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Negative Review Rebuttal
Gotta have fun with it, right?
Sharon Lathan
November 14, 2014 - 3:45 AM
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Actual reader (or in some cases non-reader) “reviews” are in large part quite hysterical! Some are blatant falsehoods. Others are rude and personal. These are quotes from Amazon, etc. that one has to marvel at. Enjoy!


not jane austin!! No! I’m not! I’m not Jane Aust-E-n either!


Words, words, words. In other words, there was too many words. I didn’t need so many explanations of places, rooms, countries, clothing, people, or what was thought by whom or what might be thought by the main characters. Show me, don’t tell me. Let the reader have their own imagination….  Yeah, those pesky “words” in a novel mess me up too! Apparently she wanted a picture book. Or a book with blank pages so she could make up the story.


I really hesitated to write a review for this book because I think Ms. Lathan is very talented… and then she trashed the book and gave it one star. Huh?


I am happy to watch the films rather than reread the books and I liked Pride/Prejudice, the very explicit gay version of the classic. I found Darcy and Bingley having an affair far more likely than anything in this book. I could not imagine the characters saying or thinking any of this author’s silly ideas…. But you can imagine them being homosexual? Ooo-kaaay….


This has all the hallmarks of fanfiction written by someone who wanted things to be their way… Yeah, how crazy is that? To write a novel my way? What was I thinking?  All it’s good for is to show me exactly what I shouldn’t do in my own writing. Exactly. Don’t write your book your way. Just copy someone else. All the best writers do that.


This was clearly written by an amateur with no knowledge of the time period and no respect for austen’s work. A violinist in a pub? Mr. Darcy BLUSHING? Really?  …. Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 43: “Their eyes (Mr. Darcy and Lizzy) instantly met, and the cheeks of each were overspread with the deepest blush.” So, yes, really. As for the violinist: um… yeah… musicians, minstrels, entertainment… look it up.


A larger question is: what amateur edited this book? Because I’m inclined to think the editor has not a shred of knowledge regarding Ms. Austen’s work…none at all or he/she would not have let this book get a anywhere near a print press….  No amateurs; both the editor and copyeditor for all my novels are professionals with decades of experience, educated degrees in literature, English, and the Regency period, and specialized focus on Jane Austen literature (and Georgette Heyer) with several dozen publications to their credit. Wanna take them to task? 


I have no idea who told this woman that she could write but being a daughter of a English Lit. Professor, I am telling you this person has never read the orginal at ALL…. Oh yeah! Well…my dad is a fireman, so… wait, what?


Austen’s novel was a period based piece…. wrong, it was a contemporary novel, Austen writing of her contemporary world.… and I would expect any follow-up to that wonderful novel to keep with the time period. Keeping with the time period not only in the storyline, but also in the authors line…. your expectation is impossible (and not my fault) because it is now 200 years later. I can only write a historical novel for my contemporary reading audience…. Jane Austen would never have written of the intimate details of the petting and touching that occurs in a marriage…. indeed, she could not have, because 200 years ago that would have been scandalous. Plus, she was unmarried so did not know of the intimacy in marriage….  In the days of Pride and Prejudice it was very improper to share those details with family (sisters, brothers….) much less the entire reading audience…. I will argue that it is ludicrous to believe that close confidantes (male and female) never shared personal matters. Plenty of evidence (letters, journals) to prove otherwise. But even if that were the truth, we do not live in the days of Pride and Prejudice, do we? … I was very, very disappointed in this book. I wanted more fire and vigor out of Lizzy and Darcy’s marriage…. yet didn’t you just say it was the “fire and vigor” aspects of my novel you objected too? So… fire and vigor in, what? fighting with each other? 


It Lapp a plot and skilled writing.  Yep, she would know.


I took the recommendation from a friend a little over a year ago who was a devote Jane Austen fan. She is well educated and not the type to fall for fan fiction.  No comment necessary.


I beg you…read Pride and Prejudice. Pretty please? Darcy does not come walking across a misty field with his shirt hanging open and proposes to Elizabeth. Sorry to crush your dreams, but it just didn’t happen…. nor did Mr. Darcy take a bath or dive into a pond and stride all sexy-like across the lawn to Elizabeth. Sorry to crush your dreams. 


Please, don’t waste your time or trouble, and certainly not your money on this.  From a person who bought ALL of my novels and left 1-star reviews for ALL of them!


