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I added a new Novel Passage today! My dear friend Seli celebrated her birthday recently – 30, right Seli? – and asked for a gift from me: passages from Volume 4. Well, how can a true friend deny such a request? So, I have taken four bits randomly from what I have titled The Darcys Amid Friends and Family for this installment of my Novel Passages offered for your reading enjoyment. Now, I am thrilled to be able to fulfill Seli’s wish, but I have to confess that revealing material from my recently written work is kind of tough for me and I shall try to explain why: This novel (as well as the one centering on Georgiana) are written a bit differently and have several serious, dramatic storylines happening. Therefore, picking out passages that do not give too much of the story away is kind of difficult. Plus, it will be a long time – 2010 at best – before these volumes are published, and so much takes place in the first 3 books that I feel folks who are new to the Saga need to receive information on them first. I really do not want to give too much of the Darcys’ future and these events away too early! IF my publisher decides to continue with the Darcy Saga – and I sure pray they will – it will be a tremendous joy for me to be able to furnish my readers with something totally new that has not been available either online or in a self-published, unperfected format. I know it is hard to wait, as it is hard for me to get used to not sharing with you all on a steady basis, but I actually prefer being able to write in this way. So, I guess what I am trying to say is, be patient! I may still, from time to time, offer passages from new material, but will probably continue to generally choose from the books that will soon be available. I hope this makes sense.

But, for now, enjoy what I have placed here! There are a number of hints hidden within that do give some plotline information. Let me know what you think!

And, happy birthday Seli!! *kiss, hug*

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  1. Ah, Susanne, we must keep some mystery, now mustn’t we? *evil grin* I actually debated giving away anything about Michael, but in the end I wanted to give something special. Let me just say that Darcy and Lizzy have a good amount of time to spoil sweet, mellow Alexander before their hellion child comes along! These two Darcys are very different, that is all I shall say. Now, your interest is seriously piqued isn’t it?!

    You are very welcome Seli. It is fun to share with my readers and I am very proud of where the story is going. Hopefully these new parts will let folks know that there is more wonderful stuff to come in the Saga and then they will not give up on me!

  2. I could not be happier!!! My birthday gift is truly Wonderful and I thank you for allowing us all to get a little taste of what is to come. I received more than I had hoped to read with your passages and I truly thank you for such a truly wonderful gift which I will cherish and keep for a long time. I shall be patient (will try anyway LOL) for Volume 4 to come in the future to read more of the wonderful stories surrounding our favorite couple.

    Again, wishes do come true and are made more special coming from a friend like you.

    Wishing Happy Birthdays to everyone and I know everyone will enjoy your wonderful gift!!


  3. Thank you so much Sharon! I´ve been looking daily for the last days, always hoping to find a new passage. And here it is! There is so much in it. I have to print it and read it very carefully again! But what a wonderful surprise to give us Michael Darcy. Could you please tell me his date of birth? Just to better know his age and how soon after Alexander he was born. 2010 sounds horrible, but I do hope that we will get some more small passages until then. But for now, thank you so very much!

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