read. Most definitely I would want my Bible, my animals (can they count as one?), games/cards, and if we have electricity, a short-wave radio, and my laptop. If there is no electricity, I would bring my entire JAFF library hidden in one bag!

If you could rewrite any classic novel, and change a plot point or the ending to suit you, what would it be and what would you change?
Dr. Zhivago. I would change the ending so that when Zhivago gets off the bus, he catches up with Lara. Even if he were to die shortly after, I would have loved for them to meet once more.

Do you have any particular talents? Anything outside of the norm? Any other artistic skills besides writing?
I can draw, although I am self-taught. I drew several likenesses of my son when he was small. I really wanted to be an artist. Perhaps I’ll take it up again one day.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
The ability to read minds because I have always been too trusting.

If you had a time machine, where would you go? Would you live there or just visit for a while?
1812 England, but just to visit. I am too set in my ways to put up with all the rules.

Do you have a passion for any particular causes or charities?
I support orphans in Haiti and Africa, and any cause that touches my heart. Presently I am trying to help a JAFF member’s son get a service dog by giving away three free JAFF books by various authors for a $25 donation. The details are on The child’s name is Alex Martin, and he is twenty months old and desperately needs this animal to alert for seizures.

Webb novels

When did you begin writing?
I have written most of my life, but I got serious about it in 2007.

What is your most difficult writing challenge on a daily basis?
Finding time to be alone. My husband is a talker and loves to tell me everything he will do before he does it and then afterward all that he did!

Do you have a favorite character or two amongst the many you have created?
My favorite JAFF character to write is Colonel Fitzwilliam, but I loved creating the characters of Joseph and Olivia Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s uncle and aunt, in my newest book. 

Do you have a strict writing schedule and process, or does it vary all the time? Are there certain “must haves” to get the muse properly inspired?
I usually write every day once I start a story. I must have absolute quiet to write though, and it helps if I am not preoccupied with pressing matters. I usually have the story in my head, but the details come to me as I write, so an outline is useless.

Do you have beta readers and/or critique partners? Or are you a lone wolf writer?
I have a wonderful friend and editor who has graciously worked with me for about six years, and I consider her my critique partner. I come up with the plots, but she tells me exactly what she thinks, and I have learned to trust her opinion. Along the way, I have acquired several wonderful betas as well, all of whom help me with grammar, punctuation, typos and keeping the facts straight.

Tell us what is next on your writer’s agenda.
Next, I plan to polish a shorter story I wrote and publish it. Then, I’ll begin another long story that has been on my mind since 2012.

Like me, you are a devout Christian. How does you personal faith and convictions influence your writing?
I believe in the scriptural view of marriage between one man and one woman, coming together as one. I write my hero and heroine to portray that ideal. My main characters have faith in God and are familiar with scripture and biblical values.

How do you personally arrive at the level of sensuality within your novels?
I find it very hard to write true-to-life love scenes. I try to balance the innate feelings between a man and woman desperately in love without going overboard with descriptions. I hope I accomplish that in my tales.

You are very outspoken as to your faith and political leanings on Facebook. I applaud you for this, but do wonder if you have experienced fallout or controversy.
I have always been the type of person who stands up for what I believe. In this politically correct world, however, that has becoming less acceptable. However, though I have been criticized for voicing my beliefs, I have also gotten many private notes from people, saying, “Bravo. I wish I could speak up, but because of (fill in the blank) I cannot. I am glad that you have though.” I find that very encouraging.

You have a forum – Tell us about the forum’s history, goals, and purpose.
I established in November 2010 because I needed a place to post my own stories. At the time I was posting “Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honourable Man” on a large JAFF site, and it was so popular that when I started D&L, over 500 people joined the site in a matter of days.

Afterward, several writers asked to post at D&L and I agreed. Not certain if I had the time, money or desire to run a regular JAFF forum, I modeled it after the Mrs. Darcy site, where there were only a few writers. Over time, I was able to recruit help, purchase more bandwidth and open the forum to all who wish to post. It has continued to grow, and we have close to 3800 members with approximately 100 online at any given time.

Thanks for sharing your time with my readers, Brenda. It is great to have you here! Lucky for me, between Facebook and Austen Authors, I get to “see” you often.


