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My daughter surprised me by video taping the recent speech I gave to the JASNA group using our little camera. We had talked about it before hand, but I did not think the camera could hold an entire speech, deciding it wasn’t a big deal to record the thing. Emily, bless her sweet heart, quietly began taping, initially thinking she would merely capture a few tidbits here and there, but since it seemed to be working she kept it on! And held the camera up with her hands for the whole 45 minutes! I did not even notice until midway through. LOL! Needless to say, it was fun to see the playback and critique for improvement on future speeches. (I do say “um” too often!)

Since I had it, I decided to open up iMovie on my trusty Mac and see what I could do. It was an excellent learning experience and I am pleased to report that arranging the clip was fairly easy – Apple Macintosh does it again! – and I had fun adding some text and pretty stuff.

I have uploaded it for posterity sake. Not sure who will want to watch the whole thing, but here it is if you have close to an hour to kill! I apologize ahead of time for some shaky moments and the fuzziness. Emily missed the first minute or two, but I have added those lines as a intro. A couple of other notes: There was a street festival going on in Clovis so the background noise is due to that, the speech was held on an outside patio so it was breezy at times, and I had no microphone so although the audio is enhance and quite clear 95% of the time there are a few places where it is hard to hear what I am saying.

JASNA Speech on April 10, “Austen, Inspiration, and Tea” by Sharon Lathan

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  1. This is awesome Sharon!!! Thanks Emily for capturing your Mum on video for all to see. It will feel like we all attended.
    I shall have to take some time to download the quicktime program on my PC first and then I will be able to view it hopefully!
    TSBO devotee

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