Random Romance Bits

Random Romance Bits

On the topic of true love and romance, I searched the web for some real-life examples. Who says Mr. Darcy type fellas no longer exist? I know that isn’t true!


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Now, let’s sigh at some sappy romantics……..

A friend sent me this link, and I LOVED it so had to share. A man proposes to his love by involving the entire family to dress in Jane Austen/Regency attire. Unbelievable! A real Mr. Darcy for sure!

“A woman came home to find her entire family in Jane Austen costume. It was all part of the dorkiest, most amazing proposal ever.”

Jane Austen proposal on “Happy Place”

JA proposal

In another fabulous, “there are true romantic men in this world” theme, this man surprised his fiancée on Christmas with her long-lost teddy bear. You HAVE to watch the video! Article is in The Mirror.

Romantic Man Gives Teddy Bear

This article on the Huffington Post from August 2013 shares nine real-life love stories that mirror movie plot lines. Very sweet! You may cry 🙂

Real Life Love Stories

hearts gold

I have never heard of these actors, being on the stage in Glasgow, but this was an awesome proposal too.

Wendy says YES to Peter Pan’s proposal

peterpan proposal

I am sure there are hundreds of wonderful romantic love stories happening all the time, many that do end up on YouTube or a blog or news bite. I don’t have time to hunt more down, so will share one more then open the comments for your story of true love.

This one I found on Juliet is the Sun blog (all about romance in the real world) and is a short tale of a couple who reunited and reaffirmed their love via a 17 year lost letter. Pretty sweet!

Lost Love Letter Reunites Couple


6 Comments for Random Romance Bits

  1. Lovely post Sharon. I think it is absolutely beautiful that a man can still be wonderfully romantic in this era. I love the story about the Jane Austen themed proposal, what a guy!!! I can’t hear the Teddy bear clip properly and it still nearly made me cry. I’ll have to check it out on my ‘big computer’
    I am also excited about the forum although I will also have to investigate later. Navigating on my ipad is not easy at times 🙂 keep that romance coming! Xox

    • I hope the forum works okay. A number of people have registered, but no one has added anything. I am not sure if there is something amiss, some technical glitch… or if no one has anything to say! LOL!

  2. I have seen the Jane Austen proposal some weeks ago as it is the hottest news on Facebook. I must check out the other romance stories. Thanks for sharing, Sharon. I believe romance is not dead because I’m still looking for the right man to be my life partner.

    • It was new to me, and I loved it! Thank goodness she didn’t say no. LOL! But then who could resist a fellow who truly tries to be Mr. Darcy?

      Never give up, Luthien. You will find your special someone 🙂

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