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I announced this in my September newsletter, but just in case that was not read (or you were never on the newsletter mailing list to begin with), I figured I should post the news on the blog.

Bottom line is that the time spent creating the gorgeous newsletters I have attempted to send once a month is considerable. Hence the reason I don’t manage to accomplish sending a newsletter once a month! I have taken several classes lately to keep up on the ever-shifting trends in social media and how to reach readers most efficiently. I have learned a ton of secrets, not that I can do all of them at once or that the “best way” won’t be different in six months! I am going to try my hardest, however.

One of many suggestions was to utilize one’s blog as the MAIN way to keep readers informed and reach new people out in cyberworld. Yes, better than Facebook or Twitter, if done correctly. So, I am vowing to place more of my energy and precious time into my blog. More posts – some silly fun, some relevant to history or Jane Austen, some news of my writing, some excerpts, and whatever else I think interesting – is my #1 goal. Of course, great posts do no good if no one reads them! But I am applying some of those aforementioned “secrets” to help improve traffic. Wish me luck on that.

Getting back to the concept of a newsletter, the opinion of the experts is that automatic updates to readers not only frees my time, but informs mailing list subscribers of blog posts as they occur. No more wondering if Sharon Lathan has anything new on her blog, and then wasting your precious time to pop over, only to find out I do not! The email updates will only be sent once a day – and only if there is something new on the blog – and the graphics, while not as pretty as my artistic newsletter, will load easier. Best of all, the blog post can be read within your email!  No need to click over to my blog unless you wish to comment – Which I do love, by the way  :Wink:

Making use of embedded RSS feedburners, I need do nothing to make sure YOU know what is happening here on Sharon Lathan’s blog. Pretty cool!

What YOU need to do to help me out is subscribe to the list. It is a simple matter of entering your email in the box on the upper left sidebar, or the one on the Mailing List page, or the one below. You will receive a verification email, just to make sure you are you, and with a single click you are in. Sweet! Unfortunately the one negative is that the RSS feedburner does not provide a way for me to import the over 1000 subscribers I have on my newsletter mailing list. I have to enter each one individually, and I think you can imagine how much time that would take!

Thanks for bearing with me as I make this transition. I hope it is the last, but in this wild techno world we live in I rather doubt it.


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