A True Tale of Love

A True Tale of Love

My Saga is accused of being sentimental, romantic, mushy, sensual, and the like. None of this do I deny, but rather proclaim myself! Where I take exception is when these adjectives are applied as an indictment for the Darcys’ marriage being so implausible and fantastical that I may as well toss in some elves and wizards for all the reality involved in how I write their love and life! Here is where my dander gets ruffled. I adore a good fairy-tale, but do not think The Darcy Saga is one. At least not in the classic Brothers Grimm sense! But, just in case you do not want to believe my word of how amazing a marriage can be with a modern fairy-tale ‘happily ever after,’ I am going to share a true story of love.

Once Upon a Time a woman in Florida – we will call her S – saw the 2005 P&P and loved it. She did some internet searching, as folks do these days, and stumbled across The Darcy Saga website. She read the excerpts and blurbs offered there, and decided to take a chance. She bought Two Shall Become One and when she had read it, wrote to the author:

Congratulations!!! In one simple word – the book left me “BREATHLESS”!!!! I thank you for such a wonderful story, characters and places that came alive in every turn of the page. I was sad to finish the book and not be able to continue. 

The author was thankful and wrote an email expressing so. S shared the book with a friend, who also conveyed her delight. A few weeks passed and again S wrote to the author:

My husband of 25 years, wonderful years, has actually finished reading your book!!!! Imagine that someone that in 25 years has never been inspired to read a romance novel and he read yours!!!! Well, he stood up, walked towards me, gave me one of those kisses that makes you think you are floating in air, and then whispered, “I expect soon a locket of your hair.” Well, need I say more Sharon?

The author, who is incredibly sappy, was moved to tears! She thanked S, and encouraged her to definitely provide that lock of hair! Then, Valentine’s Day rolled around, and once again S wrote to the author:

I wanted to let you know my husband gave me the best Valentine’s present. He gave me a wooden box engraved saying ‘You have Bewitched Body and Soul. I am Yours Forever’!!!! Can you believe it – inside he put old pictures, our graduation rings, letters, cards, and notes going back 25 years!! I started crying like a fool!!! I just wanted to share that with you because I believe you have brought out something in him after he read your book!! LOL. PS: I gave him that lock of hair and he loved it!!!

The author was truly weeping and laughing now! Her father and sister, whom she was visiting at the time, thought she was having a stroke. They too were very impressed. So much so that the author’s father, a crusty old fireman well into his 60s, also read her book! By this time a friendship had begun between the author and S. Emails were regularly swapped and lives were shared. The author found out that S’s husband – we will call him R – was her high school sweetheart. He not only kept the lock of hair in his wallet, but among the items cherished and placed into the box were petals from the rose he gave her upon their first Valentine’s Day over 25 years ago while in high school! Even a romance novelist couldn’t make this stuff up! Oh wait, the romance novelist of this fairy-tale did! But, that was between a set of fictional lovers, and could never happen in real-life….Right?

The author and S talked about all sorts of things in the following months. Often they wrote about their respective ‘Mr. Darcys’ and how wonderful it was to find one’s soulmate. They are both believers in love and marriage, with good reasons to proclaim that belief. From time to time S would express how anxious she, and her husband R, were to read the next two novels waiting to be published.

Then, one day out of the blue, the author receives a secret email from R:

While I am a fan, my wife is an avid fan. We are both waiting on ‘Journeys Beyond Pemberley.’ I am looking to give her a surprise gift and I know an autographed book or books written by you would greatly please her. Is there any way that I may purchase one or all of the Darcy Saga books autographed by you? I know this may be an inconvenience, but it would make for a very special gift!

Of course, this particular schmaltzy author was thrilled by the request! No surprise there. In fact, she was so desirous to fulfill the sweet appeal that she fretted over the fact that the novels were not yet in bound form, afraid there was a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, that R was shooting for to gift his wife. R’s response, after affirming that S is a blessing in his life, was this:

The gift is for the best occasion of all: no special occasion at all! Since that is the case and we have no specific date to worry about, I would love to have her get all 3 books at once. If it takes a few weeks or a few months, it will not matter. I will be forever grateful to you for this.

