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Reader Reviews for The Passions of Dr. Darcy
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Sharon Lathan
November 14, 2014 - 12:47 AM
Member Since: April 24, 2011
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Sharon Lathan has given us a true gift with giving Dr. Darcy his own book!! Dr. Darcy was first introduced to us in her prior books and we met him just after Darcy and Elizabeth were married and I personally fell in love with his character at once and wanted more. In The Passions of Dr. Darcy, Sharon begins with Darcy and Elizabeth finding a trunk full of journals and the story begins from there. We learn about a boy who in the moment his twin dies his life is changed forever. His thirst for knowledge, his passions to learn all he can about healing, medicine takes him to India.

Sharon does her research very well on British India – traditions, the people, and medicine during that time. However the book does not just focus on that, it is so much more. Dr. Darcy is a very funny character. Dr. Darcy yearns for adventure, love and family. He is very loyal. The reader gets a very sexy Dr. Darcy, which I did not expect, but it works perfectly in the story. I also enjoyed the conversations he had with his brother James and those with his father. We also get to experience Fitzwilliam Darcy when he was younger and understand the character that Sharon portraits in her other books. Absolutely brilliant!

At the end, Darcy searches for his soul mate and finds her in a very unexpected way. I believe the reader will love this book. It took me days to read it because I did not want it to end. Have tissue handy! Congratulations Sharon on such a wonderful book and bringing Dr. Darcy back to us. I would recommended that the reader read her other books to enjoy this one so much more, but you can read it by itself. Enjoy!


This book was everything I wanted it to be and more! Since I heard about it from Sharon Lathan’s Facebook page a while back I couldn’t wait to read it! I fell in love with Dr. Darcy’s character and couldn’t wait to learn more about him. Ms. Lathan takes you to a whole new world, where you laugh, cry, fall in love and explore the wonders of India with Dr. Darcy. As a nursing student I loved reading all the medical references and was amazing at the amount of research that must have went into creating this book. I also loved seeing some of our favorite characters back in the mix. William, and Elizabeth and baby Alexander make cameos along the way! 


A Must Read for fans of the Pemberley family  This book tied everything together with the previous books by Ms. Lathan. I enjoyed it very much and admired the emotional depth of all the characters. In reading the first books, Dr. Darcy impressed me as a caring physician and uncle but in this book, his real personality and humanity is displayed. I love his sense of humor and never tire of reading about the Darcy family and enjoy all the adaptations. I certainly recommend anyone who has read Ms. Lathan’s works to read this one – I’m glad she wrote it and glad I read it!


I was really looking forward to spending time with Dr. Darcy. I enjoyed Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga and fell quite in love with Dr. George. With this book, I adore him. Sharon has outdone herself. This book encompasses a huge time span and your emotions will be completely engaged. I cried with George and celebrated as well. It was lovely to see reflections of the previous novels in places, but this truly was Dr. George’s book. I cried in the first 3 pages and I celebrated on the last page. Absolutely fabulous.


LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. George Darcy! I love all of the Darcy Saga and this book as the others have did not leave me disappointed well I take that back when they end I am lost! I loved learning more of George’s life and what made him such the colorful character he is! Thank you for another great book I could not put down!


Superb!!! Loved it!!! Sharon Lathan is a superb author. I read Pride and Prejudice as a youth and loved it and was sad at the end, because I felt there was so much more to be told. She is true to the characters and has continued the story/saga beyond my wildest dreams. I sincerely hope she continues the saga, because I am already hungering for the next book!!! BRAVO!!!


Loved it! I have been a fan of Sharon’s saga for years now and always anticipate her next book! I admit it took me a few days to start reading The Passions of Dr. Darcy, as I knew this particular book would not be about our beloved Lizzy and Darcy. Though I loved the character of Dr. Darcy I wasn’t sure I wanted to read an entire novel devoted to him. Once I started reading however, I couldn’t put Dr. Darcy away! He is brought to life through Sharon’s avid and wonderful descriptions and paints a most colorful life of Dr. Darcy that only enhances the Darcy Saga. The ending works out just perfectly and we do get a wee glimpse into the life of Lizzy and Darcy (as well as a few other characters!). I was equally amazed at the amount of research Sharon put into the history of medicine and the travels through India Dr. Darcy made, it is quite extensive and all detailed wonderfully. Thank you for another wonderful book, can’t wait to see what comes next!


