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badge veryinspiringbloggerawardI am a little late in getting this posted! Apologies to the amazing Colette Saucier who nominated me for this cool award. Being on her list of “Very Inspiring Bloggers” is an honor. And loads of fun! Before I get to the “rules” of the game, let me tell you a bit about Colette Saucier….

Colette is one of our Austen Authors. When she first approached Abigail Reynolds and I with her P&P variation titled Pulse and Prejudice, we were, well a tad frightened! Vampire Darcy, again? *sigh   Fortunately for us, we are always fair when any Austenesque author approaches us, taking the request very seriously and devoting time to investigate as best we can. Colette sent us a copy of Pulse and Prejudice to read, surprising both me and Abigail (who are not big vampire fans, in any genre) by having written a wonderful novel! I am still not a big vampire fan – Twilight notwithstanding – but Colette almost swayed me to the dark side! LOL! Her second Austenesque novel, All My Tomorrows, has no vampires anywhere, and I absolutely loved it. Best of all, Colette did join our merry band, and has been a delightfully quirky and enthusiastic AuAu. Lucky us! You can read more about Colette and her novels on Austen Authors, of course, as well as her own blog – Writings and Rambling of Colette Saucier – and on her website – Colette Saucier.

Now, here are the “rules” for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award–

  1. Display the award logo on your blog. Check, and isn’t it neat?
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you. Check, happily!
  3. State 7 things about yourself. Check, right below.
  4. Nominate 5-15 bloggers for this award and link to them. Check, also below.
  5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements. Check, so be sure to take a peek on their blog!


~7 Facts About Sharon~

1. I was a major tomboy growing up. I lived in the mountains and spent every waking hour outside. I climbed trees, caught any type of reptile I could find, swam in ponds and creeks, built forts out of scrape wood and rocks, rode a dirt bike, you name it. I know for a fact I lost every one of my toenails at least twice (I rarely wore shoes) and still have scars on my knees from barbed wire fences. At various points we owned a half-wolf dog, a hawk, an owl, frogs, lizards, and the more normal cats, dogs, fish, rodents, birds, and, well just about anything animal!

2.  I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I was nine years old. I never considered another profession seriously, and graduated RN school when I was twenty-one! After a brief six-month stint in pediatrics, I transferred to the Neonatal ICU, and for 29 years have done nothing else. Big patients scare me!

3.  I am a HUGE fan of the 80s rock band Journey. I have seen them in concert four times and for years had a major fan-girl crush on lead singer Steve Perry. So, one would think that meeting him face-to-face would be a dream come true, right? Shortly after moving to Hanford, CA (Steve Perry’s hometown, which I knew, of course, as a “major fan”) I not once but twice had an opportunity to talk to him! Once in Sizzler and another time in a local Chinese restaurant. But, I was too chicken! My husband wasn’t though, and I do have Steve Perry’s autograph. 🙂

4.  I saw The Fellowship of the Ring in the theaters 32 times, The Two Towers 21 times, and The Return of the King something like 18. Yes, it is true. I am a nerd! A Tolkien fanatic from the age of twelve when I first read The Hobbit and then The Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson’s miracle in breathing life to my all-time favorite characters and story was a dream come true. I also attended “Trilogy Tuesday” when The Return of the King was released, my sister Janis flown out to join me for the nearly 12-hour marathon. Awesome times!

5.  For my 21st birthday my sister and good friends Kary and Kandee took me to Chippendales in LA. THE Chippendales! This was a veerrryyy long time ago during the Chippendale heyday. Needless to say, it was… invigorating. Hehehe…..

6.  My great-great-grandmother was full-blooded Indian. Not that you would guess by looking at me! The German and French blood overruled. The traits run true in my aunts and one cousin, though. We have a very faded photo of my Indian ancestor, but know little else. After marrying my great-great-grandfather she became Sarah, and her Indian name and history were lost.

7.  When we were dating, my now-husband spent literally all day dialing (in the days before buttons and “redial” on a phone) to get tickets for the American Ballet Company’s performance in San Francisco to see Mikhail Baryshnikov. Once he finally got through, the performance was sold out 🙁 so he bought the first available tickets. I was still excited just to see the ballet, but to our giddy delight, days before the scheduled week of performances, then ABC Director Baryshnikov decided to dance on a couple more days – one of them our ticketed date! To this day it remains one of the greatest moments in my life: Watching in awe as the premiere ballet dancer of all time performed on stage.


My choice of inspiring blogs and bloggers you must check out–

Delilah Marvelle at Bits ‘O Muslin
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Cheryl Brooks Erotic Blogspot – You are warned!
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I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun, and discovered some other amazing bloggers in the process. Thanks for awarding me, Colette!


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  1. Hey Sharon! My great-great-grandmother was a full blooded American Indian also! I don’t have any information about her but I do have a picture of her daughter, my great-grandmother. I would love to learn something about her someday.

  2. Thanks for sgaring this information about yourself. My admiration and respect has increased a thousand times. Thank you for your dedications to neonatal medicine. You are a very special person! Can’t wait for the next story.

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