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Editorial Reviews
for My Dearest Mr. Darcy
Sharon Lathan
November 16, 2014 - 1:09 AM
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The Good, The Bad, and The Unread

5-StarThe extraordinary love and romance of Darcy and Lizzy continues in this third book of Ms. Lathan’s Darcy Saga, and this time we experience their passionate love affair up close and personal, spending more time with this wonderful couple on their own instead of surrounded by family and friends, though we still get a good dose of the intriguing Darcy and Bennet families.

The best part of this series for me is the way Darcy is becoming more and more outgoing because of his wife and his love for her. Lizzy is a natural when it comes to wit and socializing, her intelligence shining, and people gravitate to her just to be part of what she has to offer. Though Darcy is reticent about mixing in crowds of any kind, he is learning little by little how to let go and revel in the small enjoyments in life. I thoroughly enjoyed his scavenger hunt for Lizzy on her birthday, totally endearing and romantic. Darcy is definitely growing into himself.

A trip to the ocean turns out to be relaxing and also quite romantic for the Darcys. They spend a week doing nothing but lazing about the shore, making friends, swimming, taking fun side trips, and, of course, making love whenever the mood strikes. Ms. Lathan has done an extremely terrific job in her research, as is shown by not only the wealth of historical information in this book but also shown by the little nuggets of detail that make Darcy and Lizzy’s trip that much more interesting. There are other lesser trips too, but this particular one is a main part of the story and my favorite.

Of course, there is much concerning Lizzy’s pregnancy throughout the book, and once again it’s Darcy who pulls at the heartstrings. Like Lizzy, I fell more in love with the man every time he speaks to his son as he caresses Lizzy’s rounded belly, every time he rubs her back when he knows she hurts after a long day, every time he tells his wife how much he loves her for giving him such a precious gift.

And when the big day arrives bringing Baby Darcy into the world, Darcy again is right there for Lizzy, doing anything and everything necessary for her and their son during a very long labor. Another favorite part of the story for me is the aftermath of the baby’s birth, Lizzy and Darcy counting fingers and toes, not able to take their eyes off of him, Darcy cooing in that voice we all use when holding an infant, Lizzy nervous about leaving her son even for the length of dinnertime, and a whole host of other similarly delightful tidbits.

Darcy and Elizabeth’s families are well represented at different points in the book, with Darcy’s Uncle George being the main draw for me. He is one of those larger-than-life characters you can’t help but like. The scenes between him and Darcy are extra special, as are those when he delivers the baby. I hope he’s a character that will continue to pop in and out throughout the rest of the series.

As terrific as the historical aspect of this series is, as fun as it is having Darcy family and friends together for whatever reason, as intriguing as the mishaps, little tiffs, and other circumstances throughout are, it’s the love, the romance between these two characters that outshines it all, and Ms. Lathan has kept that front and center and kept it true to these characters who are loved the world over. Darcy and Lizzy are the epitome of that love and romance as Ms. Lathan first envisioned them and has now written them in her interpretation of their life together. I doubt anyone could have done it much better. Not even Jane Austen herself.


Awaiting Diana

5-StarAnother highly romantic and delightfully easy to read offering from Sharon Lathan. Once again, we are invited into the lives of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and his lovely wife, Elizabeth and what a dreamy and loving journey it is…

The love birds are off on some adventures together (which are not only enjoyable reading, but full of historical tidbits. You will learn something about this era in History)and are also looking forward to the arrival of their first-born child. Also present, as in the previous novels, are the supremely handled cast of supporting characters that Mrs. Lathan has given us to enjoy almost as much as Darcy and Lizzy. From family members to newly introduced friends, we get to visit with all of them. I remain an ardent fan of Dr. Darcy as I think he is a wonderfully imagined and unusual character. Dr. Darcy is a much-needed anchor and family link in the life of Fitzwilliam Darcy. The scenes between the two men are touching and will make you fall for both characters even more.

