Loving Mr. Darcy Launch Fete Day # 2

Loving Mr. Darcy Launch Fete Day # 2

Today is quiz day! All in good fun, so no worries of rapped knuckles or time-outs in the corner. It is even an open book test! Get your copy of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy out and answer best as you can. Just try not to get lost in the story while searching. *wink*   Answers will be posted on Sept. 2.


Scavenger Hunt
Tell me what chapter it occurred in.
1) Darcy is caught in a severe rainstorm and gets waylaid at an inn.
2) Lizzy finally accesses the special books her husband keeps locked in a cupboard.
3) Darcy is surprised in his dressing room and loses all control!
4) Lizzy tells Darcy of girlhood dreams.
5) Lizzy compares Darcy to a bottle of fine red wine.
6) Lizzy visits Darcy’s secret grotto for the first time.
7) Darcy and Lizzy share the story of their first crush and kiss.
8) Lizzy meets Mr. Henry Vernor.
9) Darcy and Lizzy share a tub bath.
10) Darcy shows his wife the scars obtained when falling from a tree as a youth.
11) They have a picnic by the lake, in winter!
12) A special painting is shown to Lizzy by Darcy.
13) Georgiana returns to Pemberley
14) The Darcys have their first major fight.
15) Darcy and Lizzy revisit dancing the sarabande.


Fill in the blanks.
A test of your memory!
1) The name of the colt, Parsifal’s offspring.
2) The poet quoted in the moonlit garden quote game.
3) The gift Lizzy gives Darcy on their one-week anniversary.
4) The name of the villain first introduced at the masque.
5) Which footman escorts Lizzy on her shopping spree in Lambton?
6) Lizzy’s first serious discussion with Mrs. Reynolds is about what event?
7) Name the scandalous dance that takes place at the masque.
8) Give the name of the impromptu band that an intoxicated Darcy was a part of at Cambridge.
9) What animal frightens Lizzy, leading to her fall into the ravine?
10) Name the estate of Lord Matlock where the duel took place.
11) What object did Lizzy forcefully use to resist Lord Orman’s advances? What damage was caused to the Marquis?
12) Name the play performed at the Cole’s Masque.
13) What animal does Darcy liken himself to, as far the singletons of Derbyshire are concerned?
14) Name the artist of the horse statue gifted to Darcy for Christmas.
15) What baubles did the maids create and hang to ensnare unattached footmen?


Who said it?
Read the quote and tell me who is speaking.
1) “Indeed, Mr. Darcy is patience personified. All can attest to the fact. Even his horses declare it so!”
a. Lord Matlock
b. Georgiana
c. Mr. Keith
d. Col. Richard Fitzwilliam

2) “True love is it? How touching. Never would have suspected you to be the romantic type. Perhaps her gracing me with her lovely smiles was more than you could bear?”
a. Richard Fitzwilliam
b. Stephen Lathrop
c. Gerald Vernor
d. Marquis of Orman

3) “Elizabeth, do not fret. It will remain discreet and William would never be angry with you for this. You said no one noticed.”
a. Amelia Lathrop
b. Mrs. Reynolds
c. Georgiana
d. Lady Matlock

4) “Cute? I am not certain how manly it is to be labeled ‘cute.’”
a. Richard Fitzwilliam
b. Samuel
c. Darcy
d. Mr. Thurber

5) “I made no such promise. You merely asked me to pity your advanced age and presumed I would acquiesce. Besides, I have the utmost faith in your stamina and capabilities.”
a. Lizzy
b. Lady Matlock
c. Bertha Vernor
d. Mrs. Gardiner

6) “Miss Darcy, your bust is an amazing likeness. As is yours, Mr. Darcy. Superb artisanship. Mrs. Darcy, will you have a bust sculpted as well?”
a. Mrs. Reynolds
b. Amelia Lathrop
c. Mrs. Gardiner
d. Mr. Keith

7) “Hurry, Mrs. Reynolds! Do as he asks and then come back and I shall tell you what is happening. Oh, it is the most wonderful thing!”
a. Georgiana
b. Marguerite
c. Lizzy
d. Mrs. Langton

