“Austen Power” in the Wall Street Journal – I am featured!

“Austen Power” in the Wall Street Journal – I am featured!

Sharon with photographer Annie Tritt

FABULOUS news to share! Over the past two weeks, I was interviewed (along with lots of other people, as you will see) for a Wall Street Journal article celebrating the enduring passion for Jane Austen.

On the eve of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Austen’s “darling child” – that being Pride and Prejudice, which was released on January 28, 1813 – everyone is talking about Austen, even the Wall Street Journal! I was especially fortunate to casually mention the memorabilia I have collected, most of them gifts from my wonderful fans, and the reporter Alexandra Alter was so intrigued that I scored a photo shoot! Talk about surreal.

Photographer Annie Tritt – her website here – drove over 3 hours from San Francisco and spent nearly 3 hours snapping pictures in my modest office. At the behest of Annie and my husband Steve, I donned my favorite Regency ballgown and did my best Top Model impression while we chatted between poses. LOL!

The article posted today. Yeah! It is a marvelous article well worth reading for the wealth of Jane Austen information and love that is relayed. Alexandra Alter certainly did her homework and wrote a stunning narrative. I am honored to be mentioned, and super thrilled to have my picture featured. Unbelievable!

Unless one subscribes to the Wall Street Journal online, accessing can be tricky. The direct link does not work. You can read the article, but here is what you have to do:
1. Go to Google and type in “Wall Street Journal Austen Power”
2. Click the first link that comes up. If it does not work, try again, or go to another browser. Eventually, you will be able to access the full article and video.

The article is also in the print version of the Wall Street Journal, in the “Arena” section. It is exactly the same written article, but with many more images. Just in case you can’t access the article either way, I have screenshots of the online version and scans of the print. Click the thumbnails below for a bigger view.

Screenshots of online version of “Austen Power” by Alexandra Alter–

AustenPower WSJ pg1AustenPower WSJ pg2

AustenPower WSJ pg3AustenPower WSJ pg4
AustenPower WSJ pg5AustenPower WSJ pg6



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Laura Hartness


Thank you SO much for the screen captures! I’ve been trying all day to read this article, to no avail. Gonna go read it now.



Stephanie L

It’s a fabulous article. There are just so many books and movies out there, it’s an amazing thing. I think it is brilliantly appropriate that you were included in this, even photographed (and your stuff as well!). Thanks for posting the thumbnails, made it easy to read without “hunt and fetch”. I do enough of that for school. LOL

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