Among the most touching and vivid scenes in book are the birthing scenes and arrival of the Darcy baby. Mrs. Lathan draws on her real life knowledge both as a Mother and as a RN who works with newborn babies to bring us right there with Lizzy. If you have had a baby, you can relate and if you haven’t had a baby, you will have a very good idea of what giving birth is like. A word of caution though….your partner likely has *no hope* of living up to the example that Darcy sets as an impending father. He’s amazing. The birthing scenes and the scenes directly after are some of the most endearing and well written of any book I have read in this genre. Expertly executed and unforgettable!

Through it all, the characters remain true to their core personalities. Darcy still reverts to being stern and ill-humored at times. Elizabeth is still lively, impertinent and manages to bring out the best in Darcy when he needs it most. At the center of this story are an iconic couple who have captured the hearts of readers for decades. Their story continues with the Darcy Saga in a very romantic, sweet and uplifting fashion. You just cannot help but love these characters as they are written by this author. Sharon Lathan has a true vision for the Darcys in a happy and highly amorous marriage that she never deviates from. It is a nice diversion from some of the unhappy and delusional places we sometimes find this couple in other renderings of their story.

Well researched, lovingly crafted and beautifully written! Happy reading Darcy fans!!


One Literature Nut

5-StarIn this third novel, we pick back up with Darcy and Elizabeth waiting for their first baby. Much of the novel surrounds the journey that Elizabeth now takes as a much loved wife of Fitzwilliam Darcy, with her place at Pemberley and at Darcy’s side. The couple enjoy as much love and passion as in the previous two novels, yet in a deeper, more endearing way. While sensual, their bond is one of abiding love that finds them vacationing along the beautiful eastern coast, reveling in sea and sand together. While there, they encounter a woman who determines she must have Darcy for herself. It’s not a huge storyline, but one that I found quite fun, in that Darcy was repulsed, and Elizabeth was beyond protective. It just turned into a great scene, spelling out their style as a couple.

While most of the book is filled with leisurely days and enjoyable scenes of a loving couple and “nesting,” as they wait for their first child, the crux of the novel surrounded the birth of their first baby. As a reader you feel certain that Elizabeth will fare well, but there is an underlying anxiety in waiting for the moment. Will all be well, and will mother and child both come out healthy and happy in the end?

I happen to be a real fan of Sharon Lathan’s novels and writing style. Honestly, I feel very comfortable with her writing, and trust in the sentence structure to carry me through a beautiful story. It is interesting to me how her personal voice adds that second level to the romantic story, making it even sweeter. The experiences that Darcy and Elizabeth share are fun to witness, and although the birth of the baby seems to take an agonizingly long time to get to, there is a “real time” feeling about the story. There really isn’t a complication to be resolved, outside of the birth of the baby, so much of our reading time is spent in high anticipation for the big moment. We get to trip along with the Darcys, viewing their loving relationship like a great voyeur, reveling in their breathless love and happiness. After all, who doesn’t want a relationship filled with such depths of love and devotion? Yes, it touched off my romantic side. Sigh. Once again, the novel does have scenes of a sensual nature, but not as graphic as in many romance novels today.

As always, I loved reading Lathan’s third novel. The joy in this read is in the ramblings down seaside coasts and forest trails; the joy comes in the love and the pain. In some very simple ways, lovers of Pride and Prejudice have already imagined such sweet and loving scenes as painted for us in the pages of these novels, but here we get to sit back and enjoy their story as it unfolds. I really felt that this novel started to feel more like they were starting to slip into their settled roles, yet still filled with love. I enjoyed watching them relax into their marriage, and continue down the path towards becoming a great family. This was a great third installment, and I can already hardly wait for the fourth!


This Book For Free

5-StarWhat a fantastic ending to this trilogy. Ms. Lathan captured Mr. Darcy perfectly. The Mr. Darcy, as performed by Matthew Macfadyen. Every single time Mr. Darcy speaks to Lizzy in this book, I get the shivers. This particular Mr. Darcy (Macfadyen) has the sexiest voice, IMHO.