8) “In truth, Pemberley is not as difficult to navigate as some manors I have been in. Rosings, for instance, is far older, and I have always imagined the original architects taking perverse delight in designing a maze of halls and rooms with the singular intention of confusing the inhabitants.”
a. Mr. Keith
b. Darcy
c. Georgiana
d. Richard Fitzwilliam

9) “I am certain that Mr. Darcy has warned you that the rumors of your grace and beauty have preceded your entry into our little community. Now I shall be able to brag to all that I beheld you first and can glowingly proclaim that the rumors pale in comparison to the reality that was before me.”
a. Gerald Vernor
b. Henry Vernor
c. Lord Matlock
d. Mr. Taylor

10) “Richard exaggerates, my dear Georgiana. I am certain you would discover that the realities are contrary to his stories. Nonetheless, his wit does pass the time.”
a. Darcy
b. Jonathan Fitzwilliam
c. Lady Matlock
d. Stephen Lathrop

No stress! Just have fun with the quizzes. And remember, names will be added to the hat for the drawing to win a signed copy of Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley. I do hope you enjoyed yourselves. Now, don’t forget the ongoing discussion of Mr. and Mrs. FDarcy down the page! Great topics have been raised already, so lets keep it going.

9 Comments for Loving Mr. Darcy Launch Fete Day # 2

  1. Such fun!!!
    1. Ch 2
    2. Ch 14
    3. Ch 11
    4. Ch 7
    5. Ch 10
    6. Ch 19
    7. Ch 16
    8. Ch 9
    9. Ch 13
    10. Ch 3
    11. Ch 8
    12. Ch 5
    13. Ch12
    14. Ch 16
    15. Ch 15

    Fill in Blanks
    1. Wolfram
    2. Homer
    3. Braid of hair in hanky
    5. Phillips
    6. Christmas plans
    7. Vienese Waltz
    8. Squealing Pig Orchestra
    9. Turkey
    10. Rivallian
    11. Wooden bucket, hit his head.
    12. Jack and the Beanstalk
    13. Prize bull ?
    14. Lambert Ferrier
    15. Mistletoe Balls

    Who said it?
    1. a
    2. d
    3. d
    4. c
    5. a
    7. a
    8. b

    Can’t wait to see how many I got right/wrong!
    Thanks for all the fun Sharon!
    TSBO devotee

  2. Hey Elizabeth, you can handle the quiz, I know you can! Luck may be with you again this time around, so consider yourself entered into the drawing, my friend.

    Great job Diane! You gals are amazing me. I was afraid I had made it too daunting.

    Hi Casey! How wonderful to see you. Well done on the quiz. See, it isn’t so hard. 🙂 Hope to see more of ya’all giving it a go!

  3. Sharon:
    Had a blast rereading one of my favorite books. I had a ball trying to find and remember the wonderful moments that you created for these two special characters. Can’t wait to reread book 2 and 3 and patiently waiting for the 4th book.
    Scavenger Hunt
    Tell me what chapter it occurred in.
    1) Chapter 2
    2) Chapter 14
    3) Chapter 11
    4) Chapter 7
    5) Chapter 10
    6) Chapter 19
    7) Chapter 16
    8) Chapter 9
    9) Chapter 13
    10). Chapter 3
    11) Chapter 4
    12) Chapter 5
    13) Chapter 12
    14) Chapter 14
    15) Chapter 15

    Fill in the blanks.
    A test of your memory!
    1) Wolfram
    2) Homer
    3) Lock of her hair
    4) Marquis of Orman
    5) Phillips
    6) Christmas
    7) Waltz
    8). Squealing Pig Orchestra
    9) Turkey
    10) Rivallain
    11) Wooden bucket
    12) Jack and the beanstalk and Nutcracker and the Mouse King
    13) Prime Bull
    14) Ferrier
    15) Mistletoe ornaments

    Who said it?
    Read the quote and tell me who is speaking.
    1) d. Col. Richard Fitzwilliam
    2) d. Marquis of Orman
    3)d. Lady Matlock
    4) c. Darcy
    5) a. Lizzy
    6) b. Amelia Lathrop
    7) a. Georgiana
    8) b. Darcy
    9)b. Henry Vernor
    10) c. Lady Matlock

  4. Sharon, that was fun! And I didn’t have to look up too many. I was hoping my book would come today, but nothing so far. I’m waiting impatiently… 🙂

