Winners Galore! More “Hope of the Future” News

Winners Galore! More “Hope of the Future” News

YOU may be a WINNER! 

The official week of celebrating my newest novel has passed and it is time to announce the Giveaway winners! This does not mean I am not still celebrating. As I will note in a bit, I have LOADS of fun set up for the weeks ahead. Many more chances to win a copy of Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future along the way. The excitement never ends!

Before I get to the announcements, allow me to once again share the blurb for my wonderful novel and provide the easy purchasing links.


Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet will soon be joined in Holy Matrimony!

The initial month of their Season of Courtship has passed. Together, the lovers strengthened their bond through honest communication, as they dealt with adversity, jealousy, and distrust. Ever growing in mutual love and understanding, a dramatic confrontation broke through the final barriers.

Now their Hope of the Future “happily ever after” is assured!

As long as Lady Catherine can be stopped in her scheme to interfere, that is. Or, will Mrs. Bennet’s bad advice ruin future marital felicity? Might increasing liberation lead to overwhelming passions that cannot be controlled, with catastrophe a result?

Continue the journey begun in Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship. Delight in their flourishing romance, ride along on their escapades in London, and be a witness at the wedding of the century.

The miraculous design of how Two Shall Become One begins before the sacred vows.

Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future is Volume 2 of the “prequel duo” for Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga sequel series to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.


Purchasing links for Darcy & Elizabeth: Hope of the Future. Get your copy NOW!

Accepting a marriage proposal is merely the beginning . . .

How did Lady Catherine restore Mr. Darcy’s hope to prompt his second proposal? Did Caroline Bingley yield gracefully? Were the Bennets and Meryton citizens approving?

Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are betrothed!

Readers of The Darcy Saga have shared in the romance, life, and marital escapades of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy. Now the “prequel to the sequel” recounts the weeks in between as two new lovers prepare for happily ever after.

Embark on the journey as Darcy and Elizabeth overcome the rocky past and discover the depth of their love. Delight in budding passion and sweet romance. Enjoy the wedding planning and adventures during the initial weeks of their engagement.

A Season of Courtship promises Hope of the Future

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Pam Hunter

Darcy Bennett

Lori Thomas

Amy Dunne

Catherine Hazelton

Each fine lady above has been sent an email from me. If for any reason the email did not deliver, contact me at:  Per the contest declaration, the winners have a choice between a signed, print paperback copy OR an eBook of Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future.

Next up, the answers and results of my oh-so-fun quiz: What Character is Speaking?

  1. “Ooh la! Fancy Mrs. Darcy to have a fancy lady’s maid. Shall I wear the taffeta or the silk? The mink or the ermine? Oh! And what jewels shall I choose?” Kitty Bennet
  2. “You really need to pay more attention to gossip. I have been back in Town for less than two weeks, spent half of that time running an errand for you to Pemberley, and still managed to get an earful. Maybe I should become a spy.” Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam
  3. “Obsession? Over Mr. Darcy? Absurd! I care not one whit for the man!” Caroline Bingley
  4. “Oh, we have so much to talk about! I have known Fitzwilliam since he was born, you know? Just imagine the stories I have accumulated.” Lady Matlock
  5. “Indeed, Miss Bennet. Mr. Darcy always has tea this time of the day. And I am always the one to deliver it. An expectation he has undoubtedly grown weary of. Might I impose upon you to tend to the task for me? Just this once, of course.” Mr. Travers, Darcy House butler
  6. “You two want to make a grand entrance, do you not? Trust me,” he added, winking. “You two just concentrate on breathing. I can’t drag both of you down the aisle.” Mr. Bennet, speaking to the two brides
  7. “Be that as it may, he is no more a doctor than I am. That is the source of my disapproval. People should not claim to be what they are not, especially in exalting themselves to a station above what is divinely accorded.” Lady Catherine de Bourgh
  8. “A colonel, you say? Mr. Darcy’s cousin is a colonel? And he is coming to the wedding? Well, well. Would this officer and son of an earl be a bachelor by chance?” Mrs. Bennet
  9. “You practiced that whole speech, didn’t you? Quite persuasive. I am greatly impressed. You know, William, I have friends in Parliament who could easily get you a seat in the Commons. Interested?” Lord Matlock, speaking to Mr. Darcy
  10. “I have never hosted a tea party all on my own and admit that doing so unnerves me. Why I initiated the idea is unfathomable! What if I spill hot tea on Miss Elizabeth? What if I drop a blob of jam onto Miss Bennet’s dress? What if I embarrass us by saying something inappropriate?” Georgiana Darcy


The quiz was a hit! Thirteen brave people submitted entries, everyone doing very well. Honorable mention to Sharon Dowman, Mary Herbers, and Shannon Drappo for getting all TEN CORRECT! Samantha Clark, Suzanne Frye, and Megan Wilkins came very close to a perfect score. You ladies ROCK! Because the entries were so awesome, I decided to separate the names from the main giveaway, and again with the help of selected a lucky bonus winner!

For the prize of an eBook copy of Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future, drum roll please . . .

Suzanne Frye


Yee Haw! How fun was that? I had a blast all week! The contest may now be closed, but that does not mean the celebration has ended! The previous week’s blog posts contain a ton of awesome information not to be missed! Click the links below for easy access–

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In the weeks ahead, I will be traveling across the Blog-o-Shere with visits at a bunch of book-related websites. Some dates are tentative, and as I get them locked down I will post onto the left sidebar with the links. As of this moment, the following dates are set, and in most cases I am including a GIVEAWAY. Be sure to follow me around and join in the additional fun!

8/23: From Pemberley to Milton

8/24: More Agreeably Engaged

8/26: My Love for Jane Austen

8/28: Babblings of a Bookworm

8/29: Diary of an Eccentric

8/31: Every Savage Can Dance

9/20: Austenesque Reviews

More to come!

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