This book opens with a journal from Mr. Darcy’s Uncle, Dr. Darcy. He’s a very engaging old man. He’s quite entertaining and lovable. So, on this prologue, you get snippets of Dr. Darcy’s life, Anne and Mary’s love story. I think it’s inspired. I laughed my head off imagining Lady Catherine’s face when Dr. Penaflor started with his genealogy details. Poor Lady C!

Darcy and Lizzy travel to the sea, and you can see that Elizabeth is as spirited as ever. I love that scene in the dining room with a particular lady. It just melts my heart how Darcy is as romantic as ever. There was this riddle game he concocted to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. It’s truly awesome. This book is quite scorching! I wish the series would continue. (Author note: It is continuing!) This is one of the most enjoyable adaptations I have read.


Queen of Happy Endings

5-StarIn this third book in the series the Darcys return to Pemberley after their eventful time in London, take a seaside holiday and then celebrate the birth of their first child the day before their first wedding anniversary. It is full of the beautiful, sensual romance that you know to expect from this wonderful series.

My favourite chapter in this book is without a doubt Chapter 17 which is the birth of the baby. It was so engaging and emotional that I cried several times whilst reading it. It was interesting and full of all the birth details, for those of us who love that sort of thing. I also enjoyed the announcement of Mary Bennet’s engagement as well as news of the Bingleys expecting their first baby. The novel ends just prior to Christmas so I imagine the next book will open with the Christmas celebrations with family, friends, and the new baby.??Now I have to say I found the third book a little harder to get into than I did the previous two and I think that is because it began with many letters from a minor character. It also seemed that there were a lot more letters in this book than others or maybe I’ve just forgotten, some were interesting and some I found not so interesting.

I will end my review with a quote that really sums up the tone of all the novels: “I love you, my Elizabeth. You are my soul, my blood and bone, my very life.”


A Bibliophile’s Bookshelf

5-StarI adore having a Sharon Lathan book delivered to my mailbox. Having read two of her books, I automatically know I’m in for a treat like no other. I usually settle down with a cup of tea and my favorite ginger snaps and immerse myself in exquisite regency reading.

This is exactly how I spent my weekend, devouring the latest novel by Sharon Lathan. My Dearest Mr Darcy continues on the story of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam as they celebrate the birth of their son, Alexander, and come around full circle in celebrating their second Christmas together. I love the way Sharon writes the characters of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam. Of all the Pride and Prejudice characters they are by far my favorites. As such, I can be inclined to be a little critical as to how authors portray them. After all Jane Austen wrote them best as the proud Fitzwilliam Darcy and the outspoken Elizabeth Bennet, destined for a life together.

However, Sharon never gives me a reason to be critical. She writes all the characters so flawlessly that I sometimes wonder that the story isn’t written by Jane Austen herself. Not only does she write Jane Austen’s characters very well, she breathes new life and depth into them. Had Jane Austen written more novels about Elizabeth and Darcy I would like to think she would write them as being the passionate lovers, as portrayed in My Dearest Mr Darcy.

My Dearest Mr Darcy is a treasure to be appreciated and loved by fans of Jane Austen and regency romance. In times of there being too many classic-mash-ups, such as Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, I think fans will adore the simple elegance that this beautiful novel. I highly recommend all fans race out and pick up this beautiful novel today.


Kelli Crowe Reviews

5-StarReading My Dearest Mr. Darcy was like being welcomed into the home of dear friends who I have come to know over a series of 3 books.  The fact that the home was Pemberley made it that much better.

Elizabeth and Darcy are finishing their first year of marriage and are still learning to be husband and wife. I like how Lathan injects moments of misunderstanding and pride into their mostly blissful relationship.  It adds tension into a story line where you already know the guy wins the girl. Even though I love the romantic notion of riding off into the sunset together, I kinda like the idea that they may, at some point, argue about where they parked the horse.

Elizabeth’s transition into becoming “Mrs. Darcy” to her new peers, her old friends from home, her staff and those who depend on her for their living is interesting to see both in books 2 and 3.  All does not go smoothly.  Dr. George Darcy continues to play an important role in the story line as well as offer a lot of humor. He fits so well into narrative that I consider him one of Jane Austen’s own that she just never mentioned. Lathan uses Dr. Darcy and Lady Underwood, etc, to reveal to the reader much information about medicine, social structure and politics during Regency England.  Who is Lady Underwood?  Just part of my favorite scene in the book.