  5. here goes:
    1. ch 2 – an intimate conversation
    2. ch 14 – the days in between
    3. ch 11 – a surprise for samuel
    4. ch 7 – a stroll in the garden
    5. ch 10 – meet the Matlocks
    6. ch 19 – romantic interludes
    7. ch 16 – the long winter
    8. ch 9 – shopping
    9. ch 13 – christmas at pemberley
    10. ch 3 – the wedding night
    11. ch 4 – a new day dawns
    12. ch 5 – homecoming
    13. ch 12 – christmas guests
    14. ch 17 – conflict and calamity
    15. ch 15 – twelfth night

    1. Wolfram
    2. Homer
    3. braided lock of her hair
    4. Marquis Orman
    5. Phillips
    6. Christmas festivities
    7. waltz
    8. Squealing Pig Orchestra
    9. turkey
    10. Rivallain
    11. bucket, gash on cheek
    12. Nutcracker and the Mouse King
    13. prime bull
    14. Ferrier
    15. mistletoe ornaments

    1. d
    2. d
    3. d
    4. c
    5. a
    6. b
    7. a
    8. b
    9. b
    10. c

  6. Just wanted to say congratulations again! So excited for book #2! I love it! Just wanted to say hello and enjoy the launch fete! It is all so fun! Not here to enter the drawing, but the quiz looks like tons of fun. I may have read the book a few too many times if I could answer so many scrolling through. Ha ha! 🙂 Anyway! Congratulations again!!

  7. Well done Julie! I won’t give answers away quite yet, but you did marvelously well, my friend! Perhaps that means you have read this book a bit too often! LOL!

    No, it is not a trick question! The shared memories of first crush and kisses is in there. 🙂

    Hi Jen!!!! Thanks for stopping by! Give the quiz a shot – I know you can answer them.

    Now, come on ladies, don’t let the volume scare ya! They are all fun questions and no one is going to keep track of grades!

  8. A quiz! How much fun is that?? I am not here to enter the drawing, but dropped by to extend hearty Congratulations to you my dear friend! I can’t wait to see LMD in the bookstore. It still gives me a thrill to see Mr. and Mrs. FD on the shelf – and even more pleasure when I come back the next time and it has been purchased by some lucky reader 🙂

    I am going to try my hand at your fun quiz though! xxx

  9. Hi Sharon! Oh this is so much fun!!! OK, here goes with the test!

    Scavenger Hunt:
    1. Chapter 2 – An Intimate Conversation
    2. Chapter 14 – The Days Inbetween
    3. Chapter 11 – A Surprise for poor Samuel!
    4. Chapter 7 – A Stroll in the Garden
    5. Chapter 10 – Meeting the Matlocks
    6. Chapter 19 Romantic Interludes
    7. Is this a trick question? I thought this was in the 2nd book, and I don’t know what chapter you put it in for this book.
    8. Chapter 9 – Shopping!
    9. Chapter 13 – Christmas at Pemberley
    10. Chapter 3 – The Wedding Night
    11. Chapter 4 – A New Day Dawns
    12. Chapter 5 – Homecoming
    13. Chapter 12 – Christmas Guests
    14. Chapter 17 – Conflict and Calamity
    15. Chapter 15 – Twelfth Night

    Fill in the blanks:
    1. Wolfram
    2. Homer
    3. A lock of her hair, braided
    4. Lord Orman
    5. Phillips
    6. Christmas Festivities at Pemberley
    7. The Viennese Waltz
    8. The Squealing Pig Orchestra
    9. Wild Turkey
    10. Rivallain
    11. Bucket she used to pick dewberries; Smashed it into his head causing a giant gash to his left cheekbone, requiring eight stitches to repair.
    12. Jack and The Beanstalk and Nutcracker and the Mouse King
    13. Prime Bull of Derbyshire
    14. Lambert Ferrier
    15. Mistletow ornaments

    Who said it?
    1. d. Col. Richard Fitzwilliam
    2. d. Marquis of Orman
    3. a. Amelia Lathrop
    4. c. Darcy
    5. a. Lizzy
    6. b. Amelia Lathrop
    7. a. Georgiana
    8. b. Darcy
    9. b. Henry Vernor
    10. c. Lady Matlock

    This was fun!

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