Wonderful!  I enjoyed the lovely storytelling style of this book. Beginning the story in the voice of Uncle George was quite entertaining. Sharon Lathan is quickly becoming my favorite author of this genre.


Wow – What an epic read!  What an amazing and epic journey through Dr. George Darcy’s life. George is the uncle of Fitzwilliam Darcy and an amazing doctor, husband, family member and father. The book is superbly written and emotionally riveting. It is powerfully written and engaging. The story is very moving and carries you on the journey through his years in India, his trips to England and how he approaches life with conviction and enthusiasm. Even if you have not read the other books in the Darcy Saga by Sharon Lathan, you are able to follow enough of the family history to read this book any time.


BRAVO to Sharon Lathan! I have read all of Sharon Lathan’s books. I love them all. Some of my favorite books ever. Was so ready to read another. This is about the beloved Dr. Darcy. It was so entertaining to read more about him.


Passionate about Dr Darcy!  Dr Darcy is a unique character entirely created by Sharon. He features heavily in Sharon’s delightful Darcy Saga which comprises of many beautifully written novels. I love him to bits. He is lovable, intriguing, funny, intelligent, eccentric and the Darcy household would not be the same without him!

From the very beginning this novel captivates me. Sharon cleverly introduces Dr Darcy’s Journal through Darcy & Lizzy’s reminiscences of their beloved Uncle , thus giving us the connection we need to tie him to the already well established Darcy family.

I love the way Sharon can transport me to the very scene she is writing about. This is something very special about her writing, it is so vivid that I can feel all the emotions being portrayed and I always feel like I am amongst the characters engaging in everything they do.

Sharon has such wonderful back stories for all her characters. She introduces us to George Darcy from an early age. He has interactions with his brother and father (aka Darcy’s father and grandfather). I love having “known’ Darcy’s father through Sharon’s writing. The story is all so incredibly well thought out. Never anything lacking in how the story all fits together.

Sharon knows how to create passion in her stories and Dr Darcy certainly has his fair share of passionate interludes, which are sizzling hot! But Sharon equally delivers a wonderful amount of humour, drama and even sadness throughout the story. This novel has a wonderful combination of all of these attributes.

The amount of research Sharon has done to provide a believable, very informative and historically accurate novel is stellar! Another reason she is my favourite author. The exotic locale is heavenly and beautifully entwined and described in Dr Darcy’s amazing journey.

Dr Darcy’s travels are amazing. The journey itself, the life altering moments, and the wonderful characters he meets along the way make for an absolutely wonderful entertaining novel. I found it hard to put the book down until the end. It is all so beautifully written.

Even if you haven’t read any of Sharon’s other books you will love this one. They just keep getting better with each release. I highly recommend this book, especially being a long time lover of all things related to Pride and Prejudice. Once you have read this amazing book check out all of Sharon’s other brilliant novels as they are all magnificent!


So glad Sharon Lathan fully developed Dr. George Darcy. The Dr. Darcy character was so colorful and enchanting in the books in this series from Sharon that I fell in love with him. I was thrilled when I found that she had developed the illustrious doctor into a full book. It will not disappoint you if you desire to see what made Unc Goj the man he was in the previous books. I am sure Sharon spent a lot of time researching the history of the EIC in India during this era. One felt like you were living it with Dr. George Darcy. The loves found and lost by this unique man made it hard to put the book down. I loved the ending.


Great character formation! I’d already fallen in love with Dr. George Darcy (William’s far-away Uncle who lives in India). These wonderful moments of his early years with the British East India Company as a young doctor in the ‘wilds’ of India; and the kinship that develops with his mentor and family. If you’ve read the series by Sharon Lathan, you know “Unc Goj” (as the eldest Darcy child, Alexander, calls his Great Uncle). For Pride & Prejudice fans (even if you haven’t read Ms. Lathan’s sequels) you will delight in this Darcy family member!


