Pride & Prejudice Character Quiz

Pride & Prejudice Character Quiz

These are characters in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen describing themselves in their own words. See how well you can do!

  1. My father is a knighted gentleman of modest means. Unfortunately his wealth is not huge enough to provide me with a large dowry and because I am rather plain in appearance, my chance of attracting a husband of grand means is slim. I must be practical and cannot afford to be romantic like my best friend. Settling for a comfortable home and security is my fate.
  2. I am a Lady, and don’t you forget it! Well-bred, highly accomplished, and ranked considerably above many others, I demand respect. My estate is extraordinary and my opinions perfect. Only impertinent fools would dare to cross me.

  3. Dancing, parties, entertainment, and officers….yes! Especially the officers! sigh Propriety? Manners? Oh pooh! How boring is that? I just want to flirt and have fun! Who cares about the consequences? All I need is a perfect, handsome husband, preferably in a blue jacket!

  4. I am the epitome of what high society desires. Beautiful, accomplished, rich, fashionable, graceful, and so many other admirable traits. I would be a perfect wife for a man of position and wealth, and I have just such a man picked out. Now if I can just keep scheming country chits away, all will be well.

  5. I was robbed of my just inheritance and position of importance by an arrogant, selfish man who will pay for his harsh treatment of me! In the mean time, my charm, extreme handsomeness, and willingness to do anything, no matter how disreputable, will aid my survival.

  6. I am blessed to be in a respected position in a fine manor, employed by a most excellent gentleman. I can never say enough about his kindness, affability, devotion to his sister and tenants. Being a servant to my Master is the greatest post on earth.

Go for it!


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  1. 1) Charlotte Lucas
    2) Lady Catherine
    3) Lydia Bennet
    4) Caroline Bingley
    5) George Wickham
    6) Mrs. Reynolds

  2. Charlotte Lucas
    Lady Catherine
    Lydia Bennet
    Caroline Bingley
    George Wickham
    Mrs Reynolds

    Thanks Sharon! Was lots of fun

  3. I guessed them all right, but was hoping for a variety of characters from all her novels. Still, you described the characters perfectly.

    W. 🙂

  4. Charlotte Lucas
    Lady Catherine De Bourgh
    Lydia Bennet
    Caroline Bimgley
    George Wickham
    Mrs Reynolds
    Thanks Sharon, your descriptions are so accurate that´s pretty easy to guess the characters. Great fun,LOL

  5. Love those self-descriptions!! I think Caro and Wickham’s are the most self-serving. Extreme handsomeness indeed. LOL

  6. Haha this is fun thanks Sharon!
    1. Charlotte Lucas
    2.Lady Catherine De Bourgh
    3.Lydia Bennet
    4.Caroline Bingley
    5.George Wickham
    6.Mrs Reynolds

    Love all of the descriptions especially Lydia’s 🙂

  7. 1. Charlotte Lucas
    2. Lady Catherine deBurgh
    3. Lydia Bennet
    4. Caroline Bingley
    5. George Wickham
    6. Mrs. Reynolds

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