An updated cover

An updated cover

I am very, very excited to unveil the new, vastly improved version of the cover for The Passions of Dr. Darcy. Yippee!! The designers at Sourcebooks listened to the feedback offered by me and many of you when I showed the original version last month on Facebook. Those of you who saw it there (and you still can if you scroll down a bit) will recall that over all I absolutely loved the design. The “concerns” were minimal. Nevertheless, I am delighted beyond words to see that not only were my wishes attended to, but they went a few steps further in increasing the stun-factor to the cover. I was literally dancing with joy when I opened my email, and I still am!

Now George has the blue eyes he should have, and the excessive rosiness to his lips was toned down. On top of that, the portrait is clearer and less dark hued, and the painting of the Taj Mahal is enhanced with sharper colors. I can honestly say that although I have liked/loved all of my covers, The Passion of Dr. Darcy is my absolute favorite.



What do you think? Isn’t he yummy?! I know George intimately, and can assure you that although I never saw this portrait before and my mental vision was slightly different, this man IS Dr. George Darcy. Feedback is welcome, of course. The release date is scheduled for April 1, 2013 and the novel can already be pre-ordered on Amazon HERE. Hurry up April!


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  1. Lovely cover! He looks a very passionate man and of course he definitely has a look of an older Fitzwilliam Darcy!

  2. Gorgeous! Love love the blue eyes and that you can SEE that they ar blue. Awesome job! So excited and ready for it! =D

  3. That’s wonderful news Sharon. The cover is stunning and it is perfect for your brilliant novel. Dr Darcy looks very very handsome! Can’t wait to have my copy in my hot little hand!
    TSBO devotee
    Vee xxx

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