The NEW Book Cover!!!!

The NEW Book Cover!!!!

Please tell me you think it is divine!?! I am so in love! The Sourcebooks design crew under the urgings of the amazing Deb Werksman searched long and hard to find a Mr. Darcy more masculine than the previous ‘sweet’ version offered. I think they did a remarkable job. Is it just me or does he greatly resemble a certain British actor I am fond of? I had to share it instantly!





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Luciana - Brazil

Linda Cover! I would like to read your book, like much!

God bless!


It is just… awesome. Gorgeous, excellent, whichever you choose. I simply love it. Lizzy has a very gracefull neck, just like Keira’s (especially at the ball, when they stop in the middle of the dance and she is looking up at Darcy, I just love the curve of her neck). And there is something impertinent in her eyes and the way she leans her head to one side. And as to Darcy, my very first thought was "Did they take Mattew and turned him into a Regency-like picure?" What I like the best about him is the expression of eyes – that is just the look Lizzy first understood when looking at his portrait at Pemberley… Really, Sharon, beautiful.


Oh yes, May, there is something pleasant about his mouth!! And many other things, but that is another topic. Thanks Jeanne for keeping my novels listed on your fabulous blog. Everyone who cares for this version of P&P needs to run over to the P&P Blog noted on my links…NOW!!

I am still walking on air and staring at it way too much! Thank you sooooo much for the support!


Wow, Sharon, I’m lovin’ the new book cover. The last one was good, but this one’s superb with a new Darcy that sure looks like a certain someone. *winks* Awesome new cover! Congrats!

I’ll update the P&P Blog with this, hehe! Thanks for visiting and posting a comment there. It’s always great to hear from you. 🙂


P.S. Can’t wait to get this and your 2 other books in my hands. Is it March 1st, 2009 yet? lol.


I love it Sharon. I’m glad to see that I am not the only one who thinks the ‘Mr. Darcy’ resembles a certain someone. It can’t be wishful thinking if there is more than one who thinks so!



"There’s something pleasant about his mouth" don’t you think? Definitely Matthew’s I would say! Sharon you must be over the moon!

Sue S.


Yes, Sharon, I like it very much! It’s very impressive looking – Congratulations, you deserve it! Can’ wait to get my copy!

Sue S


Thank you everyone! I am a very pleased woman! I am at work, in fact, and have been showing it to everyone! It is nice to have a cover I can be proud of. I did note that he has light brown eyes, but that small detail is acceptable! HA!!

Esther Ann

Hi Sharon!

Great cover! I love it!!! I can see MM and KK in both of the faces. I totally agree with everyone else, he definitely resembles MM.

I am so glad they decided to change their view of Mr. Darcy. Cudos to Deb and you for sticking to your guns.

Take care and God Bless.



The book cover is amazing! I don’t believe they could have found a better Darcy unless they photographed MM himself. Something about his eyes reminds me of Matthew, and of course that nose! I love it!

Kathy SF

Whooppeeee! Now that’s what I’m talkin bout Sharon!!!

It should sell mounds!

Congratulations! And, thank you to your publishers…someone is listening!;-)


Excellent Sharon it is definitely devine. This Darcy carries the same ruggedness and vulnerability that we have come to know in Matthews portrayal of Darcy.

I love the way the title is set out and my favourite authors name sitting at the top where it should be.

Lizzy has a cheeky glint in her to ber sure. Overall I think it is a winner congratulations.
TSBO devotee


WOW!!! I see something in the eyes Sharon Resembles someone we know LOL. Sharon the cover is AMAZING. Congratulations it is definetly your Mr. Darcy!! Elizabeth looks pretty too – very young and simple – Very Nice!!

Seli – March will be here soon!!!


Oh I think so Sharon! Definitely he is your Mr Darcy! Congratulations on holding out, the other guy was very sweet but a bit feminine for such an icon.

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