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Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Hey Sharon! I too bawked a little at the ominous task of reading (what is it nine books?) at first. But you did give it very glowing reports and it had ROMANCE in it! and my gorgeous daughter in law was up to the last book, so I waited to see her final reaction. If it all ended badly I don’t think I could have taken up the task. However she seemed quite pleased with the ending, without giving anything away, so I took the plunge! I am enjoying the series and whizzed through book four recently. It was a lot faster paced than the previous one.
I will admit to enjoying all the bits with Kahlan and Richard the most and I absolutely LOVE the TV series. I don’t know how it stands with die hard fans of the novels, but I really enjoy it! I think it helped me get into the books a lot easier.
I’ll keep you posted on the rest BUT after reading your excerpt I need some of your gorgeous Darcy & Lizzy hehe
TSBO devotee

Sharon Lathan

Thanks Vee!!

How cool that you are reading Goodkind! Emily has recently gotten hooked. It took her a while to decide to read them even though we enjoy the series. Now she is eating it up. She just finished the first and immediately started in on the second. A very good series, although I will confess the later books tended to drag a bit more than the first 4. Still, Goodkind is an amazing writer with a unique fantasy vision. Keep me posted on what you think!


Oh and by the way I will never love any characters more than Darcy & Lizzy!!! 🙂


OMG Sharon! When I read any of your excerpts goodness me its as though Darcy is there speaking and smouldering! Another awesome scene! I love his devotion and love to Lizzy. Such a beautiful couple.The drama emotion sincerity excitment happiness love you create are real and wonderfully captivating!!!
You recommended a show to us a while back Legend Of the Seeker. So I had a look and of course now I am in love with Richard and Kahlan and up to book four of the novels! I have been inadvertently and only temporarily distracted away from the dear Darcy and Lizzy in your novels. I do believe I shall have to take a break from Mr Goodkind to once more be taken away to Pemberley and your exquisite story telling. I have to say Sharon, I have read a few novels that you have recommended and they are very good in there own way, but I still can’t find one that compares to your writing style which I adore!
TSBO devotee

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