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  1. Thank you so much for your comments, Anji! I am so happy that have read An Honourable Man and I hope you have a chance to read another. Your hubby sounds like mine, so neither of us should have to worry if they were on a desert island along with us. Best wishes to you as well. Hugs, Brenda

    P.S. Email me, if you have time. My email is somewhere above here.

  2. Brenda, you are a sweetheart! I am amazed at your detailed stories created without an outline. I look forward to your new long story, especially knowing that it has been on your mind since 2012. Fingers crossed that it will feature Colonel Fitzwilliam!

  3. Hi Brenda and Sharon!

    It’s lovely to get to know you a bit better, Brenda. I was lucky enough to win a copy of An Honourable Man last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was certainly a different take on the story of ODC. Your other books are on my ever increasing TBR and Wish Lists, as are those of Sharon’s that I haven’t yet read.

    Though I don’t share yours and Sharon’s spiritual beliefs, I admire you for standing up for what you believe in. Life experience and science have turned me into more of an agnostic, so I wouldn’ be taking a Bible with me to my desert island (I’d have my Kindle) but your other choices are exactly the same as mine would be. My husband is a very handy chap to have around, so building a shelter etc wouldn’t be a problem!

    Good luck to you both with your future projects!

  4. Thank you so much for your comments Deborah! I love how you support all the JAFF writers with your comments and shares on Facebook. Oh, if only all the lovers of JAFF were like you. Since you, too, like the island idea, I shall put in my list of possible plots. Hugs, Brenda

  5. I enjoyed learning more about you Brenda Webb. I especially liked the 5 things you’d bring to a desert island. Husband, animals, & books are my favorites to bring as well. I would want my NOOK in place of the laptop though. Looking forward to your next story and the book after that as well. I like Jennifer’s idea above about ODC on a desert island.

  6. A big hello to the other member of the three amigos (besides Carmalee and me!) on D&L! Without your encouragement I would never have kept going. You took so much on yourself and have been such a blessing. As for the island story, I can certainly see that in a funny short story. Maybe I shall give it a shot! I am trying to write again but not having too much time of late. Hoping that changes soon. Thanks for showing your support, Hugs, Brenda

  7. Being a mod on D&L, I have come to know and love Brenda, and feel privileged to call her my friend. For me, D&L is a special place. As for that little island trip, Brenda, I’m wondering what kind of mischief you might make on ODC if they were trapped in a similar situation. I suppose we better keep them all in England for now as I am really looking forward to your next tale, ” A Promise Kept.” Jen Red ?

  8. What a lovely interview, Brenda is my cyber sister and I loved learning more about her.. thanks Sharon for spotlighting this awesome woman.. she is one of my favorite JAFF authors. I’ve had the honor of working with her on her site Darcy and Lizzy and she really is an incredible, kind, giving woman. Good Luck to you all.

    • Awww. You say the nicest things Carmalee. I have so enjoyed working with you on D&L and appreciate all your help so very much. You make it possible for me to ‘take five’ and write! I find myself daydreaming of all the good things you post in the recipes threads, especially the sweets. Oh to be young again and able to eat all the sugar I want! 🙂 Hugs, Brenda

  9. So happy to be your featured guest Sharon! I have enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to learning about my fellow Austen Authors. Very excited about being a part of the gang! Hug, Brenda

  10. Love you Brenda and love that your NOT “PC”. Have read all your books and they were perfect. I’m one of the fans for Darcy and Lizzy forum. I missed the Christmas card swap this year. Was unable to do because of my arm. Looking forward to more books from you????

    • So good to see your smiling face here! It is for people like you that I write. I do hope your arm is well healed before the next card exchange for I missed you being a part too. I have just started on my next book, so it will be a while. Hugs, Brenda

  11. Thank you for this interview! I love Brenda’s writing and her faith and morals, and that it shows in everything she does. I admire that her personality, even as a child, is to give comfort and friendship to those who need it most. She is a lovely person, and I thank her for D&L, it gives me many hours of reading pleasure, and many author’s a great venue to try out their work.

    • You are so sweet to say so Kari. I want my books to reflect what I believe and I am proud that you like them. D&L was created as a friendly place to meet, discuss and read JAFF and for new writers to try their wings. I am pleased that you feel it does just that. Hugs, Brenda

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