Excellent Read I read this while I was off work for surgery. It was an excellent read! Taking me away from the bed and the pain to the lovely world of the Darcys. Reading this book was a pleasure. I would recommend it to anyone who has read and loved the book Pride & Prejudice. George Darcy is the man I want to meet. Wonderful story!!


Great book I loved this novel. I have read the Darcy’s Saga novels and loved Dr George Darcy. I like his character because he enjoyed living. All he wants to do is to save lives by using the most effective methods, whether it is new or ancient. He also wants to come to grip with his twin death. I liked this idea of the journal, because it gives you an insight to the man, his loves and desires. I wish and hope that Ms Lathan will continue with George Darcy’s life.


Looking for George Sharon has written an excellent portrayal of the time and the culture. Dr. Darcy is a wonderful personality, as are all of the characters. You care about them, and you would love to meet them. Truthfully I was reluctant to buy the book and expected to be disappointed–I was captured and didn’t want the story to end.


Fabulous story! I WANT A GEORGE DARCY! He has all of the characteristics of the perfect man. I was so pleased with the outcome of the book and hope that Ms. Lathan will write another one which tells the rest of his story. I also enjoyed reading, at the beginning of the book, how she decided to tell his story and the type of man she wanted him to be. Very well done, Ms. Lathan!


Amazing A great story that I could not put down. It did not lag at all. Dr. George Darcy is an amazing man. Ms. Lathan has done a wonderful job. Her grasp of India and Indian religions and customs only adds to the joy of this book.


Ms. Lathan does it again! I stumbled into the P & P fan fiction world last year and have been a huge fan of Sharon Lathan ever since. This book did not disappoint! I loved finding out more about George and the previous generation of the Darcys. I went through a whole spectrum of emotions-laughing out loud to grasping for tissues-while glued to this book. I loved the attention paid to India’s cultures and ever changing political and physical landscapes. I rented this book from the library initially but this is a book that I’ll read over and over again so I’m adding it to my personal library.


Wonderful! Sharon Lathan’s vision of the Darcy family is compelling and engrossing. Dr. Darcy is a wonderful character. Thank you, Sharon, for bringing him to life!


Absolutely amazing! I have been a die hard fan of Sharon Lathan since her second book discovery, but this exceeds all my expectations. George Darcy was a favorite of mine from the first, and this is a brilliant stand alone story. The British/Indian history was vaguely known by me before, but now I’m seriously thinking about looking into more of it. The medical aspect was amazing too.


Her best book!!! I have read all of Ms. Lathan’s Pemberley books and enjoyed all but one. This book is by far the best! The story of Dr. Darcy fills in all the blanks of his life that were missing in the other books, and adds a fascinating dimension to the Pemberley saga. If you haven’t read any of her other books, read this one, it can stand alone.


Love the development of other characters! I have purchased all Lathan’s P&P variations and not one has been disappointing. To be honest I didn’t even fully realize when I pre-ordered this one that it was based on Dr Darcy until I started reading it. That’s how much I love her writing. I find it interesting that she has branched out to the other characters and gave them a spot light of their own. She has nailed George’s personality and made him a dazzling person to read about. Through all his ups and downs you never know what turn his life was going to take. She has a flawless way of still linking to past books which I believe really enriches the ones that come after. I will be curious to see who she decides to focus on in the next book. I highly recommend you read them all in order!


Brilliant! Full of wonderful characters and plot twists and turns. A delight to Pride and Prejudice fans. Romantic. Exciting. Humorous. Fun.


Cheers for Dr. Darcy! I’ve enjoyed all of Sharon’s books, but this might be her best one yet. Dr. Darcy is completely Sharon’s creation, and she creates an engaging tale with an engaging hero set in an exotic land. I loved it.


DR DARCY’S A KEEPER!! Wow, Wonderful, Amazing I could go on with the descriptive words about this book! I absolutely loved Dr George Darcy. He is truly an amazing character and I Knew I loved him in the Darcy Saga but I’m in love with him now.

