Miss Darcy Falls in Love ARC cover

Miss Darcy Falls in Love ARC cover

My fun in Massachusetts and New York is over, the RWA National Conference has passed, and I am already on to the next adventure – this one recuperating from knee surgery to mend a torn meniscus that has been troubling me for years! So it is all good, despite the pain and fuzzy head from the pain killers! So bear with me for a bit as I assimilate the fun and knowledge gleaned before writing up a full report with photos included. I have several hundred to wade through so it may take some time! Of course, the good part about recuperating is that time is one thing I now have loads of! While I mend, sift through the photos, and get back to work on the next novel, here is a small treat for all of you–


The official cover on the Advanced Reader Copies of Miss Darcy Falls in Love! As we speak these are being printing and prepared to send out to the reviewers (and hopefully a copy or two to me). Wish me luck on both those counts! The final, published cover will be the same, minus the noted marketing comments. Nice! I really love this cover, as I have said before, not even bothered by the fact that Georgiana should have blonde hair. It is simply too gorgeous overall to fret over that detail!

Mark your calendars for November 1, 2011!




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Is this the 6th book of the darcy series. Because in the fifth we now which one Georgianan chooses. Is it true that the next child to be born the Lizzy and Darcy is a girl? I love you series. I always wondered what could happen at the end of Jane Austin book. To me I believe she would have loved how you have continued her story.

P.S. I hope your knee gets well. God Bless.



I have been on holiday so didn’t realise you had knee surgery Sharon, get well soon! The cover is exquisite!

Sharon Lathan

Thanks all. The knee isn’t too bad – yet. We shall see how it responds to physical therapy!

I do love the cover so am very happy about it. Hurry up November!!


I know you will be up and running soon Sharon – We wish you the best.

The cover is absolutely beautiful – very much Georgina – simple elegance!!!

Cant wait for November!


Dear Sharon!

I hope you are already doing better! Best wishes to you!

The cover is very beautiful and I am very happy to read more about the Darcy family!

Take care of yourself and rest a little bit!


Stephanie L

Wishing you a quick recovery on the knee!! Walking around should feel much better with that meniscus fixed!

Love the cover! It IS gorgeous! You know, Georgiana always has red hair in my mind. I don’t know if it’s because my favorite Georgiana is from the BBC P&P (Darcy/Colin Firth version), but blond or red-headed it is fabulous and I’m beyond excited for the new book. It will be happy birthday to me!! LOL

Ninja Elizabeth

I can not wait!!

take care with the recoup for your knee

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