A Season of Courtship ON SALE + a Hope of the Future update

A Season of Courtship ON SALE + a Hope of the Future update

This is the week when I will finish Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future. YES! As I prepare this blog, late on Sunday evening, I am perfecting the final chapters in order to have it in the hands of my amazing editor Gretchen Stelter by Monday, July 10 at the latest. Probably sooner, although Gretchen has me slated into her editing schedule for the middle of July. What this means is that if all goes smoothly with the editing process, and then the formatting and uploading to Amazon, Nook, CreateSpace (for print version), Kobo, and iBooks, the novel should be available late July… or early in August if issues arise. Presuming something will go wrong in the process (Better to anticipate, and then be happy when nothing does go wrong!) I am conservatively aiming for the first to second week in August.

How does that sound? Applause and happy dancing? 

In the meantime, as we all wait patiently, I have been posting DAILY SNIPPETS over on my Sharon Lathan, Novelist Facebook Page. Today the 9th tasty excerpt will post, the DAILY SNIPPETS scheduled all the way through to the last day of July — every morning a new one at 7am EST. I am SO enjoying reading the comments and interacting with my excited fans! What a joy and encouragement it has been! Please keep the comments coming!


  • I am holding a GIVEAWAY! All you have to do is “share” the snippet on your Facebook profile! Share as often as you can for more chances to win!
  • Search Facebook for the hashtag: #HOTFdailysnippet  to read past snippets, or scroll down my Facebook Page.
  • When sharing on Facebook, be sure to either “tag” me in the share OR note you shared in the comment section. Privacy setting do not always allow me to see who shared to enter your name into the Giveaway.
  • Giveaway Prize is: an ebook to FIVE (5) WINNERS!


In the last bit of news/update for this post, I have put Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship ON SALE for the month of July! Ebook is now $2.99 (down from $5.99) and print is $9.99 (down from $12.95 list price). The image to the left links to AMAZON. Other purchasing marketplaces: NOOK   KOBO

For more information about all of my novels, click to the NOVEL PAGE.


Answers to questions I have been asked—

  1. Will Hope of the Future by on pre-order? YES! As soon as I have the book in the hands of my editor, I can then get the prep work started, first of which will be listing on Amazon for pre-order. Stay tuned!
  2. Will there be a Hope of the Future photo album in my Darcy Saga Image Gallery, as there is for all my novels? Yes! I have accumulated many images already to enhance the novel, and will complete building an album once the novel is complete.
  3. Will the “prequel duo” be on Audio? Yes, eventually. Now that I have total control of these two novels (unlike my novels published by Sourcebooks) I can do what it takes to get them onto audio versions. This is, however, a new venture for me, so will take some time to figure out.
  4. Will there be ARCs available for those who review for blogs? I can sure do that! I plan to promote, and to contact Austen-related and novel review blogs for marketing purposes. If anyone is interested, contact me via the contact form or email direct at: sharon.lathan@gmail.com
  5. Will I be holding more giveaways and celebrating on Austen Authors? Yes, and YES! Barring a catastrophe, I will celebrate my newest release on Austen Authors on August 8. Definitely a giveaway there, and here as well, and probably elsewhere.
  6. How can YOU be kept informed of the news? Visit my blog, of course! Sign up for new blog alerts via the Mailing List Page. To be added to my official mailing list for the occasional emailed newsletter, sign up is on the same page or click the image below. I will also be sharing like crazy on my Facebook Page, easily clicked to from the left sidebar.


Any other questions for me? Ask away!
In between typing like a fiend, I will reply. Cheers! 


4 Comments for A Season of Courtship ON SALE + a Hope of the Future update

  1. Definitely happy dancing!!! Commenting on your response to Lisa, I’ll take every single thing you write but I adore secondary character stories! Woo Hoo! Glad you’re feeling the muse speaking! I don’t share things on my facebook page but I’ve been reading the snippets and bouncing in my chair ready for the release.;-)

  2. I have many of your books in paperback and just ordered this one. Unfortunately I am not on Facebook. I was and got off for several reasons. Good luck with publication.

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks for the comment and question. Interestingly, I have thought of expanding upon Caroline’s “love” story, more than I did in the Darcy Saga series. Same with Kitty and a few others. Whether these would be full novels or perhaps a series of novellas, it is something that niggles in my mind. Time will tell! I have more of Darcy and Lizzy to tell first. 🙂

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