The book starts out with Darcy & Lizzy opening up Dr Darcy’s trunk and they see all of Dr George Darcy’s journals. The story is told through some of George’s journals and through George’s experiences. We feel his pain at the tragedy and loss of his twin Alex. We see how it gives George the passion to be who he is and become an amazing Doctor. Passion is something Dr Darcy has in abundance and wanting to heal and learn he heads for India. There he meets Dr Ullas who is mentioned previously in the Darcy Saga and we get to see and know this Ullas who has mentored and become really Dr Darcy’s family. We also get to see more of who George is. We see him fall in love several times and feel heartbreak. I cried for him in those moments. But we see his passion for life come through and it made me want to know him more. We also get to see how his relationship with Jharna blossomed and how they seemed to be soul mates. Jharna is also in the Darcy Saga but only through limited thoughts written in Georges journal speaking to her. I was impressed with her and loved her as much as George. But we know she’s only there for a short time and George has to move on. And as the title says “Passions of Dr Darcy” this story is in no short supply. George’s passions finally take him back to England and there is definitely more passion to come.

If you haven’t realized that this book is full of Dr Darcy’s passions I’ll say it again. George has passion in all things especially life, love, family, and healing and it comes through every page in the book. That passion George has makes him Veerry sexy and there is many steamy scenes in this book as well! Just if anyone was wondering.

Ms Lathan did a spectacular job researching and writing this book. This story is a true Gem and not to be missed. I highly recommend this book to everyone especially fans of Sharon Lathan! TRUE GEM


I adore Dr. Darcy   I was really looking forward to spending time with Dr. Darcy. I enjoyed Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga and fell quite in love with Dr. George. With this book, I adore him. Sharon has outdone herself. This book encompasses a huge time span and your emotions will be completely engaged. I cried with George and celebrated as well. It was lovely to see reflections of the previous novels in places, but this truly was Dr. George’s book. I cried in the first 3 pages and I celebrated on the last page. Absolutely fabulous.


Sharon Lathan Triumph! I have been eagerly waiting for the next in Sharon Lathan’s series in the continuation of Pride & Prejudice. Sharon exceeds my expectations in this wonderful story. Dr. Darcy has been a wonderful character in her previous books, though small portions have been devoted to the good doctor. However, this book fills in the blanks of the stories and combines them beautifully. Sharon Lathan writes so eloquently of Dr. Darcy’s life, losses and loves and brought me to tears multiple times, as many times as I laughed. I wonder if she based this on anyone in particular because he truly is a wonderful character and someone I would have loved to meet in person. Thank you, Sharon, for a wonderful story!  I loved this book!! Absolutely loved it, and it will be reread often, as I’ll keep it on my shelf with all of Sharon’s books. (I recommend all of them, actually – they are very uplifting and every time I read them my soul is brightened once again. How often can you say that you felt so happy after reading a book? I do every time I read one of Sharon’s!)


Loved to see Dr. Darcy I have really enjoyed the most recent books written by Ms. Lathan. The first 3 of the series were good, but really covered very little time of Elizabeth’s and William’s lives. Dr. Darcy has always been an interesting character, and given the author’s medical/nursing background, I am happy that he got his own story. I like how the narrative ties in to the other books, even with some of the small time changes that are addressed by the author. I really wish the book was longer!


I LOVE Dr. Darcy! My favorite in the saga so far! Dr. George Darcy is the uncle of Fitzwilliam Darcy, brother to Fitzwilliam’s father James. As a huge fan of Sharon’s Darcy Saga, I have loved the character of Dr. George Darcy for years. George being the dynamic, effervescent, lively character that he is, tells his own story in this novel. I eagerly anticipated this novel and it did not disappoint!

The Passions of Dr. Darcy follows Dr. George Darcy’s life. It begins just before he leaves for India in 1789, and follows his travels over the next thirty years. As a handsome, intelligent and highly skilled physician, George is well respected in India. As a nurse, I enjoyed reading about the historical medical practices. Fascinating but not overly graphic if you’re not one that has the stomach for intense medical descriptions, but told within bounds of the story, not simply for expounding on the history of medicine.

The Passions of Dr. Darcy not only shows George’s passion for healing and medicine, but for India, its people, and its culture. George travels widely across India, throughout the years. The descriptions of India are wonderful; I could readily picture each scene in my mind. There’s a glossary and map at the back of the book to help better follow along with George’s travels as well as definitions for the Indian words encountered in the story.

