A New Title: My Dearest Mr. Darcy

A New Title: My Dearest Mr. Darcy

Well, I have received no other frantic messages from my editor so am assuming that the new title is here to stay! Now that I have had some time to assimilate the change, utter it aloud a number of times, and heard from so many of you who love the new title, I am really happy with it. I may still secretly wish the decision had been made sooner, but life is about rolling with the tides, amen? LOL! None of the online retailers have caught on to the change, but that will happen in due course. For now, my editor assures me that everyone – including reviewers, sellers, and blog tour hosts – have been informed. If you pre-ordered from B&N, Amazon, etc., have no fear. The ISBN is the same and you will receive the novel when it becomes available. Purchasing links are under the section to the right.

The release date of January 1, 2010 has not been affected by the title change. Whew! As always, the wonderful and adorable Danielle Jackson – publicist extraordinaire for Sourcebooks –  has been busy lining up blog dates for my virtual book tour. I have a couple dates in December, but the launch campaign will begin in earnest in January. I have listed the dates on a page under the My Dearest Mr. Darcy section, and of course will talk more about that when the time comes.

Of special note: On Saturday January 9 I will be at the Borders in Visalia, CA for a book signing of all 3 novels! Fun! If you live anywhere in the Central Valley, think about stopping by and saying howdy.

As the launch draws closer I will talk more about my plans here on The Darcy Saga. For now, patience is the key as we all enjoy the marvelous holidays ahead of us.



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Sharon Lathan

Felecia, Not sure where you are in the midwest, but I will be in Nashville, TN for the RWA conference late in July of 2010. I am sure I will be signing at the Literacy Signing they hold every year. Keep an eye on the website as time passes for more information.


come to the midwest!!


I’m so glad you are loving the new title now. It does fit with the two previous titles really well.

Just knowing that it is your novel with your wonderful story makes it perfect. I hope all the pre launch interviews and appearances go smoothly for you Sharon.

I cannot wait to get my exciting third novel very soon!
Love always
TBSO devotee

Becky at One Literature Nut

I like both titles, but secretly love that I have the original title. 🙂 I always buy your books when they come out though, so that I show my support, so I’ll have both! Honestly, I’ve been trying to keep my hands off of book three. I’ve been trying to decide at what point I want to read it. Honestly, I could read it in Hawaii again, since I’ll be there for Christmas, but I doubt I’ll wait that long.

You’re the best Sharon, and I’m excited to read on…whatever the title!

Ninja Elizabeth

so exciting! I can’t wait to get books 2 & 3… (doctor’s bills have prevented me from purchasing book 2. 🙁 )

If you have a signing in Southern Cali (Los Angeles county) I’ll be there. the furthest I get is SLO…

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