The book begins with journal entries by Dr. Darcy that reach back to his arrival during the middle of book 2.  However, it is interlaced so with new details and perspectives, that I couldn’t find any bit that I would suggest to leave out.  The journal entries are followed by a series of letters from Jane, Mr. Bennet, Mary and Lydia.  It is interesting to start the book this way because letters do play an important role in Pride and Prejudice.  They are also a very important way that much of Jane Austen’s personal life is revealed to us today.

However, when chapter 3 began, that is when I felt the like the story really got started.  The tone is set right away was romantic.  I think I awwww’d right out loud.  Much of the story finds the Darcys traveling. Mrs. Lathan packed in so much detail about the local areas and the historic sites that they saw, I think I could use this book as a travel guide.  I don’t know if the details are accurate, but as long as Mr. Darcy is reciting them to me, who cares?  There are illnesses and separations.  All in all, the plot moves quickly and a lot of it is driven by dialogue. I like that.

As I have said in previous Sharon Lathan book reviews, I think one of Lathan’s strong points is the ability to continue generating these wonderful moments; both big and small.  Darcy as a tour guide, “Anywhere but East,” the pearls, swimming…I could go on but I don’t want to give these scenes all away. She doesn’t just take you from big scene to big scene, but pays attention to the characters on the way there.   Lathan’s originality is in the detail and depth of her story.  I don’t know where Darcy and Elizabeth are headed, but I want to be there for it.

I have read this series 4 times.  As someone who was very skeptical of the inspiration during the first book, I found myself unable to stop reading long enough to review these books individually.  I think that is really the best sort of recommendation.


Good Books, Bad Books by Bridget

4.5StarsThe Darcy’s lives are going in directions I don’t think of them expected. A baby on the way, a marriage that’s still so very new and a love that’s more powerful than just about anything. Whereas the first book was about the very beginning of their marriage and them getting to know each other and the second book was about them traveling, MDMD is more about them getting ready for their new baby and how they go about doing it. Ms. Lathan works with babies in her real life and you can see that in how she writes about the Darcy’s preparation for their new arrival. Where most books only hint at the baby and then boom it’s there, she really goes into detail about not only Lizzie’s physical changes, but also the emotional ones that both she and Darcy are going through. Ms. Lathan also makes the Darcy’s pretty forward-thinking and progressive when it comes to how they want to handle the birth.  I’m thankful that this book doesn’t have anything bad happening to Lizzie like the first 2 books did.

There are two things I really enjoy about Ms. Lathan’s books. One-the true expression of feeling between Lizzie and Fitzwilliam. Their love is something you really believe in. You want them to be happy and to live a long, fulfilling life together. Two-the secondary characters. There are quite a few of them and usually I’d find myself confused, but she’s able to pull it off. My favorite secondary character is Fitzwilliam’s Uncle.  His uncle is a doctor who spent many years in India and whose past is rather tragic. He’s going to be there for the delivery of the baby and the way he interacts with both Lizzie and Darcy brings some much-needed humor to the story.

The end will bring a tear to your eyes, especially if you’ve invested your time into this world that Ms. Lathan has created. To see how powerful and meaningful the end is and what it does to bring the two of them even closer together…*sigh*  All in all, I have to give two big thumbs up to Sharon. She did an excellent job…again and I can’t wait to see where she takes this family that I’ve come to love.


Once Upon a Romance

4-StarDarcy and Elizabeth have not yet been married a year and are awaiting the arrival of their first child. Before the baby arrives, Darcy decides to take a vacation by the sea with Elizabeth, and they grow even closer. Unfortunately, there is a scheming woman with an eye for the handsome Darcy, who tries to cause problems.

