Uncovering Halloween & Other Creepy Blog Posts

Uncovering Halloween & Other Creepy Blog Posts

Halloween is not a favorite holiday for me, not by a long shot. In fact, it is at the end of the holiday list we pay attention to. The only reason I do look forward to this season is for the fun of pumpkin spice and autumn changes. Here in Kentucky, the seasonal colors are drastic and absolutely gorgeous! Because of this, I now delight in unpacking my autumn decorations as I never did while living in California. The fall connection means noting some aspects of Halloween as well. So, for today, as the weekend before Halloween, I figured I’d share a handful of previous posts.



Samhain = Halloween?




Halloween Evolution




Halloween Customs




Go Gothic: A Style and Type of Novel




Mourning and Burial Practices during the Regency




All Saints & All Souls Day






Squash It! Five recipes using some type of Autumn squash.

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater! Five recipes starring the ultimate Autumn squash: pumpkin.

An Apple a Day. Five recipes with apples as the main ingredient.

All You Really Need is Soup. A link to over 30 recipes for soups!


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  1. Thanks Sharon. We didn’t do trick or treat when I was a child but until I went to the Grammar School at age 11 I used to have a birthday party at home with fireworks as a treat.
    My children did dress up and we hollowed out large swedes (with difficulty!) Nowadays they have pumpkins but I don’t bother. (I’d rather have a nice scented candle ?

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