The author was extremely happy, for a number of reasons, that the novels became available very soon after R’s entreaty. She did indeed purchase a full set and sign each one for S, including a card that conveyed the depth of her delight in this incident as a visible reminder of what true-love can create if the man and woman involved embrace the ideals. And, that it does exist beyond the pages of a romantic novel! S was ecstatic to receive the novels gifted by her amazing husband. R was thrilled to see the joy upon his wife’s face. The author was assured that abundant kisses were not the extent of thanks R received for his romantic gesture!

And, R and S continue to live happily-ever-after! Except, perhaps, for fighting over who gets to read the author’s novels first.

Thank you, R and S, for allowing me to share your true tale of love. I hope my readers enjoy this ‘fairy-tale,’ and that you will, like Peter Pan begs in relation to fantasy-fairies, declare a resounding, “I Believe!”



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As a lover of sappy, goopy romantic things – I LOVED reading this post! How wonderful for all of you.

The world doesn’t have *enough* romance in it – and I think that is a loss for society as a whole. We don’t know how to be mushy and romantic anymore and it’s a bit sad.

Glad to see Sharon is keeping the Mush alive and well – and inspiring others to do the same!!!


Thank you for posting this wonderful true story! I used to pride my somewhat cynical nature, but not where love stories are concerned. Love the reference to The Princess Bride as it is among my three favorites which, of course, include P&P and Moulin Rouge.


Sharon, your husband loves you so much – what beautiful thoughts he has expressed on this journal and how proud he is of you and your work. You are very blessed indeed!!


D. Poses

Oh Sharon, what a lovely post! I cannot tell you how happy I am that your books have brought so much joy and love to other people. I don’t have to tell you that even those of us who do not have a Darcy still love to read your stories of what can really exist and should! Thank you for inspiring us all and for reminding us in this cynical world that love can be real between two people. 🙂

D in TX


I am happy to see the inspiration that my wife’s book has brought people. This example was exciting for me since it shows how much love can grow when two hearts both want more of each other and are willing to die to self to get it. True love, to so many, seems to be an illusive myth and is often scoffed at, yet it is attainable when two people are willing to serve the other and have a deep passion to know more of that special one. Can two really become one? Yes I do beleive it. Will it require sacrifice and effort? Yes! So where does the jaded view that soul mates and the pathway to becoming one is something legends are made of. Well, look around and see what is portayed on the big screen and is pervasive in modern society. Ideas that you should get what you want out of a relationship irregardless of what the other requires. That somehow it’s all about you? It’s no wonder that people think its impossible, because a love seeking only its own doesn’t have the strength to make the journey. One could suggest quite easily also that real love…love that seeks another’s good above one’s self… would be more successful in getting you deeper into your soulmate than any other means. If my wife’s writings inspire a strong committed love within the bonds of a covenant relationship, then I’m excited about it. The idea that two shall become one is attainable, is true. In fact, it’s enjoyable. I can think of no better example than Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam, who overcome all obstacles to seek more of each other. Now that’s passion, now that’s love, and I for one am all for it. I’m reminded of that verse, "Now abide faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love."


Goodness what can I say. This has to be one of the most romantic gestures ever. Thanks to "S" for allowing you to share the beautiful romance this gorgeous couple share.

I can’t believe "R" actually took the time to read your Saga. He obviously cares a great deal about the happiness of his darling wife. Wishing you "S & R" both a lifetime of the same sweet devotion to each other.

Both you Sharon and "S" are extremely lucky to enjoy true happiness that is soul deep.

I hope everyone that reads your novel finds the enjoyment of learning how a beautiful love can be just like I did.

Thank you Sharon. God Bless
TSBO devotee

A Twin

Oh Sharon,
How lovely. Thank you for affirming that love is truly
glorious. You made me get teary but only I assure you from happy memories. You are the best!


By the way, the photo of the couple kissing is from the fabulous fairy-tale, ‘Princess Bride.’ It is, hands-down, one of the best fantasy love stories ever written and brought to film. If anyone who reads this has not seen this movie, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Run, don’t walk, to your nearest store and buy the DVD. I promise you will not be disappointed. I will leave you with a quote of Miracle Max: "True love is the most noble cause of all."

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