My Dearest Mr. Darcy is a snapshot of a brief period in time experienced by two of the most beloved characters in literature. Ms. Lathan incorporates wonderful period details and many of the characters seen in Pride and Prejudice make a reappearance, as well as, several interesting new characters. This reader, particularly, liked Darcy’s eccentric uncle George, who is a Doctor who practiced in India and wears Indian garb. This story is first and foremost about the developing relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth, and Ms. Lathan does a great job of telling that story in a believable manner. I defy anyone not to fall further in love with Darcy after reading this book, and Elizabeth acts in ways that are truthful to her established character from Pride and Prejudice.

Lovers of Pride and Prejudice should enjoy My Dearest Mr. Darcy, because it is essentially a feel-good read. However, if the reader dislikes spicy sex scenes, she might give this sequel a miss.


Anna’s Book Blog

4-StarElizabeth and Darcy’s first year of marriage is coming to an end and they both are finding that they are more in love with each other than they ever thought. But Darcy learns that there are still many things to learn about Elizabeth and that he can still be surprised.

The Darcy Saga is another first for me. It’s the third book in the series, but definitely easy to follow. Loving Pride and Prejudice myself, I have to say read this story was a treat. Revisiting such beloved characters, peaking in on what their life has brought them. A heartfelt enjoyable story filled with passion and warmth. Beautifully written. You can tell just how much the author loves the story and the characters. If you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice and ever wondered what happen to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy after the book ended, The Darcy Saga is the perfect series to indulge in.



4-StarSharon Lathan takes up where Jane Austen left off and regales the reader with her third novel in The Darcy Saga. My Dearest Mr. Darcy is a brilliantly woven tale picking up where Pride and Prejudice left off, almost a year into the marriage of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. All the characters are present, those loveable and not so loveable, making the Darcy’s first two years of marriage an intriguing affair. This novel stands quite well on its own merits, as I have not read the previous two Lathan novels, however knowledge of Pride and Prejudice is required to understand the subtle undercurrents of the numerous relationships. The novel centers on the upcoming birth of the Darcy’s first child adding in some delightful exploits and a few unexpected twists. Most noted is the deep-seated adoration and unflinching love Mr. Darcy and Lizzy have for each other. While the moments are touching I found the more subtle romance of Jane Austen’s novel to be more comfortable for me. Placing my prejudices aside, Lathan’s novel is exquisitely told with a brilliant flourish of language and so rich in detail, that one would be hard pressed to set this novel down. My Dear Mr. Darcy makes for a fabulous afternoon of reading.


Single Titles

4-StarWonder what happened after The Darcy’s wed? My Dearest Mr Darcy will answer that and delight fans everywhere.

Welcome  back to the world of  the Darcy’s; much has changed since Darcy and Elizabeth celebrated their union. Elizabeth is expecting and Darcy is even more in love with Elizabeth.  As they set out for a new adventure that has it’s own share of complications, the story grasps at your heart-strings, waiting to see what happens next.

With correspondence running  rapid through the story you get a peek into the lives  of the Bennet’s, Collins, and more to see how life has treated them. Of course Elizabeth is still head strong and Darcy lights up the pages as usual.  I thought this was an endearing continuation of an already timeless classic. Must read for fans of Pride and Prejudice.


Sia McKye’s Thoughts Over Coffee

Sharon’s stories are fun forays into Regency England with one of the most famous couples in Romance. You’re immersed in the world of the time and living with the Darcy’s. Most of the conflict is the natural inner conflict of two adults adjusting to being married. Add a dab of family issues, problems with friends, a couple of scoops of adventure, and you have the life of the Darcy’s, Lathan style.

Lizzy is feisty, which she would need to be with a man of Darcy’s character. Lizzy is not a modern woman of our time dressed in costume, spouting Regency dialog, as is the case with many historicals today. Elizabeth Bennett Darcy is written as a woman of the era, yet she is still a strong woman. She has a great sense of humor (which we do pick up a bit from Austen’s original story), she makes me smile and laugh. I admire her strong streak of loyalty and love for her family and her friends—and of course a deep love for Darcy.

