1906 Landau

1906 Landau

On a recent trip to visit a friend of mine on the Pacific coast we did what we often do when hanging out together and that is to visit antique stores. Now, some “antique” stores are more in the category of a thrift store with the occasional really old thing tossed in. This store was the real deal. The Hwy 41 Antique Emporium in Morro Bay, CA owned by Francine Esposito was one of the coolest antique stores I have ever been in. If my post-operative knee hadn’t still been too weak to stand on for long I would have stayed all day! I spied a number of awesome treasures and bought a few items, but the most incredible find of the day was the mint condition 1906 Scottish Landau with complete equipage, including saddles for the horses. I was completely blown away! Sadly I only had my iPhone to take photos with so the images did not turn out all that great. No worries though – it just means I have a rationale excuse to travel back to the oceanside home of my friend again soon!

Most of my photos left much to be desired, but I will share a few of the close up details. Luckily the store had this photo I can show you!

1906 Scottish Landau



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  1. Dear Sharon!

    I just imagine to travel with such a carriage; much better than cars or trains or whatever.

    We are definitely born in the wrong time!


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