Name the P&P Character

These are based on the original book written by Jane Austen. See how well you can do! Remember, answers will post on March 4.

1. My father is a knighted gentleman of modest means. Unfortunately his wealth is not huge enough to provide me with a large dowry and because I am rather plain in appearance, my chance of attracting a husband of grand means is slim. I must be practical and cannot afford to be romantic like my best friend. Settling for a comfortable home and security is my fate.

2. I am a Lady, and don’t you forget it! Well-bred, highly accomplished, and ranked considerably above many others, I demand respect. My estate is extraordinary and my opinions perfect. Only impertinent fools would dare to cross me.

3. Dancing, parties, entertainment, and officers….yes! Especially the officers! *sigh* Propriety? Manners? Oh pooh! How boring is that? I just want to flirt and have fun! Who cares about the consequences? All I need is a perfect, handsome husband, preferably in a blue jacket.

4. I am the epitome of what high society desires. Beautiful, accomplished, rich, fashionable, graceful, and so many other admirable traits. I would be a perfect wife for a man of position and wealth, and I have just such a man picked out. Now if I can just keep scheming country chits away, all will be well.

5. I was robbed of my just inheritance and position of importance by an arrogant, selfish man who will pay for his harsh treatment of me! In the mean time, my charm, extreme handsomeness, and willingness to do anything, no matter how disreputable, will aid my survival.

6. I am blessed to be in a respected position in a fine manor, employed by a most excellent gentleman. I can never say enough about his kindness, affability, devotion to his sister and tenants. Being a servant to my Master is the greatest post on earth.

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  1. Oh, this is fun…I love answering these P&P character games. Here are my answers…

    1. Charlotte Lucas
    2. Lady Catherine
    3. Lydia Bennet
    4. Caroline Bingley
    5. Mr. Wickham
    6. Mrs. Reynolds

  2. Here goes another one!! I guess I should have started with this one first….This is such fun, Sharon!!
    1. Charlotte Lucas
    2. Lady Catherine de Bourgh
    3. Lydia Bennet
    4. Caroline Bingley
    5. Mr.Wickham
    6. Mrs. Reynolds

  3. You are all doing so well! Most impressed. Maybe I should have made it harder. *evil chuckle* Nay, it’s to be fun. And, Vee, there is no ‘late’ for any of these. All week counts as the Fete, so keep the responses coming everyone!!

  4. I am very late with this but none the less will join in….
    1. Charlotte Lucas
    2.Lady Catherine
    3.Lydia Bennet
    4.Caroline Bingley
    5.George Wickham
    6.Mrs Reynolds

    I agree with everyone!!! hehehe. I almost couldn’t think of the last because my mind couldn’t get past Samuel!!!
    TSBO devotee

  5. 1. Charlotte Lucas
    2. Lady Catherine de Bourgh
    3. Lydia Bennet
    4. Caroline Bingley
    5. Mr.Wickham
    6. Mrs. Reynolds

    Love the quizzes!

  6. This was so fun Sharon I love how you describe each and every character!

    1-Charlotte Lucas, 2- Lady Catherine de Bourgh, 3-Lydia Bennet, 4-Caroline Bingley, 5-Mr.Wickham, 6-Mrs. Reynolds

  7. OK, here are my answers: 1) Charlotte Lucas 2) Lady Catherine 3) Lydia Bennet 4) Caroline Bingley 5) Mr. Wickham 6) Mrs. Reynolds.

    This is fun!


  8. 1. Charolotte Lucas, 2. Lady Catherine de Bourgh, 3. Lydia Bennett, 4. Caroline Bingley, 5. Mr. Wickham, 6. Mrs. Reynolds.

    This is going to be a fun week!

  9. Here is what I think:

    1. Charlotte Lucas 2. Lady Catherine DeBourgh, 3. Lydia Bennet, 4. Miss Caroline Bingley,
    5. Mr. Wickman, 6. Mrs. Reynolds

    Fun!! LOL

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