The story also follows George’s passion for life, his family and women. George’s devotion to his family and friends is evident throughout the story. George visits England rarely due the nature of being a busy physician and travel at the time was long and arduous, but he maintains correspondence with his family in England as much as possible. He does make a few visits home to England, two being very memorable visits, both showing George’s love and devotion to his family despite residing so far away. George’s love life isn’t without trials and tribulations. Despite being a kind, caring and handsome man, he has his share of heartaches along the way.

Excellent writing, beautiful descriptions, fascinating characters – many of which are real historical figures that George meets along the way. The story is funny at times, serious at others, both heart-warming and heart wrenching. The emotions Ms. Lathan induces in the book had me laughing and crying along with George, cheering at his triumphs and sorrowing with his losses. While the entire Darcy Saga is fantastic, I can honestly say this one is my favorite. Even if you haven’t read the other works in the Darcy Saga, Dr. Darcy’s story is remarkable. A must read in my opinion!


Most intriguing and a wonderful story! If you enjoy reading Austen sequels then Sharon Lathan’s are a must read. Of all her books thus, far this one was so wonderful I could not put it down. Her vivid explanations make one feel as though you are taken back in time, you feel as though you could actually speak to Dr. Darcy yourself. Her descriptions of medicine and traditions are amazing. One would enjoy this book even if you haven’t read her previous books in this series. However, if you read this one first you will be going back to get all of the rest of them.


5 stars for Dr. George!  I love that Sharon Lathan opened the story of Dr George Darcy with his passing. Darcy and Lizzy are going through his trunk (with reverence), in that trunk are a lifetime of journals, keepsakes and memories. How better to get the true measure of a man? And thus begins the story…

I have read all of Sharon’s P&P fanfic and have enjoyed Dr. George’s character. I was so pleased to win a advance copy in a contest, now I could find out what George Darcy’s story was! I found him to be a soulful, sometimes sad, kind, brilliant and passionate man. Sharon starts his story as he is a very young man leaving for India. He is trying to leave hurtful memories of death behind. George however finds in time that he can run but he cannot hide. He takes us on his medical and spiritual adventures through the years in India. We learn of his loves found and lost, and finally his journey home to be reunited with family and a new love he never imagined.

Sharon must have put ton’s of research into this story. It is chock full of geographic, medical practice’s and customs of India. It was extremely interesting and very informative. I feel she hit a good balance between story and passion. I enjoyed this book immensely, I hope others do as well.


Lubs you Sharon!  Throughout The Passions of Dr. Darcy we witness the untold life’s story of George Darcy, William Darcy’s uncle, as he embarks on a journey of self discovery and romance. As a young doctor he accepts a post in India where George forges new opinions of the lower class and the lack of advanced medical care.

This book provides a slow build up of romance wherein George first comes to terms with his own self identity, then falling for the lovely Lizzy. His character is one of beautiful generosity and unselfishness. This novel is a scrumptious bundle of deliciousness: one that tricks you into believing you are finding your special someone and solidifying relationships with those closest to you.


Great novel!!!   When the book starts, Fitzwilliam Darcy is opening a trunk given to him that was his Uncle George’s, a physician who practiced in India in the late 1700’s. Upon opening it, he discovers it is filled with stacks and stacks of old journals his Uncle had written throughout his lifetime. He starts reading them and we start the story of Dr. George Darcy’s life. He writes these entries as a letter to his twin, Alex, who died at a young age which had prompted him to become a doctor. Dr. George Darcy is young, rich, good-looking, and arrogant but he is also a brilliant doctor who lives this fascinating life traveling all over India practicing medicine. He comes to love the country immensely.

I absolutely loved this book. I had not read the other books in the series but it did not stop me from really enjoying it. The author obviously spent a lot of time and research to be able to tell of the things happening at this time in history. It is fun, engaging, and full of history. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. It is an amazing book. I had not read the others in the series but now will be going back and reading them.


Don’t underestimate this gem of a book. Although I loved Uncle Goj as a character in the Darcy books I was skeptical that this book would match up to the others but …. I laughed and cried my way through his life story it was FANTASTIC!!!!!









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