Websites for the romance reader – YOU!

Websites for the romance reader – YOU!

Now I know you are here because you love my novels, and are probably crazy fans of Austenesque stories in general. Nothing wrong with that! Still, if you are like me, you may be a bit eclectic in your reading material. I’ll confess that when I curl up with a book it isn’t another Austen tale. It may be a hot romance (Regency, paranormal, contemporary – I like them all), or often times a sci-fi or fantasy novel. I have my favorites that I read over and over. I also like to discover new authors, and keep abreast of what my favorite romance novelists are releasing.

Romance novelsIn case you are like me, I thought I would share some of my favorite go-to websites for romance reviews and news. There are a ton of them out there, as you can imagine, so this is a small listing. I should also warn that a few of these sites are huge and broad reaching in genre, meaning they have pages for erotica or other non-typical romances (if you get my drift) which may or may not be your cup of tea. All of them focus primarily on traditional romance.

Coffee Time Romance

The Romance Reader

The Romance Studio

Long Ago Love

Romancing the Past

The Romance Dish

Fresh Fiction

Beyond Her Book

TheSmooch copyRR@H Novel Thoughts

Seductive Musings

Heroes and Heartbreakers

Lady Scribes

Romantic Historical Reviews

My Daily Romance

Love Between the Sheets

USA Today Happy Ever After

Book Binge


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4 Comments for Websites for the romance reader – YOU!

    • Oh my! I didn’t realize this either, Laura. What a shame! It was a favorite romance go-to for me as well. I can’t find anything on it. Luckily there are plenty of other great sites on the web.

  1. Thanks for sharing the links, Sharon. Although I’m a romantic reader, I don’t indulge my passion often. I prefer to read Austenesque stories with happily ever after endings. Once in a while I do read pure romance novels from Regency and modern times.

  2. Thanks for all these fabulous links Sharon. I have bought books from some of these authors and enjoy mixing up my reading too! I’m probably not as much into sci-if as you though 😉 a while ago you recommended Sword of a Truth and I read about six books. Still have the rest ready to go! Darcy & Lizzy and other romance novels keep distracting me. But I am determined that one day I will finish them all!

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