What I like is the depth Sharon brings to Darcy. In Austen’s stories, Darcy is almost two dimensional… in Sharon’s stories we catch a glimpse of what’s under the surface of the reserve and we see his heart. Most definitely three-dimensional character with a deep love of family and a very strong streak of responsibility for those he considers his.  Overall, the Darcy Saga is a beautiful example of Happy Ever After.



Elizabeth, Mistress of Pemberley, and her husband Darcy are so happy to be together. Their life as man and wife could not be happier. When they have their first child, they find that their love for each other grows even more. Taking trips and celebrating life together, these two have a precious love that readers everywhere will envy.

I used to hate romance books. I thought that I just wasn’t a fan of the mooshy stuff, but come to find out, I hated them because I wanted a love like that and I was convinced that was only possible in fiction. Then, I got together with my husband and I learned that true love isn’t fiction and that it is the best emotion in the universe. Now, with my blindness removed, I am able to fully enjoy books like this one.


Libby’s Library

Sometimes I wonder just how many stories can be written about the Darcys, but obviously they are limitless and I never seem to tire of them!

My Dearest Mr. Darcy picks up where Loving Mr. Darcy ends. Elizabeth and Darcy become more and more in love with each other as each day passes. This is one of the things that I really like about Lathan’s writings.  Love conquers all. For all their wealth and prestige, Elizabeth and her dashing husband take delight in the simplest of things and thrill in each others joy. Fitzwilliam sees so many familiar things anew, through his adoring wife’s eyes: Lizzy’s first bare footed walk in the sand along the ocean’s shore… her surprising enjoyment of horse racing (and the betting too)… the ever-growing relationship of Elizabeth and Georgiana. Lizzy never stops being astounded by her husband’s dashing looks, his widespread knowledge of everything imaginable, his tenderness, and adoration of those he loves. Add in their travels, extended families, and the addition to their household, makes My Dearest Mr. Darcy another fantastic addition to any Austen Lovers Library!


Try Reading My Mind

Once again we find our lovers in the throes of what else but love. However; I think this novel may be my favorite so far because it shows so much more than their love.

My Dearest Mr. Darcy is packed with love, histories behind beloved characters and even some scandals to boot. I couldn’t help but once again fall right back into Pemberley and become part of the family once more. I believe it’s the author’s writing style but you feel a sense of belonging to the Darcy’s world that I haven’t experienced in other Pride & Prejudice sequels. And once again I give a great deal of credit to the strong characters who by themselves could stand alone and are furthermore enhanced through Lathan’s third book. I truly relished the emergence of George as a main character he adds life and knowledge to the novel. Not to mention he’s a little bit of a comedian and I couldn’t help but smile if he were on the page I was reading. Confession time: I think although I love Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam; George is my new favorite and I wish he were my uncle!

I’ve enjoyed my time with the Darcy’s through the authors eyes immensely. It seems sad to know I have to wait for the next book to be released. This trilogy made me remember the first time I read Pride and Prejudice and renewed my love for all things Darcy. And I really enjoyed the way the author keeps the books authentic and realistic. She truly does a magnificent job capturing Austen’s beloved characters and I can’t wait to read what’s next for my favorite couple!


Starting Fresh

3.5-StarIf you enjoy novels that extrapolate on the love story of Lizzie Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy and Sharon Lathan’s books, My Dearest Mr. Darcy will surely entertain. I enjoyed this the most because in My Dearest Mr. Darcy, Lathan tells the story partly from Dr. George Darcy’s point of view. Dr. George Darcy is Fitzwilliam’s uncle who lived and worked in India for years and as he writes to Jharna, his love, about his impressions of England and his family during this first visit in decades, Dr. Darcy brings a lively and interesting perspective. I enjoyed reading Dr. Darcy’s observations of how Fitzwilliam Darcy had changed and his view on the relationship between Lizzie and Darcy.

I don’t want to give anything away, but the other passages that I enjoyed involved (1) a snob who is finally put in her place and is made speechless and (2) the comeuppance of a lady who oversteps. If you want a quiet escape into the period and people of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, you may want to give My Dearest Mr. Darcy a try.



Miss Darcy Falls in Love - 2014 World Book Night US selection! 
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