The ‘author’ plainly states at the prologue that she hadn’t read P&P until she saw the above mentioned movie. Now, that should give you a first impression of the quality of her writing, since she had no experience with classical authors while she was growing up.  Not having read Pride and Prejudice in the past, as I admit, does not mean I haven’t read tons and tons of novels, classic and otherwise. Making this claim on my life is nonsense. Nor do I appreciate “author” being in quotes; that is simply rude.


The author tells us that she started writing it immediately she left the movie theatre after seeing Keira Keithley and Matthew Macfadyen. She adds that “I have since read the novel”… Nope. That is not what I said. Read my story again, please: About Sharon Page


In fact, she admits that she hadn’t even read the original “Pride and Prejudice” before writing this. It’s all based on the (awful) Keira Knightly sequel. Um, WHAT? Who writes a sequel without knowing the original?  … again, never said that because I did read the novel, several times, before I began writing.


There really is no conflict. Without a conflict, there is no plot. The book is simply a day by day accounting of the first few months of marriage for the Darcys…. From the OED: Plot – Also called storyline; “the plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work, as a play, novel, or short story.” Do you see the word “conflict” in there? Serial stories are akin to episodic television. Plotting is created differently, but it is still a plot!


After Darcy and Elizabeth got married, they had sex. I know that, it goes without saying. However, I am not really interested in knowing what exactly they did in the bedroom…. Then why did you buy the book? Why read it? Just because YOU don’t want a sexy read is not MY fault.


I could say much about the lack of plot, the cloying sentiments, the pages and pages of sex scenes, but I skipped most of it, sometimes entire chapters at a time.  How does one comment on what they did not read? Skipping might also explain why she missed the plot.


Worst book ever read…. worst EVER? Really?


The robbery scene at the end seems to be added in a desperate attempt to actually have something — “anything” — happen in the book.  So… “nothing” happens in the book, and that is a bad thing… then, when I have something happen, that is a bad thing too? I’m confused.


I was inordinately upset that I read the entire book which Mrs. Darcy was pregnant during and she didnt have the baby at the end. That was the best part of the book or at least the only thing that kept me reading it. If you are like me and feel the need to read an entire series even when it is so/so PLEASE stop yourself at the previous book and read something else. I was so angry I can’t even express it and now feel obligated to read the next one just to find out if she had a boy or girl…  THEY HAVE A BOY! Now you know, so won’t be forced to read the whole horrid novel to find out! Of course, why the curiosity about characters in a series you hate is beyond my comprehension…..


I’m glad I got it as a freebie. I’d be upset if I’d paid for it…. So upset you would have to give it 1-star and write a scathing review… oh wait, you did that and it was free… okay…


I am a avid Austin Fan.  Yes, I see that. BIG fan.


I ached for more tales of my beloved characters. I hoped for the best but expected little, knowing no modern writer could do the piece (Pride and Prejudice) justice. After all, if Austen felt there was more to tell wouldn’t she have written it herself? So why buy mine and read it at all? Then give ME a 1-star review when pre-determined to hate a “modern writer”?


Because I am currently penning a Regency fiction, I try not to judge writers like Sharon Lathan too harshly… You must allow me to tell you how vehemently I loathe this trashy fanfic… Thank you for indulging my opinion… You’re welcome. Feel better now? Good luck with your novel! I am sure it will be a masterpiece.


I was beyond disappointed in this book, (Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy) there were none of the banter and strong characters you find in Jane Austin’s P&P. (I LOVE when Austen’s name is spelled wrong while lecturing me!)  Miss Lathan needs to read the original before writing about beloved characters she does not know or understand. Elizabeth and Darcy are both strong and confident people in their own right and I cannot imagine they would change so much once married. The constant admission of love and feeling when cannot live without the other do not remind me of Elizabeth and Darcy. Could not get thru more than 30 pages of the novel… Whoa! 30 pages! They haven’t even consummated their marriage by page 30! Really?!!


If I hear about them being ‘locked together in sweet harmony’ again, I swear I’ll scream… I only wrote that phrase once, so unless she was reading it over and over and over and over….  and over….


I can’t even fathom how this piece of drivel found a publisher, but anyone with half a brain will demand a refund…. Well done! She manages to insult me, everyone at Sourcebooks, and all the readers who liked the book in one sentence. Bravo!

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